Odin Arrow
First appearance "page 0011"
Latest appearance "page 2382"
Full name
Other names
Age 17
Gender Male
Demon Pedri Nanezgani
Sin Pride
Symbols and themes Death
Fox w/ Arrow
Affiliations Pedri Nanezgani
Arrow Family

   Odin Arrow is first introduced as a classmate of Ava Ire and Maggie Lacivi, however from a different planet. The cover of a student was a facade. His demon is Pedri Nanezgani, and they are not pacted. He speaks with a noticeable stutter that worsens when nervous, and talks in maroon text in a purple speech bubble. He first appears on page 0011. His latest appearance is in page 2379.

He claims to be 16 years old to Ava (and also presumably to the TITAN schooling planet), but is actually 17 going on 18. According to his sisters, Crow and Raven, he is the most "stupid" of the Arrow siblings. This may be because of his speech impediment.


Odin has slightly messy, dark violet hair with big, bushy eyebrows, and a slight beard. He has pale skin with a slight purple complexion and dresses in dark clothing. His face turns notably purple when blushing.

Odin has violet eyes and bright crimson colored square pupils.


Odin's associated sin is Pride. Odin has displayed this trait numerous times before, such as refusing to apologize to Maggie even if it meant crashing into TITAN's training planet. He also refuses to shake Gil's hand, feeling that it's 'below him'; this could also be related to Gil's status as a follower, and Odin's personal dislike of TITAN

He can be insensitive at times, yet he still is able to see and understand when someone is upset or distraught. After Ava falls from the tree branch, Odin gives her his jacket, possibly feeling guilty for how he was treating her. He also seems to be strategically minded, shown in his attempt to get Ava to hijack the TITAN ship and escape with him as well as their escape from the refugee center.  

He also seems to have a more playful, teasing side, particularly towards Ava, who he seems to get along with despite their arguments. It was also stated that Odin lacks a lot of self confidence in himself and is very insecure. Odin's chosen shape is a square representing his stoic and unyielding personality. 

Even with Odin being both insensitive and abrasive towards others, he still is known to be somewhat self-conscious. This is seen when he reacts embarrassed and saddened by Ava telling him that he smells bad. This also becomes clear when Crow and Raven begin to tease him and remind him about his failure of bringing Maggie to his home planet.  Please Note that he stops stuttering when he is lying.


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Odin taking Maggie to his spaceship

Odin hails from another planet, although he may still be the same species as the other characters. At some point, Odin became the host of Pedri Nanezgani and started smoking Florem Mortem. After being warned by his brother that scavengers were going to destroy Ava's and Maggie's home planet, he goes to rescue Maggie Lacivi. She is convinced that he is only a creepy stalker, however, he is only able to save her by kidnapping her when a scavenger attack knocks her unconscious. He brings her aboard his ship and prepares to fly back to his home planet. Without his knowledge, Ava follows him and sneaks on to his ship.

After witnessing the destruction of her home, Ava sneaks up behind him to knock him out with a wrench. He notices her and threatens her with a gun. Wrathia Bellarmina takes control of her body and insults him, so he ties Ava up next to the unconscious Maggie. He explains that he will drop her off at the nearest planet. As he goes to re-navigate their journey, Maggie awakes and attacks him. She rejects his romantic advances and uses her vines to tie him up. The space ship begins to plummet down, and he begs her to allow him to save them. When Maggie refuses, Odin calls her a monster, triggering her to destroy the space ship's control panel, as she knows she will be the only survivor in the crash.

Odin survives the crash, thanks to being encased in Maggie's vines. He remains unconscious for a while in Gil's house.


Odin reading his book

When Odin awakens, Gil tells him the unfortunate fate of his spaceship. Distraught and a bit angry, Odin searches for his things in the ruins. While he worries about his missing ring, Odin's little sisters, Crow and Raven Arrow switch out the red gem in his ring with a tracking device and they throw it to Odin, who believes it is really his ring. He also manages to find his coat and book.

