Wrathia Bellarmina
First appearance "page 0002"
Latest appearance "page 2315"
Full name
Other names
Age 270 (Human Years)
27 (Vengess Years)
Gender Female
Species Vengess
Host Ava Ire
Sin Wrath
Symbols and themes Lava
Affiliations Ava Ire
Pedri Nanezgani

   Wrathia Bellarmina is a Vengess, former queen of an intergalactic empire and the wife of Pedri. After her death, her soul attached to Ava Ire. She is usually drawn with an orange or red color theme, similar to Ava. When she is not drawn as a ghost, she is often seen smoking a pipe of Florem Mortem. She speaks with orange text in a dark red speech bubble. Wrathia first appears on page 0002.

Her first name "Wrathia" is an obvious reference to her associated sin, wrath. Her last name is likely a connection to Bellona, the Roman goddess of war.


Before the pact, Wrathia appears as a demon in varying shades of orange and red. She glows and is surrounded with small embers, representative of her theme of fire. As a Vengess, she has two large horns protruding from her forehead and framing her face. Her hair is long and flowing, and she wears no clothes.

After the pact, Wrathia appears more humanoid in appearance. Her skin is a deeper red, and she has circular orange markings on her skin. She starts to wear lots of make up and nail polish, and changes her hairstyle and outfits regularly. She tends to wear at least one article of clothing that is purple, often a hair ribbon, but has also appeared in a whole outfit of purple.

As stated by Strategos Six during their conversation with TITAN after being defeated, Wrathia (and likely her entire species) is a giantess.[1]


Wrathia is a very harsh, commanding demon, fitting with her sin, wrath. She has a quick temper, but is equally quick to calm down. She is willing to do anything for the sake of what she wants, even if she destroys someone's life in the process. In addition, she will omit information if it is deemed necessary to achieve her goals. She is a violent person, and represents battle and warfare, although she is in no way a strategic person. At the same time, Wrathia loves her husband very much and values her relationship with him very highly.

Wrathia loves luxury and to pamper herself. She likes to wear makeup and intricate clothing, preferring to indulge herself and relax in her spare time.


Wrathia appears to have fire-based abilities; her skin appears to be able to reach very high temperatures, as seen when she grows angry after TITAN's invasion and her tiara melts on her forehead. She is capable of her own powerful magic like all the demons, however it hasn't been revealed what she is capable of yet.

In life, she was proficient with potion making, though she had no prolonged interest in it. She turned to it in her desperation however and was able to brew the cursed wine that bonded her and her warriors to other lifeforms once dead.

However, as Michelle Czajkowski says in her formspring, Wrathia is not great at making strategies or plans.


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Wrathia as a teenager, with Nevy Nervine.

Wrathia, as a child, seems to have been some form of royalty. She knew Nevy Nervine as a child and the two were very close, seemingly best friends. As a teenager it's heavily implied that Wrathia had feelings for Nevy, and the two seemed to have had a relationship. Wrathia, however took the throne of her empire and her relationship with Nevy ended. As she continued her rule, she married to her first husband and ruled with him. It is presumed Wrathia saw Pedri and Nevy beginning to have feelings for eachother and got increasingly jealous over Pedri. Wrathia's first husband was killed by Pedri and Nevy acting together, and his skull is still worn by Pedri to this day. Wrathia then entered into a relationship with Pedri.


Wrathia's death after drinking the potion

Fifteen years prior to the beginning of the story, Wrathia was the queen of a huge empire alongside her husband, Pedri Nanezgani. The two had an heir together, an egg that would take 20 human years to hatch. Her empire was demanded to subjugate to TITAN. Knowing that surrender did not guarantee survival, she concocted a plan in which she and her greatest warriors would be reborn as new lifeforms in order to enact their revenge on the conqueror. Drinking a poisoned share of cursed wine, her soul attached to the newborn Ava, who was a much weaker lifeform than she hoped for. Still hoping to take revenge, Wrathia attempted to convince Ava to make a pact. However, since Ava was only a child, she did not understand. Wrathia saw herself as trapped in a useless body, so she tried to get Ava to commit suicide. By this time, she could not, as she had little power over Ava. Wrathia constantly tormented and belittled her instead. She often took control of her body for brief periods of time, causing Ava's random and violent outbursts.

On 1/3/3031, Ava shouts out in class due to Wrathia's constant harassment. She is then sent to the principal's office, and while being reprimanded, Wrathia temporarily takes control of Ava's body and makes her give the principal the middle finger and call him a "paper pushing moron".  After the Silent Scavengers break through the office wall. Ava follows as Wrathia attempts to discourage her. She manages to sneak onto Odin's spaceship - and as the ship takes off, Ava witnesses the destruction of her planet. Still undetected by Odin, Wrathia guides Ava to pick up a wrench and attempt to knock him out while he hovers over Maggie. He notices her, however, and ends up tying her up next to Maggie. Maggie awakens next to her and using her vine-like arm extensions, takes Odin by surprise. Demanding that he turns the ship around Odin refuses and insults her, she destroys the controls of the ship in a fit of rage, leaving Ava and Odin to die.


Ava making a pact with Wrathia

After Odin's ship crashes, Ava confesses to Wrathia that she is glad that her death was not caused "by one of Wrathia's crazy suicides". Enraged, Wrathia berates her. She is able to explain for the first time to Ava that she has unfinished business and reveals her name. She tells Ava of her previous life and intentions. For her, the last fifteen years had been like being in prison. Considering this and her own imminent demise, Ava is more open to hearing about Wrathia's pact. This is the second part of the curse, in which the soul and new lifeform put their powers together in order to fulfill each of their deepest desires. Ava agrees and the pair of souls combine.

