Tuls Tenebrose
First appearance "page 0831 (background)
page 0837 (official)"
Latest appearance "page 2262"
Full name
Other names
Age 240
Gender Male
Host Maggie Lacivi
Sin Lust
Symbols and themes Plants
Affiliations Maggie Lacivi

   Tuls Tenebrose is the demon of Maggie Lacivi, with whom he has a pact. His talks in red text on a dark green speech bubble. He first appears on page 0837 and on the background in page 0831.

His name, Tuls, is an anagram of lust, his associated sin. His last name, Tenebrose, probably comes from the combination of words "rose" and "tenebrous", meaning dark or gloomy, as Tuls seems to be quite a melancholy character so far.


Tuls' associated sin is lust. He is shown to admire and revere Ranunculae, spending his time in Maggie's mind painting her obsessively. He seems to have a very melancholy attitude and generally appears to be more calm.

Skills and abilities

Tuls is a tree alien, and as such has many plant-related abilities. He can use his magic to create flowers whose scent awakens the recipient's feelings of love for the flower's bearer. He does this by burying an object valuable to the intended recipient of the flower's magic in soil, planting the seed of the flower, and growing it.

He uses the volatile nature of his and Maggie's shared mind to imagine (in)sentient flowers and fairies to flatter Maggie and convince her to be nicer to him.

He can paint very well, though he apparently hates everything he draws.


Tuls was one of Wrathia's warriors. It has been stated that he is afraid of Maggie and hides from her, because she yells at him.

He is described by Wrathia to be powerful but unmotivated, only choosing to perform when he's "in a good mood".

He also seems to have a deep longing for Ranunculae, a princess he was assigned to protect, painting many pictures of her and appearing to talk to her through them. He wishes to see her again for the first time in four years and confess his feelings to her, not caring as to whether she would reject him. 


Maggie Lacivi

Maggie is Tuls's host. Maggie seems to be rather harsh towards Tuls and, according to the fairies in Maggie's mind, he is afraid of her because she yells at him. He hides from her to paint pictures of Ranunculae in peace.

The two of them have made a pact. On Tuls's end, he must help Maggie find love. In return, she'll help him return to his home world so that he can confess his feelings to Ranunculae.


Tuls has feelings of deep love towards Ranunculae, painting pictures of her on end in Maggie's mind. He has acted as her bodyguard in his past life. He states that its okay if he rejects him when they reunite, he just wants her to know how he feels about her.


  • Michelle said that Tuls would sound like Alan Rickman.
  • When Ava views Tuls through the Limbo Lenses, she states that he is "much less frightening than both Wrathia and Maggie." Michelle has stated that of all the demons and life forms, Ava and Tuls would be happiest together.
  • Tuls hates tree puns.
  • Tuls's name may also refer to "tulsi" tea.



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