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    Prudith Loone is a TITAN follower that appeared twice so far during the webcomic, first as a student in TITAN's private school interacting with Gil Marverde during an exam, on page 0427. The second time was during a presentation at TITAN'S HQ on page 1181. She speaks in dark blue text on a mid-tone blue speech bubble.

Her name is possibly a reference to the word "prude", which means someone who doesn't show lust or lasciviousness. Her last can be reference to the french word "lune", which means "moon", or to the english word "alone". It could also be a reference to the non-technical word "loon" which implies mental illness.


Prudith has light blue skin, catlike slit eyes which get narrower depending on her mood, round human-like ears and platinum blonde hair which is kept in a low ponytail.

As a child she wore glasses and had darker blue flecks on her forehead (which could possibly be the equivalent of acne for her species). When we meet her again late in chapter 14, her skin is clear and her hair has gotten longer. She has also stopped wearing glasses, (or at least was not wearing them for the presentation). Inside the machine, her hair appears to be nearly white because of the blue glow around her.


She is typically harsh, having an obsession with what she calls of "failures", believing that she is superior to people that she thinks that are "not cut out" for Paradise.

Prudith can be strict. She is also fairly contemptuous and cold towards those she deems to be of lower rank than her, seeing the new recruits as failures and believing that she is better than them. She is also very cold towards her peers if they make it clear that they are struggling. However, to those above her, such as Strategos Six, she seems to be very obedient no matter what is told to her.

She is also a very firm believer of Paradise and is very devoted to TITAN.


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In her first appearance, Prudith is sitting close to Gil Marverde, doing the test for being trained in the TITAN army. She bitterly denied Gil when he asked for her help to pass the test, saying that if he can't do a simple test like that, he is condemned to be a failure. She says that some people can't go to the TITAN Paradise, specifically if they're lazy, indirectly calling Gil lazy. Gil tries to tell her that he isn't lazy, but they are interrupted by the proctor of the test. Prudith continues to do her test, having a good percentage of right answers, and lets Gil work on his own. However, Nevy Nervine comes to help Gil and watches as she does her test. Nevy later gives part of Prudith's answers, as well as the answers of other people, to Gil, knowing what options she and other students marked at the test. Gil was able to easily pass it, just like Prudith said he wasn't able to do. Presumably, she passed the test as well since she became a TITAN follower even sooner than Gil.


At some point, she began to work for TITAN. In the year 3031, she showed The Gate to Paradise with another follower under the command of Strategos Six. Six told her to prepare Ava Ire for the strange machine. Prudith took Ava's hand and ordered Ava to follow her. She then led Ava to a monitor and told her to look straight at the monitor as she put Ava's hand on a screen to be analyzed and possibly pricked for a blood sample. Prudith tried to put Ava inside of The Gate to Paradise, but Ava began to desperately object to it. Ava is pushed into the machine by Prudith. Due to Prudith's shove, she also ends up inside the machine with Ava. When going to leave, she called Ava a "stupid brat" and turned just as the door was slammed shut. Upon being trapped, she started to torment Ava about how she ruined the presentation, as well as explaining bits of pieces of what Paradise was. The machine was then powered and the machine transformed her instead of Ava to become a full follower. A syringe jabbed the back of her neck, injecting a blue liquid while lasers ripped apart her body leaving only the brain and nerves.


Then a rounded machine applied calcium strands creating newly formed bones, and once again the machine rises up applying muscles. Finally the machine descends once more to apply skin. TITAN ear devices are implanted in her brain, and blue eye lenses are deployed to her eyes. Then her mouth is opened by mechanical clasps, and a mouth piece is inserted into her throat, and it is strapped with metal straps. However her brain and nervous system is being crushed due to being forced into a smaller body originaly meant for Ava. And her whole body is strapped with metal flexible bars and a haircut is being applied. While watching her, Ava is called by Wrathia through the broken phone. Ava asks the help of Wrathia Bellarmina and describes Prudith as "another Ava". After Wrathia orders Ava drink one of her bottles, The Gate to


Paradise is flared up and Loone is shown in the middle of flames. After Strategos Six notices this, the door of the gates are ripped apart by Ava, as the lava flows through the stage.



  • During Prudith's transformation, there are music notes in the back of the panels. The notes from panels 1289 to 1306 were revealed to be the classic song, Que Sera, Sera by Doris Day. The notes from panels 1309 to 1334 were shown to be Tempo di Valse by Antonin Dvorak.
  • Ava says that she was staring at another Ava. This is of course because originally Ava signed the machine.
  • Normally fans just notice her name at page 1355, however, her name and last name can be seen on page 428, displaying in her testing booth.
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