After this, Wrathia no longer exists around Ava, as they are the same person. Instead, Wrathia lives inside Ava's mind, which she starts decorating. Ava meets her there, and Wrathia reveals to her that if they fail to complete their pact, they will combine forever, turning into a "monster of failure". She also claims that she brought Ava back from the dead, meaning Ava's desire of having a new life is fulfilled, and that their pact is halfway complete. When Ava explodes with anger and threatens to fail the pact if Wrathia doesn't give her a different life, Wrathia agrees to do so after they kill TITAN. Wrathia gives Ava her heart as collateral, and turns it into a key, which sits in Ava's chest. This, in turn, created a drawer in Ava's chest that the key unlocks, which allows objects to pass through the physical world into Ava's mind and vice versa.


Wrathia talking about her warriors

Wrathia gives Ava a book of her plans, filled with hints of how to gather her warriors in order to kill TITAN. Inside the book, she gives Ava the Limbo Lenses, which make the wearer capable of seeing spirits and ghosts in the limbo realm, thus allowing Ava to be able to identify other demons. She also produces vials inside the book and tells Ava that just drinking one will make her powerful and that the effects of one will be enough for her lifetime. She also hints that her memory of her life prior to becoming a demon has gaps, although tells Ava that all of her warriors adored her. Before Ava severs their connection, Wrathia warns Ava that losing her heart key will have dire consequences.

When Wrathia next talks to Ava, she discovers that Ava has found one of her warriors, Tuls Tenebrose. She is disappointed and tells Ava that getting Tuls to join would be useless, and that to do so would be more of a back-up plan.


Wrathia sending Ava the vial

When on the TITAN HQ planet with Odin, Ava stands close to Pedri who is in demon form. Wrathia smells him from inside Ava's mind and gets ready to see him, wearing new clothes and applying makeup. She is then called by Ava from inside the Gate to Paradise, who is having an anxiety attack and asks for Wrathia's help. Wrathia gets angry, claiming that she has already provided Ava with help, and presents her one of her vials. Wrathia is pleased when Ava finally drinks it, and channels her anger through Ava, their souls merging into their pact form. In this form, she kills Prudith Loone and destroys the Gate.

Wrathia talking to Ava about the potion

Later in a dream, Wrathia complements Ava on her display of glorious power, asking how she liked it. Ava now closer and holding hands with Wrathia continues to talk about the vials affects, lethargically going on about being momentarily liberated from the woes of her flesh, her soul transformed into molten ferocity. With Wrathia calling it a wild fantasy, Ava agrees. Ava now embracing a devilishly looking Wrathia states that she is sad that the vial was so small, though she doesn't blame her for giving her such as small dose, in fear that she may have done more reckless things. Now knowing what it feels like, Ava is ok with not riding that high forever. Wrathia begins laughing, accuses Ava of still being a simple human, while blood drips out of Ava's mouth. Wrathia asks Ava if she did not listen to what she had said. She reveals to Ava that the vial wasn't a potion, but a curse that would last a thousand lifetimes, while her mouth fills with poppies and Wrathia appears as a snake in a split tree.


Wrathia being thrown by the flood.

After Nevy is shown Wrathia's Plan and remembers her past, Wrathia is shown to be sitting in a lawn chair painting her toenails and smoking from her pipe when water splashes onto Wrathia's freshly painted toenails. Wrathia gasps and asks how Ava's mind could be so filthy as she picks off the seaweed and fish that had fallen onto her. She looks up and hears screeching as Nevy's eye can be seen, along with a wave in the shape of a hand comes crashing towards her. Wrathia seems pleased Nevy has been found, saying she is in a fighting spirit, and is thrown upside down as Ava's mind is flooded.


Ava Ire

Due to Wrathia constantly possessing her body as a young child in order to try and convince her to form a pact, Ava Ire always viewed the demoness with hatred and fear. As Ava Ire grew older, she was told that Wrathia was only a figment of her imagination. Consequently, she resisted the demoness to such a degree that Wrathia could no longer control her. Losing hope to form a pact, Wrathia did her best to coerce Ava Ire into killing herself.

Once they finally form a pact, Wrathia isn't quite so hostile to Ava Ire. Bound to sharing one mind, the two act more like allies, however grudgingly. Even so, Ava Ire still harbors great anger towards Wrathia for all the misery she put her through throughout her entire life.

Pedri Nanezgani

Pedri is Wrathia's beloved husband, with whom she once shared an Empire. After their deaths, Wrathia missed Pedri terribly and wishes to be reunited with him.  

Nevy Nervine

Nevy was a childhood lover of Wrathia it seems, and it's unknown how she feels about Nevy now.


  • Michelle Czajkowski has said she would imagine Wrathia sounding like Tilda Swinton.
  • Wrathia does not feel remorse for her actions against Ava.
  • Wrathia is confirmed to have caused the scars on Ava's arms through failed attempts on her life.
  • Her favorite animal is the dragonfly, which is likely why Pedri creates dragonfly illusions for her.
  • Many people assume that the cursed wine kills upon consumption, as observed in Wrathia's case; this is untrue. Wrathia and Pedri poisoned their wine specifically. Un-poisoned, the wine would stay in the drinker's system until their eventual death, however long that took.
  • Wrathia is the only demon so far whose name is not an anagram.
  • It can be speculated that Wrathia is possibly bisexual based on her relationships with Nevy and Pedri, but its unconfirmed.



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