Strategos Six's Sword
First appearance "Page 1535"
Latest appearance "Page 2223"
Owner Strategos Six
Type Weapon
Associations TITAN

Strategos Six

Strategos Six's Sword also known as the Peacemaker is a weapon summoned by Strategos Six. Six pulled this out from their chest during their fight with Ava Ire.


It is a few feet in length with very smooth blade. The handle resembles the Greek letter Sigma that is also located on their chest. A train of clear liquid is seen coming off the blade when Six pulls it from communicator on their chest.

Uses and effects

The sword/gun is a weapon summoned by Strategos Six to fight. Its abilities include turning a mode called PEACEMAKER that transforms the sword into a gun. The gun is able to shoot out blue and white lasers.


After Vengess Ava incapacitating Six, she swings her axe and causes an explosion, killing everyone in the main stage area and damaging the surrounding rooms. She then talks, about a "spectacular performance". Noticing Gil and Maggie yelling at her and recognizing her as Ava, replying with an upbeat "Bingo!" Six is still alive, hiding behind a piece of nearby rubble. Six reaches into their chest communicator and pulls out a long, white sword, they reveal themselves, aggressively charging at Ava with their weapon. "You're just in time to see the sunshine," she remarks as she readies her own axe and jumps towards Six. Once the battle with Six is over the sword crashes to the ground where Six is pulled into. Later in Chapter 19 Strategos Six bursts through the ground crawling out past their sword.


Moribund Malediction

Moribund Malediction

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