Maggie Lacivi
First appearance "page 0005 (Background)
page 0010 (Official)"
Latest appearance "page 2397 (background)"
Full name Magnolia Lacivi
Other names Maggie
Age 15
Gender Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Species Human
Demon Tuls Tenebrose
Sin Lust
Symbols and themes Plants
Affiliations Tuls Tenebrose

   Maggie Lacivi is a former classmate and friend of Ava Ire. She is pacted with the demon Tuls Tenebrose. She has powerful plant-like abilities and can make her appendages morph into strong, tree-like vines. She speaks in dark green text in a teal speech bubble. She first appears in detail on page 0010, although is in the background of page 0005. Her latest appearance in comic is in page 2046.

Maggie is short for Magnolia, a type of flower. "Lacivi" is a variation of the word "lascivious" which means "flirty" or "lustful". Apt, since her associated sin is lust.


Maggie has dark brown skin, freckles, and long, curly hair. She used to be a brunette, but ever since she formed a pact with Tuls her freckles, hair, and lips have all taken on a dark green hue.

As a result of her pact, she can sprout plants from any part of her body at will; the most extreme use of this seen so far is her creating tree-like extensions of her arms. When she feels a strong emotion or uses her power, her hair sprouts leaves and her skin can take on the appearance of tree bark.

She has pale green eyes with triangular teal pupils.


Maggie is rude, confrontational, egotistical, and downright hostile. However, Ava mentions that she wasn't always this way; something that happened between them in the past harshly changed her personality. They both blame Ava for whatever happened, and Maggie has hated her ever since. However, Maggie keeps a small photograph of her and Ava as children in the cabinet embedded in her stomach, implying that she may still care for her former friend deep down.

In spite of her hostile personality traits, Maggie falls in love very quickly and develops a crush on Gil Marverde almost at first sight, calling him her "prince". As he is the sixth person she's developed such a crush on, it can be surmised that she is somewhat emotionally immature and cannot restrain her emotions. She even forces Tuls to use his magic to create a special flower that will help the object of her affections "uncover the desire to be her significant other".

Although Maggie has formed a pact with Tuls, she is thoroughly unconcerned about what he wants and seems only to care about what she can get with his power. She deliberately and carelessly harms his creations, constantly belittles him, and has ignored his desire to reunite with his beloved Ranunculae for four years. This carelessness may be because she is not fully aware of what will happen if the pact fails, perhaps because she is unable to take things as seriously as she should.

Lust, the sin of deep obsession, is associated with Maggie which is reflected in her near-instant flirty attitude towards Gil and her desire to be loved in return. Maggie's clingy tendencies can be interpreted as a stigma of depression and abandonment.

The pupil shape chosen for Maggie is a triangle to represent her sharpness, providing contrast for Ava, whose pupil is a circle. Michelle describes this " if [Maggie] is striving to become everything Ava could not; the sharpest shape against the softest."


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Maggie's first appearance in the story

Maggie attended the same school as Ava Ire. They were once friends as children but she took to bullying Ava as a teenager. This might have been in retaliation for Ava's violent outbursts while she was possessed by Wrathia. At some point, Maggie became possessed by Tuls Tenebrose and made a pact with him. In exchange for getting her a lover, Maggie would help Tuls to find Ranunculae.

On the day 1/3/3031, Maggie watches as Ava shouts out in class, and is sent to the principal's office. A strange boy sitting behind her, later revealed as Odin, attempts to get her attention. Maggie reacts violently and ends up leaving, thinking that he is a stalker. Maggie goes to the principle's office seeking help, only to be brushed off by the secretary. Ava is present to see this and the two girls begin to fight. Odin enters the room, having evidently followed Maggie (much to her aggravation). Odin, now having her attention, tries to warn her that they are in danger and that she should leave the planet with him. Maggie brushes the comment aside, mistaking it for poorly-executed flirting. At that moment, the school is attacked by the Silent Scavengers that break the wall of the building. Maggie is hit with debris and immediately knocked unconscious. Odin then picks her up and brings her to his ship.

Once on the ship, Odin scans her while she is still unconscious. Several minutes later, Maggie awakens in pain and is surprised to find Ava tied up next to her. As Odin returns to the room, Maggie feigns sleep in order to catch him off guard. She uses her branch arms to incapacitate him. This is the first time that we see Maggie demonstrate this ability. After a short interrogation and argument, Odin calls her a monster and sets off Maggie’s temper. She uses her arms to smash the controls of the ship in an attempt to crash them into the nearest planet and kill everyone on board, save herself. This is also the first indication we are given of Maggie’s invincibility—she states that the crash won’t kill her and ignores Odin’s panic.


Maggie talking with Gil

True to her word, Maggie survives. She wakes up in Gil’s house and upon seeing Gil's face, becomes infatuated with him. She begins flirting which demonstrates her sin of lust. After voicing distaste to Odin’s unconscious form and taking steps to sexualize her appearance by pushing up her cleavage, Maggie converses with Gil. The conversation ranges, giving readers insight on Gil’s past and TITAN (through the perspective of a follower).

