First appearance "page 0172(flashback)"
Latest appearance "page 0176(flashback)"
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Affiliations Strategos Six


   TITAN is a galactic conquerer who challenged Wrathia Bellarmina and Pedri's empire and took control of it. He speaks with white red text and an black speech square. His first appearance is on page 0172 in Wrathia's flashback.

In Gil's book it stated:

"He created the beginning of everything, And crafted time and space with a knife, Life began from the palm of his hands, And when you look down his throat you can see the entire universe."


Very little is known about TITAN. Wrathia calls him simply a "creature". He appeared suddenly fifteen years prior to the beginning of the story, taking over her entire empire in only one night, forcing her to surrender or die. 

TITAN is also known to have bought out many planets in the last fifteen years, one of those planets included Ava and Maggie's original home. The worst enemies of TITAN are the Scavengers (after Pedri and Wrathia were defeated) who destroy his planets. The Arrow family also oppose TITAN, although the extent of which is unknown. 

In the present, TITAN created a political and religious army of "Followers", the followers (including Gil) seem to worship TITAN similar to a god. Gil even refers to TITAN as "The all-knowing one".

In the present, TITAN is contacted by Strategos Six, who informs him of the attack on his headquarters. TITAN appearantly sensed this through a rift in the 'continuum'. Upon learning Wrathia was behind it and that Strategos Six engaged her but was overpowered, orders Strategos Six to 'go fourth and conquer', calling them a little mouse.


  • In TITAN's book, the quote "When you look down his throat you can see the entire universe" refers to the Hindu god, Krishna, who possesses the universe inside of him, which can be seen when looking down his throat.


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