Wrathia's Plan
Wrathia's Plan
First appearance ""The Plan""
Latest appearance "Page 2044"
Origin Wrathia Bellarmina
Owner Ava Ire
Type Book
Associations Wrathia Bellarmina
Ava Ire
The Plan is a book created by Wrathia Bellarmina, given to Ava Ire in Chapter 5.


The Plan, also known as the Book of Wrath, contains pictures of all of Wrathia's warriors as well as the Limbo Lenses and 7 "power up" vials. During "The Plan" animation, 9 pages are given emphasis; 6 pages being of Wrathia's warriors including Pedri, Tuls, and Nevy, one page containing the limbo lenses, the page with the vials, and a final focus on a picture of TITAN, where black ink drips onto the page.

Uses & Effects

The book acts as a catalogue of the warriors, containing hints at where and how to find them, though there are also pages that document locations and non-humanoid creatures who might not be of Wrathia's warriors. So far, Ava has used the book to identify Tuls Tenebrose and Nevy Nervine. Each warrior is depicted deliberately, hinting to their personalities and appearances, many of their gestures influenced by American Sign Language[1].


Wrathia gives Ava a book of her plans, filled with hints of how to gather her warriors in order to kill TITAN. Inside the book, she gives Ava the Limbo Lenses, which make the wearer capable of seeing spirits and ghosts in the limbo realm, thus allowing Ava to be able to identify other demons. She also produces vials inside the book and tells Ava that just drinking one will make her powerful and that the effects of one will be enough for her lifetime.

Later, Ava eventually falls asleep and once again meets Wrathia in her mind for the second time. Ava tells Wrathia about finding Tuls, but Wrathia is dissatisfied, telling Ava that Tuls is only powerful when he is in a good mood, and that rarely happens. She suggests Ava find a better warrior, such as Nevy Nervine or Pedri Nanezgani.

Later, on the cargo ship Ava pulls out Wrathia's Plan to show Odin, Maggie and Gil. Ava points to the drawings in the book, explaining how she has been haunted all her life and how Wrathia needs her warriors to defeat TITAN. Gil asks Maggie what Ava is talking about. Ava goes on, explaining the nature of her pact with Wrathia.

Ava, discovering that Gil has demon named Nevy, goes to the pages in Wrathia's book that have the pictures of Nevy, and shows her. Nevy looks at the page with a hopeful gaze, surprised that Ava can see her and that the book has her image in it. As Nevy moves to touch the page, Ava remarks that the book did her little justice, and questions whether her and Wrathia were good friends. once Nevy touched the page her appearance changed to the way she did when she was still alive. Nevy then sees Ava as Wrathia, similar to how Ava sees pacted hosts and says her name. Once this happens, Nevy regains her lost memories. Nevy then opens her eyes to reveal they are completely green, and then throws her head back and screams as Ava looks on with a shocked and worried expression. Nevy then changes into multiple different forms including one from her flashbacks as Ava and Gil look on in awe. In a bright flash of white Nevy settles on a single form looking larger than before with fish swimming around her. Gil and Ava watch this in fear, while the lights in the ship begin to flicker. Nevy begins to angrily address Ava as Wrathia once more, calling her "Vengess, Queen of the Cursed" and a traitor. Ava clutches her head in pain, implying Nevy is somehow psychically or telepathically encroaching on her mind. Nevy begins to talk about Wrathia's plan, calling her a coward for her suicide. She decrees that she will make sure Wrathia pays for her crimes of abandoning her people, claiming that her judgement has come. Nevy then reverts to her original ghost appearance and falls, she begins foaming at the mouth and slowly melts into sparkling sea foam. Gil then proceeds to tear pages out of Wrathia's Plan and throws it onto a shelf.



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