Principal Via
First appearance "Page 459"
Latest appearance "Page 475"
Full name
Other names
Gender Female
Species Follower
Symbols and themes Rats
Affiliations Followers

    Principal Via is a minor character who is responsible for enrolling Gil Marverde to his 8 year training to becoming a TITAN doctor. It is still unclear if Principal Via is her name or a title, although she signs her name "Via."


She wears armor similar to Strategos Six's, but the lower class version. From what of her armor we've seen it has shoulder pads and a breast plate, but unlike Strategeos's it does not split all the way down the middle or contain a communicator on the center. She has light blue hair and eyes with white skin. Her mouth is covered and she has short hair and rat-like ears.


Principal Via is trained to test how sure the new trainees are for their future, making things scary for the ones trying to get a job. She makes them consider all possibilities, not only the one they choose. In the process, Principal Via becomes very intimidating to anyone talking to her.


Once Gill passes the Follower entry exam with a 100% he is sent to Principal Via the next day to discuss his career path. she talks to Gil about his file, telling him that "Doctors hold an elite position. it's a position for the best of the best". She tells him that his classmates reported him as being a lone wolf who talked to himself often, which he dismissed as praying loudly. Via questions him on why he wants to become a doctor, to which he explains that he wants to help the followers like they helped him. She suggests he enlist as a soldier, or go door to door, and he begs her not to make him a soldier, stating that he's too talented for such a role. He convinces Principal Via to allow him to begin training unknowingly as a medical janitor.


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