Odin's notebook
Odins book
First appearance "Page 538"
Latest appearance "page 2282"
Owner Odin Arrow
Type Book
Associations Odin Arrow

Magpie Arrow

Odin's notebook is a small black leather notebook carried by Odin Arrow.


The book itself seems to be bound in some kind of black leather with an arrow pattern covering the front of the book, with plain white pages inside. The book is a hollowed out segment where he keeps a few leaves of Florem Mortem and his pipe for smoking. 

Uses and effects

Odin uses the notebook to record the status of the Vessel Signals he and Magdalai Arrow detected using a salvaged Titan-tech radio, displaying a series of numbers and letters. The numbers refer to a Vessel's frequency, and the letters refer to the confirmed fate of the Vessel; with M indicating "missing", D indicating "Deceased", and T likely meaning either captured, a follower, or somehow under the control of Titan. It is currently unknown which demon corresponds to which frequency; however, frequency 0006 is likely Pedri Nanezgani[1], with frequency 0102 being whichever demon is contained within Magdalai[2].
  He also uses the notebook to draw, doodling 
Ava after first meeting her.


Odin survives the crash, thanks to being encased in Maggie's vines. He remains unconscious for a while in Gil's house. When Odin awakens, Gil tells him the unfortunate fate of his spaceship. Distraught and a bit angry, Odin searches for his things in the ruins. While he worries about his missing ring, Odin's little sisters, Crow and Raven Arrow switch out the red gem in his ring with a tracking device and they throw it to Odin, who believes it is really his ring. He also manages to find his coat and book.


  • On page 0568 there is a drawing of a fox in the corner of the book. This fox, presumably drawn by Odin, is the same as a fox plush Ava is depicted holding in one of the official prints.


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