When Ava escapes from Gil's house, Odin confronts her, and is concerned. He remarks upon how the lock in her chest looks painful, and as Ava is about to run away, Odin picks her up and hangs her in a tree. Odin tells Ava to hold still as all he is going to take a picture, but Ava kicks the phone aside and tells Odin about how she was angry at him for kidnapping Maggie and saving no one else, and wanting to leave her on some deserted planet. Ava then breaks the tree branch that she was on by accident and falls. Odin then feels bad for Ava and gives her his jacket to cover her chest drawer.


Odin talking to Gil about TITAN, unaware that Nevy is resting on him.

Odin asks Ava if she knew about Maggie's abilities, to which she replies no. They are interrupted when Gil comes to get them. When Gil tells Odin and Ava to come with him, Odin tells Gil that he could drop him off at his home planet. Gil says that his ship is only programmed to go to TITAN headquarters and, to Odin's surprise, Ava decides to come with Gil. Irritated, Odin follows after the two. Gil leaves Odin and Ava on the ship so that he can go get something he forgot. Odin distastefully looks at the TITAN propaganda posters before he walks deeper into the interior of the ship. When Odin notices Ava looking up Maggie's shirt, he blushes and questions her. Ava tells Odin that it's "not what it looks like", but he starts teasing her, and asking if those glasses were x-ray glasses for seeing up peoples shirts, which causes Ava to blush. Gil comes in and starts flying the ship, Ava starts questioning TITAN and mentions Paradise might not exist, causing Gil to act defensive. Odin backs Ava up by telling Gil that if no one leaves Paradise, or tell others about it, than it might not even exist. This causes Gil to become even more irritated. Odin then watches Ava as she starts to tell Gil that TITAN might be a bad guy, but when she is to shy to say it, he says it for her by telling Gil that paradise is probably not even real and that TITAN possibly uses that tale to bait other lifeforms into working for him. During which, Gil's demon, Nevy Nervine, is perched on Odin's shoulder. She listens to him, possibly starting to believe that what Odin said about TITAN was true. Odin then watches as Gil tells him and Ava that he will reach Paradise after all his hard work, and that he'll send them "photographic evidence" to prove it.

When Gil arrives at the TITAN planet he tells Ava and Odin to go wait outside by the guards. Outside, Odin becomes stressed at the amount of guards there are, hoping that he and Ava could run and sneak onto a cargo ship.


Odin, annoyed at Ava running off

As Gil comes out of the ship to go talk to the guards, Odin starts telling Ava that they could sneak back on board and possibly override the ship's programming, but is cut off when Maggie shoves them aside to go talk to Gil. After their faces are cataloged by a TITAN soldier Odin tells Ava the plan to escape. She proceeds to follow Gil and Maggie to the refugee center leaving Odin behind, Odin reluctantly follows her anyway. When Gil forcefully shoves the two of them into the refugee center, Ava sadly comments that she does need some new clothes and that she was starving to which he responds saying she wasn't and pulls open the center door to let Ava and him out. When Ava questions him ever being a normal person, Odin grabs her and runs off with her while she complains about him being too smelly to get new clothes. He angrily tells her that this planet is not a resort and that followers don't care about their needs and that they would put Ava back in the system and send her to the planet for troubled children and have her work in a factory-where if she didn't cooperate they would forcefully subdue her. Ava sits down on a bio hazardous waste dump and questions why Maggie didn't get detained, he sits beside her and answers saying she agreed to join TITAN as a follower and thinks she has ulterior motives for it. When Ava asks how Odin knew all those things, he says his parents taught him those things when he was younger and proceeds to ask Ava to come with him to his planet. Although she said she didn't even know him. Odin leaves Ava, saying she could find her way on her own and he starts to smoke.

Odin through the limbo lenses.

