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   Ranunculae is a lifeform in Ava's Demon. Her name is similar to ranunculus, a genus of plants including buttercups. She appears to be the object of Tuls' affections, though his attitude towards her appears be a mixture of adoration and reverie rather than desire.


Ranunculae has yellow "hair" that appears to actually be flower petals, though it is shown in many illustrations to behave similarly to hair in that it can be styled. It is often tied back with a headband. She has light green skin and round yellow spots that look like freckles. Her eyes are large and yellow, though she doesn't have a nose; this is because her race photosynthesizes.


Ranunculae was a noble on her planet, where the beings were plant-like, that served in Pedri and Wrathia's Empire. She had Tuls Tenebrose as a guard, who fell in love with her[1]. She and Wrathia knew each other, however, it's unknown if they liked each other[2]. When TITAN conquered the empire, Tuls drank the Cursed Wine[3] and died, becoming obsessed with finding her again to see if she is safe. Ranunculae, however, doesn't appear to have drank the potion, and her whereabouts are unknown even to Tuls and Maggie.[4]


  • Ranunculae is pronounced "ra-nun-cue-lay".
  • All of her clothes appear to be made of plants and flowers.
  • Ranunculae's name comes from the word "ranunculus", a species of flowers which usually has a circular appearance. The same type of flowers can be found on her dress.
  • Michelle has confirmed that Ranunculae would sound like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz.
  • In a high school AU Ranunculae would be the popular girl.


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