Olai Arrow
Olai's back
First appearance "Page 2205"
Latest appearance "page 2212"
Full name Olai Arrow
Other names
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Symbols and themes
Affiliations Arrow Family

    Olai Arrow is a character who has been mentioned by Raven, Crow, and Odin Arrow. There is little information about him, except he is a male, and he is a superior in the Arrow family.


It is speculated that Olai is the character to the left of Crow and Raven's portraits on the cast page, as the background is a rectangular shape, indicating that said character has rectangular pupils--should this be true, it would be in accordance to the appearance of the other Arrow children revealed thus far, as all of them (Raven, Crow, Odin) have variants of rectangular pupils.

It is also thought that this silhouette is of Olai because it has not only Raven and Crow on the same line, but potentially also the portrait of the third Arrow sister, Magpie. This would make the entire row uniform, in displaying the siblings all together (minus Odin, who is a part of the Host portraits).


As mentioned before, not much is known about Olai at this time. However, some information can be garnered or interpreted through his siblings' dialogue.

  • On page 1206, Crow informs Odin that, through Olai's orders, "his mission is over". We can interpret this as meaning that Olai is the authority of the family, and that he is the one called upon to make decisions, or to be in control of the family's actions.
  • This theme of authority is brought up again on page 1208, where Raven implies that Odin's failure to report back to Olai resulted in anger, and also on page 1443, where Odin attempts to send the twins back home with his plan to continue on in his mission.
  • Odin also gets noticeably more uncomfortable when Olai is brought up in an argument at the TITAN HQ--his stutter worsens on page 1207, an indication of nervousness. It is thought that the two brothers have a tenuous relationship, with Olai being the dominant power, which in turn could imply that Olai is the eldest child, and head of the household.
  • On page 1791, there is a painting on the wall of a young boy in fancy clothing, obviously one of the Arrow brothers. A red target is painted over his face and multiple arrows are shot at said target. This could either illustrate resentment towards Odin or resentment towards Olai's heritage.
  • Olai's mother's study, which was destroyed by Olai, is shown to be stained with alcohol and have a full ashtray, implying that Olai has a drinking/smoking problem.


  • The name Olai can be derived from Olavus, meaning "ancestor's descendant," or Nicolai, meaning "conqueror of the people."