Ava finally agrees to come with him, but first they must convince Maggie to come along to. He says that they were the most least likely people to convince her and that she deserves what's coming to her because of how awful she acts. He agrees to at least try to get her to come along as long as she doesn't attract too much attention, and stated that the same goes for Ava, who he nicknames 'firefly', as long as she didn't continuously turn to a glowing star and to get it under control. Odin, remembering Ava's comment about him smelling bad, asks if that was true to which she apologises for saying that and says he actually smells good, like smoke and pine trees. This causes him to blush and urges them to keep moving. As he looks around, he finds the streets to be almost clear and tries to recall where the enlistment center is. Ava looks at him through the limbo lenses to find him covered in red rune-like designs where there was a bright glowing line on his side. When he finds the coast clear, he tells Ava to get ready but finds her staring at him with the lenses asking if she was even paying attention and tells her to get rid of the lenses, calling the lenses pervert goggles. From behind her, Pedri appears.


As Odin remarks that Ava acts like his sisters, he is surprised when Pedri creates a swarm of purple dragonflies. He ignores Pedri and begins the search for Maggie along with Ava. Later they proceed to look for Maggie and they end up in a gathering of followers and get trapped in the crowd. He holds hands with Ava so they don't get separated and start searching for Maggie while Ava spends an uncomfortable moment as her social anxiety kicks in. Moments later Ava sees Maggie out of the crowd with Gil and they go straight to Maggie only to bump into a guard, when they tell the guard they are trying to leave the guard tells them they can't leave because "Strategos Six is about to talk", they turn back to find another way out but Odin is caught by Raven who tells him to back up quietly while using a gun. Ava and Odin get separated leaving Ava alone in the crowd while Odin is lead by Raven away from the crowd straight to where Crow is, Raven pushes Odin to the floor and Crow tells him to wear handcuffs, when he refuses Raven points the gun at him and fires a warning shot as both sisters insist Odin wears the handcuffs, when he agrees Crow takes a picture of him and reveals they are about to have a reward for tracking him. Raven reveals that Crow is about to see girl named Merita, and implies she is going to have a date. Odin states his disapproval by telling her she is still too young to have dates. Crow, embarrassed, starts making fun of him and calls him "an 18-year-old virgin nerd lord" to hurt him for embarrassing her. The twins then lead him away from the crowd, leaving Ava alone. The twins inform him that Olai knows that Odin crashed the ship, and that he has "failed the mission". They prepare to take Odin home and try to get him to accept that he has failed. However, Odin refuses to abandon the mission, delivering a monolouge about how important the mission is to him, and how he wants to complete the mission for the sake of his family.

Odin then demands that Crow and Raven return home and tell Olai that not only is Odin going to complete his mission, he is going to bring back twice what he was sent for. The twins refuse to take hims seriously, but after an explosion causes the room they are in to erupt with lava, the twins try to escape the burning facility, leaving Odin to complete his mission (though also leaving him for dead).


Odin hearing the cargo vessels while looking around

Odin is left in the lava room alone with Pedri. While Odin hopes it was only the Scavengers who caused the explosion, while Pedri expresses his wish for Odin to die before he ever gets the chance to find out. When Odin wakes up after Ava's rampage, he finds his handcuffs unlocked and goes looking around, passing by Ava's footprints and Strategos Six's sword sticking into the ground.


"Who are you really, Ava Ire?"

