Odin's ship
First appearance "Page 55"
Latest appearance "Page 738"
Origin Olai Arrow
Owner Odin Arrow
Type Ship
Address Crashed upon TITAN Training planet
Associations Arrow family

Odin's Ship is given to Odin likely from Olai for his mission. it first appear in page 0055 after the Silent Scavengers attack one of TITAN's Training planet's.


Odin's ship is a triangular-shaped with pointy-shaped appendages pointing up. It has a black and red color scheme on the outside. It has a door and can be boarded through there. Inside, there are tables, chairs, tools, a window, and a control pad near a large window that controls it. The inside has a mostly purple and black color scheme.

Uses and effects

Odin's ship was to be used for travel from Ava's school planet to his for his mission. Though it hasnt been revealed yet what said mossion is, it is suspected that it has to do with the demon's and the hosts.


Odin's ship first appear after the Silent Scavengers attack Ava's school planet, Ava follows Odin to his stationed spaceship. she slips inside of the vessel without anyone noticing. When the spaceship lifts off, Ava luckily finds an oxygen mask, keeping her from suffocating. Safe, Ava and the Wrathia watch from a window as her old school planet explodes. Ava randomly wanders the ship picking up a wrench along the way, once finding Odin. Ava comes to the decision to knock the him out with the wrench.

However, Odin realizes the Ava's presence and her intentions, pointing his gun on her in his defense. He warns Ava to put the wepon down, which she respons byt being possessed by the Wrathia, who insults the him. This leads Ava to be tied up. After expaining to Ava that he will drop her off at the next planet, Odin leaves the room. Maggie wakes up and notices Ava tied up at her side, as Odin comes back, Maggie pretends to sleep. However, when Odin is distracted, Maggie uses her plant abilities she traps the Odin in a tangle of vines. The ship is sent crashing into a TITAN Training planet.


End of Chapter One

End of Chapter One