Follower Ship
First appearance "Page 742"
Latest appearance "Page 1032"
Origin TITAN's Army
Type Ship
Address Landed TITAN HQ planet
Associations Followers
Gil Marverde

TITAN Follower Ships are ships assigned to Followers traveling from world to world. the ship first appears in page 0742 after Gil convinces Ava and Odin to travel with him to TITAN HQ.


Follower Ships are somewhat oval-shaped with pointy-shaped appendages pointing allover. TITAN's logo is on the bottom of its boarding door. It has a light blue and white color scheme on the outside. It has a door and can be boarded through there. Inside, there are multiple posters of TITAN propaganda, a utilities closet, and a control pad near the window. The ceiling has a tile-like pattern.


The front of the ship like the rest of the ship has a light blue and white color scheme. in the middle is a white couch with blue cutions, acros from that is a chair in the same style. the conrols are white and has a three dementional blue screen.

Utilities Closet

The small blue closet mirror and sink in it, along with a built in pantry. The door is slidong and has no knob but a pressure function that allows you to open it.


After finding Ava and Odin, Gil tells them that he needs to leave so that he can earn his medical license. Gil explains that his ship is auto-programmed to fly to TITAN's headquarters and back. Ava is eager to come with, as she believes that TITAN lives at the HQ. Odin agrees to come with, in hopes that there will be a shipyard on the planet. Gil describes the refugee center, where Ava, Maggie, and Odin will be reeducated. Gil realizes that he forgot his book and leaves Ava and Odin to board the ship. Odin scoffs at the TITAN logos and posters within the ship.

Maggie sleeps on the ship, Ava looks at her through the Limbo Lenses, and sees Tuls Tenebrose. Suspecting that he must be a warrior. She notices the rectangle on his abdomen, When she takes off the Limbo Lenses and lifts up Maggie's shirt, she sees a door. She realizes that Maggie made a pact, and wonders how to recruit her. Odin interrupts, and suggests that the glasses are to look under people's clothes. Gil walks onto the ship, resigned that he'll need a new copy of his book. Ava asks Gil where TITAN lives, Gil explains that he lives in Paradise, where elite followers live forever.

Odin asks what if TITAN isn't so great, but rather uses the promise of Paradise to bait people into working for him. Nevy makes the comparison between baiting people and baiting fish, popping a fish-shaped bubble in her hand. Gil continues to insist that Paradise exists, and that he'll send photographic evidence once he has the honor of living there. after upseting gil, ava and odin fall asleep on the wway to TITAN HQ.

while asleep Ava and Maggie's minds conect due to them being in close proximity of one another, Maggie gets upset thinking Ava is just another allustion and throws her in a pit of lava. once waking up Gill asks Ava and Odin to wait outside so that he can talk to Maggie. Gil asks Maggie if shes alright and is ready to travel to whick she agrees, but asks if there is a mirror, and directs her to a utility closit. Maggie enters the closet and removes Gills Book of TITAN from her pact door. on the boarding door Ava and Odin talk of ways to escape TITAN HQ while Gil and Maggie are inside.