He sees the cargo vessels flying off above him and looks around some more before he hears Ava talking to him, calling him a "spineless deserter". He looks up, saying he knows the voice, before the source leaps down from above and lands in front of him. Looking at her, he recognises the person as Ava. After saying that she didn't like his vanishing act but managed to decorate the place, Odin asks in disbelief if she was the one who had caused all that explosion and heat. When she asks him to tell her what would tie the place up together, he finds himself unable to answer before she sets the statue of TITAN on fire. He is shown to be coughing until she collapses. While Ava is on the ground, Odin approaches her and tells her he didn't mean to desert her and asks if that was the reason she turned into a Vengess. When he realises that she hasn't noticed the changes to her body yet, he asks her in shock if she had noticed how she had horns, her clothes, all of her power and the fire she literally "willed out of the air". He goes on to say that if she truly had decimated TITAN HQ all on her own, then there was no way she was a human with power of this magnitude and that she has the aspects of something "not from this dimensional realm". He then asks her "Who are you really, Ava Ire?". When Ava falls unconscious, he frantically shakes her in an attempt to wake her up. At that moment one of Maggie's leaves fall on Ava's face. He instantly recognises it and realises that Maggie is still near. He cracks his knuckles and picks Ava up. He says that they should go and that they'll find Maggie and finish the mission. Later, when Maggie and Gil have just arrived at the cargo vessel, he yells for them to wait and hold the door. However, Maggie attempts to close the door to keep Odin, who is carrying an unconscious Ava, out. He leaps inside and lands right in front of Maggie and Gil. Maggie and Gil both accuse him of being in league with Ava in destroying TITAN HQ and how they've come to get revenge and cover their tracks, with him reacting to disbelief at the accusations. He says he's not trying to hurt anyone, to which Maggie asks him why he had to get on their ship specifically and not on another one, to which he tells her he would have had a ship had she not crashed it.


Odin, in the middle of Maggie and Gil's argument, looking bored and lighting his pipe

In the middle of their argument, Gil interrupts, confronting Maggie about her crashing Odin's ship since she had told him Odin was a fugitive and had crashed the ship in madness. Odin shows sarcasm at the idea of being called a fugitive and quietly explains what really happened while Maggie yells at him to shut up, calling him a stalker. He asks her to tell Gil how she choked him with her plant arms, to which she says she won't talk about it until he explains why he's "obsessed" with her. Gil interrupts again, saying on how he recognises her leaves and had to pry Odin out of some branches woven tightly around him with the same leaves. Maggie then admits to crashing Odin's ship. While Maggie and Gil argue, Odin is shown in the background looking uninterested and takes out his pipe in the middle of their argument and lights it, most likely smoking Florem Mortem.


While Maggie is apologizing to Gil, Odin sits beside a window looking out. As Gil becomes redlisted, Odin brushes it off as no big deal, and that panicking won't help his situation. Gil becomes angry at being accused of overacting, and that Odin has the nerve to accuse him of that. Gil exclaims that his life is over, ruined, everything he's worked for gone. Odin seeming uninterested states that yeah, that sucks. Gil argues with Odin, stating maybe if he wasn't such a degenerate he might understand the gravity of his situation. Odin begins standing and calmly says that that was totally unnecessary and that he is not a "degenerate." Odin, giving his second point in the argument, nonchalantly states its a big world and that Gil will just have to find a new cult. Odin now feeling uncomfortable, tries to backtrack and says life as a traitor won't be so bad once you travel far enough. Gil was offended that Odin would even suggest such a thing. Odin tries to reassure Gil that the edge of nothing has a few planets that need doctors. Gil believes it was really nice for Odin growing up accusing him of having so few responsibilities that he could act so careless and suffer no consequences or regrets.

As Ava wakes up and begins to talk with Maggie, he remains silent. Later as Ava's yelling at Nevy's mind probing, Odin comments that he's confused and that she's not making any sense.


After Gil yells out Nevy's name Odin sounds it out, confused by it. Odin then talks over Pedri and suggests they check the oxygen level and asks if Gil's seeing things. He then takes notice of how Pedri comments on Nevy's meltdown. He then appears to realize something involving Gil and Nevy from Pedri's comment. As Gil throws Wrathia's plan book onto a shelf he appears surprised like he's about to say something.


Maggie Lacivi

Odin rescued Maggie when Scavengers destroyed her schooling planet. In the beginning, Maggie called him a "stalker" and even went to the principal because she thought he would kidnap her. Maggie strongly dislikes Odin, uncaring even of whether or not he'd die during the crash of his ship.

