Silent Scavengers
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Silent Scavengers, also known simply as Scavengers, are a group (although it is not specified if they are a species or a military) responsible for the destruction of many planets, including Ava's School Planet. So far in the comic, they are seen as huge, bulking cyclops creatures guided by smaller, thinner beings similar in nature. 


The origin of Scavengers is unknown but they are notorious for their mysterious attacks on many planets. When Silent Scavengers attack a planet, they seek to destroy it and to kill every inhabitant. Their reason for doing this is still unclear.[1]

Reputation and Relations

They seem to be widely feared, being known by a large number of people[2]. Followers hate them, showing their disaffection publicly and teaching the trainees to hate the Scavengers as well. Scavengers are known by Followers as "criminals bent on destroying our society"[3].

the Arrow family may have connections with them from the look of Odin's Ship and the technology in Olai's mother's study.



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  • Some of the Arrow Family's technology resembles that of the Scavengers, and Odin knew that the Scavengers were going to destroy Ava's school planet. It is unknown if there is a connection between the two groups.
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