Paradise is a "heaven-like" world where those who have paid their respects to TITAN go once they have filled TITAN's needs. It is where TITAN supposedly lives, and only the most elite of Followers are permitted to follow TITAN into Paradise. To go to Paradise is the goal of every follower of TITAN. Strategos Six seems to live in Paradise and is able to return from there as well.


Not much is known about the history of Paradise. No proof of it exists, other than what has been told to Gil, Strategos Six, Prudith , and many other followers. It is described as a heavenly utopia for followers, but other than that, it is shrouded in mystery. Odin , along with some other characters, are skeptical of the idea of Paradise and doesn't believe in it.


Paradise is first mentioned through Gil Marverde when he flies the ship to TITAN HQ Ava asks if that was where TITAN lived to which Gil replies that TITAN lives in a place called Paradise, and after Ava questions if anyone has ever left Paradise Gil responds telling her that no one would want to leave and that she asked a stupid question. Ava then states that if no ones returned from Paradise than it might not even exist. Ava mentions that Gil must "really like TITAN" and Gil angrily questions if he's being interrogated. Ava is about to say something about TITAN, but stops due to being shy. Odin then says that Paradise might not even exist and that TITAN could use the tale to bait people into working for him. Nevy , who is laying on Odin's shoulder, wonders if TITAN baits people like baiting fish. She then makes a fish bubble between her hands and goes to Gil and says "tiny... little... fish" and then pops the bubble. Gil stares at her, but he doesn't look her in the eye. Confused, Gil tells Ava and Odin that after all his hard work he will go to Paradise and once he does, he's going to send them "photographic evidence".

Gate to Paradise

Strategos Six is introduced to have come "straight from Paradise," and introduces the Gate to Paradise, at the bi-annual showcase of their latest and greatest achievements, as a special machine courtesy of TITAN himself that will not only cure Followers of human disadvantages but will also immortalize their righteous souls and give them an eternity to reach Paradise. Prudith mentions that Ava will end up in "heaven" or "hell" and that she will look down at Ava and other Titan failures from Paradise. This seems to indicate that Paradise is in the sky, or otherwise tall. The machine was then powered and the machine transformed her instead of Ava to become a full follower. However, the machine proves to have terrifying for Prudith. The floor opens up and what appears to be a portal to another planet or a black hole sucks up all of the removed parts.