Ava Ire

Ava climbed aboard Odin's ship just before her schooling planet was destroyed. At first, Ava fears him, but after making a pact with Wrathia, she is only upset towards him for threatening to leave her on a planet alone. Odin and Ava grow more trusting as the comic continues. Odin is shown to care about Ava in some way, as when he showed guilt for leaving her alone in the crowd. This may foreshadow to Michelle's suggestion a romance between the two characters.

Gil Marverde

Gil and Odin, despite not having much interaction, appear to not get along very well. Odin is skeptical of Gil's faith, going as far as refusing to shake his hand, and seems to overall consider Gil to be effectively brainwashed.

Pedri Nanezgani

Pedri is Odin's demon. He and Odin haven't performed a pact yet, and The two have an extremely antagonistic relationship and share a mutual hatred for one another. Odin frequently tries to tune out Pedri by smoking Florem Mortem, while Pedri torments Odin and, like his wife, resents being confined to an inferior creature. They have only explicitly communicated once, and during their conversation, Pedri wishes death upon Odin, showing his contempt for him.

Raven Arrow and Crow Arrow

Odin's twin sisters, the two seem to have power over him in some way, but only because Olai has the most in the family. Although they annoy him, Odin is overprotective with them.

Olai Arrow

Odin and the twins hold Olai in respect, knowing not to cross him. Odin seems very distraught when Olai's ship crashes and is unable to be flown. He also seems to fear Olai in some way.

Magpie Arrow

During chapter sixteen (or more specifically, page 1445), Odin mentions his sister Magpie, who could be his favorite sibling (as Michelle said he had one) because of his shaky relationship with the twins and Olai.


  • According to Odin's character sheet:
    • His favorite animals are dogs.
    • His favorite color is black.
    • His favorite food is salmon.
    • His favorite flower is Florem Mortem.
    • His favorite season is winter.
  • Odin's confidence on a scale from one to ten is at a negative one.
  • Odin has only ever disliked one painting in his life.
  • Odin's two sisters, Raven and Crow, are both references to the god Odin. In Norse mythology, he is known to have ravens as guides and helpers.
  • Odin and the known Arrow siblings seem to have an aptitude with weaponry.
  • It was stated in a formspring answer that Odin feels above shaking other peoples hands. This links him to having the sin of pride.
  • Odin appears to be really strong considering he was able to pick Ava up with one hand not to mention carrying her whilst running.
  • Odin states he has three sisters; The triplets Raven, Crow and Magpie.
  • Odin's favourite animals are dogs, foxes and wolves.
  • Observing his speech patterns, it appears that he stops stuttering when lying.
  • Odin has aquaphobia. The reason behind this phobia, if such a reason exists, is not known- although it is assumed that Odin's aquaphobia is from an incident with breaking ice, due to the portrait Michelle drew of him in water surrounded by ice.
  • Michelle stated in a livestream that one of the reasons to why Odin smokes is because it makes him unable to hear Pedri.
  • Odin's favorite movie genre is horror.
  • Odin is known to sing very quietly in the shower.
  • Of all the hosts, Odin is the most empathetic.
  • Odin shares the like of daydreaming, peace and quiet, and cold weather with Ava.
  • Odin smokes a lot for an average person.[1]
  • Odin has anxiety.[2]
  • At a convention panel for the comic, Michelle confirmed the other lifeform's orientations, but stated that Odin's orientation is a mystery.
  • Odin received the scar on the bridge of his nose from crashing his ship trying to escape The Scavengers.
  • In a high school AU Odin would fill his room with band posters.
  • If Odin were a mythical creature he would be a reaper.
  • Odin's special talent is being artistic.
  • Of the hosts, Odin has the highest EQ.
  • Maggies Branchs Saved Odin's life in the crash.
  • Odin's stutter goes away when he sings if he knows the words by heart.
  • Odin only teases those he feels comfortable with.
  • Odin is the worst dancer.
  • Odin is the type of guy to win a girl a stuffed animal.
  • In a modern AU Odin would walk his date back to their house.
  • Odin is a good actor.


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