Strategos Six
First appearance "page 0403"
Latest appearance "page 2225"
Full name
Other names
Gender Agender
Species Elite follower
Symbols and themes Sigma
Affiliations TITAN

   Strategos Six is a lifeform within Ava's Demon. Not much is known about them except that they work for TITAN as his second in command. They are first seen on page 0403.

Strategos derives from the Greek word, which translates to "military leader." Six may connect with their armor's sigma chest plate, as there is an organization technique called 'Six Sigma' which is a system of process improvement that ultimately strives for perfect quality by removing errors and defects.


Strategos Six has light blue hair and eyes with white skin. They wear metallic armor that is light blue and white. On their armor's chest plate is a circular symbol of a final form sigma: ς. This is the eighteenth letter in the Greek alphabet. Their covered mouth, short hair and rat-like ears are shown in one of TITAN's propaganda poster, presenting them to be the ideal for many. The rodent-like appearance of the followers is said to represent that they are TITAN's rats.

After the fight with Ava Six appears with a new haircut and a cracked left eye. Their armor is cracked and dirty along with the wrappings which are falling off.


On the outside, Strategos Six appears to be a charming, loving Follower who wants nothing but the best for their loyal followers. They assure their audience that they would never lie to them and that TITAN is the "best thing they'll ever have," and manipulates their audience into believing them.

However, Strategos Six is much more than they seem. They get annoyed easily, and don't have much sympathy for low-level followers -as shown by their treatment of Ava, who they believe to be a new follower. They also seem to be able to zero in on insecurities, with just a glance being able to tell that Ava is not only sad, but friendless and lonely.


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Strategos Six became a follower some time ago, and like other followers, became loyal to TITAN, worshiping him, as well as developing true hate for Scavengers. During their time as a follower, they acquired the second-highest position in TITAN's army, and became a speaker to the new recruits at the showcasing on the TITAN HQ Planet.
In the year 3031, Strategos Six speaks at a showcasing. While applauded, Strategos Six welcomes them and introduces themself. Then, they express the greatness of TITAN, before describing the Scavengers as horrible beings who need to be brought to justice. Strategos Six tells their audience that they must spread the word of TITAN around the universe, in order for they, themselves, to be saved. They tell the audience that TITAN changes the lives of his followers, and for that they must be loyal and thankful to TITAN until death. They then introduce a machine created by TITAN, The Gate to Paradise. They select Ava Ire from the crowd as she tries to leave, and briefly interviews her before having her put into the Gate to Paradise by Prudith. Six designs Ava's new face and activates the machine. A short while later, the door of the Gate to Paradise is blown off and they catch the heated door before a singed Prudith is thrown out of the machine. Six calls for backup after the nearby guards are killed, only to find their microphone's wire has been cut. Six is then assaulted and pinned by Ava, who is under the influence of a Vial, and told to be quiet.

Six was eventually freed, and knocked clear by a shockwave generated by Ava to slaughter all present. Six stood their ground, drawing a sword/gun weapon from their chest and attacking Ava directly. Despite their best efforts, Ava easily overpowered Six with and forced them into a pool of lava. The lava cooled and hardened, leaving Six out of sight and presumably dead.


Six's new look

Later, when the cargo vessel containing Odin, Ava, Gil, and Maggie leaves TITAN HQ, it shows a spot on the planet, where, next to Six's sword/gun weapon sticking out of the ground, a fist pushes itself out of the hardened earth, revealing an arm. Afterward, Six is shown crawling out of the ground with a different look. After emerging, they contact TITAN, informing him of what has just occurred, confirming it to be the work of Wrathia. TITAN then orders them to 'go fourth and conquer.'

Shortly afterward, Six opens up the visitor log, clicking on Ava's picture to see who she came with. Seeing that Gil brought her to HQ, they remark that they find it interesting, but very disappointing, and chooses to alert the system.

Later, Six is seen taking their sword out of the ground and sheathing it back into their chest. they then call someone named Veera Avvrice, demanding new bigger weapons be made. Stating that they'll be there soon and that they have new ideas for the Paradise machine Mk. 2 prototype.


Ava Ire

Strategos Six singled out Ava in front of a massive crowd, pinpointing her insecurities before sending her into the Paradise Machine. Ava despises Strategos Six for causing her to be trapped inside the Paradise machine, hurting them extensively in a firey battle after taking her vial. Once she awakens on the ship, she says that she wishes that she could burst out of the machine again to "grind them into a fine cobalt mist."


Strategos is at the right hand of TITAN, and act as his spokesperson and general. They are fearful of him, but they also have romantic feelings towards him.

Wrathia Bellarmina

Strategos knows who Wrathia is, but it is unclear if they have met her outside of when they were fighting Ava.

Gil Marverde

Strategos may know Gil due to finding him as his planet was destroyed, but also by being disappointed in him for bringing Ava to the HQ.


  • Six is agender, like many of the elite followers. They use singular they/them pronouns. It is confirmed that being a follower has no impact on their gender due to the lack of human gender roles in TITAN's society.
  • Six's voice is meant to sound a bit robotic.
  • The ears, microphone and mouthpiece of Strategos Six share the features of a rat.
  • Six appears to have superhuman strength and durability, as they were able to catch and bend a molten hot door without a problem, and was even able to withstand the extremely hot temperatures the door was heated to.



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