Gil does not tell Maggie about Nevy. Maggie then explains her own situation, voicing anger that Ava survived the crash, and informing Gil that Odin may be a criminal. She eventually asks to go to TITAN HQ with Gil in an attempt to become closer to him under the guise that she wants to become a follower. Maggie drinks celebratory alcohol, which is in fact poison. Because she is incapable of dying, she merely loses consciousness.


Maggie in her mind

While asleep, Maggie enters her mind which is revealed to be a large forest. She is confronted by several talking flowers, all of which compliment her or praise her presence. Maggie addresses them with annoyance. Upon questioning, the flowers decline to reveal the location of Tuls, saying that he is sad--a fairy lands on her palm and says that the demon is scared of her. Maggie crushes the sprite in her hand, wipes the remains on her dress, and goes to find Tuls regardless, stepping on the flowers. Eventually, Maggie locates the door to Tuls after hearing him groan and walks down a well-decorated hallway, knocking down a painting of Ranunculae. She finds Tuls painting and complains to him about the tangle of flora in the room, then proceeds to tell him about Gil, incorrectly stating that he is her new boyfriend. Maggie then tries to convince Tuls to work his magic for her. He is initially resistant, saying that she has already abused his powers, that he is becoming weak, and that he wishes to find Ranunculae soon. However, he agrees to help despite Gil being the sixth boy she has tried to court. The pair walk down a stairwell discussing their pact and their relationship. Tuls then pulls out a flower seedling, telling her it is a rose and that it is his second to last one. After restating the rules of his magic, they commence the ceremony using Gil's book to produce a blue rose. Maggie places the flower in her cupboard, kisses Tuls, and exits.


The rose and the book comes to outside

As she is leaving, she finds a strange drawer with lava and soon crosses paths with Ava. Unaware of Ava's pact, and of the subsequent ability it gives her to travel into other minds, she starts to bully Ava, thinking that she is another creation of Tuls. Maggie shouts at Ava to get out of her mind, however Ava says that is impossible to her get out of her own mind. Maggie becomes incredulous, complaining that Tuls wastes his magic with elaborate illusions. As Ava affirms that she isn't an illusion, and is the real Ava, the ground starts opening, revealing fire. When Ava notices that Maggie made a pact with Tuls and that she needs to complete it, Ava proposes that they help each other complete their pacts. Maggie acquires a look just like she had as a child and claims that she cannot believe in what she is hearing, saying that Ava doesn't know anything about helping her. Maggie lets Ava fall into the lava in the crevice. As Gil lands his ship, Maggie wakes up and asks for someone kill the lights. Gil asks to Ava and Odin to wait outside because he wants to talk with Maggie. When the two of them get out, Maggie asks where they are and Gil reminds her. Gil asks if she is sure that she wants to travel with him and become a follower. Maggie claims that she is totally ready for it. Before leaving, Maggie questions if the ship has a mirror. After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it. She also pushes up her breasts, saying that it's time to 'perk up'.


After she leaves the closet looking for Gil, she finds him outside of the ship and she asks him to wait. She says that she "found" his book, when she actually stole it, and asks if he dropped it on the floor of the ship. After thanking her, Gil notices that the book has dirt on it and Maggie says that it is odd. A guard suddenly shouts to them asking if they have any follower identification. Maggie becomes scared and hides behind Gil. When Gil explains the situation, Maggie brushes it off and is analyzed by the guard. At the planet, Maggie thanks Gil again to which Gil states that there is no problem and that she will be a great follower. Maggie asks again if he is sure. She continues walking with Gil as he guides Ava and Odin to the refugee center, but she is disgusted by being with Ava and Odin. After they are pushed into the refugee center by Gil, she sticks her tongue out at them.


As Odin and Ava break out of the refugee center, Maggie and Gil make their way towards the place where Gil will officially register as a doctor, and Maggie as a follower.

They seem to have been waiting for a long time before being finally called up to register. They are, however, interrupted by a boy soaked in blood, who asks for a soldier. How he obtained his injuries is entirely unknown to Maggie and Gil.

When Ava (now a Vengess) creates a fiery explosion with her battle-axe, rubble is blasted down onto Gil and Maggie. Gil is knocked down, while Maggie uses her tree arms to hold up a large portion of the rubble that was about to fall on them, revealing her plant powers to Gil. She asks him if he is okay, to which he says "I think so".


Maggie telling Gil they have to leave after seeing Ava

When Gil starts panicking, Maggie snaps him out of his thoughts and tells him not to worry and that it'll be all right. She pushes some more rubble out of the way and they both see Ava. Maggie shows absolute disbelief at how it could be Ava. When Gil starts asking on what is going on, Maggie pulls at him and tells him that something's wrong and that they have to leave. After Ava's battle with Strategos Six, Maggie is shown walking with Gil and asks him where the ship was docked. She holds a hand to her forehead and tells him that she can't take any more of what is going on and that she might be wilting, with some leaves falling out of her hair. When Gil asks her if it was really Ava who did all this, she twirls a finger through her hair and says: "First of all, Ava isn't really capable of anything good, and second of all, I don't think she could have created a nightmare as vile as the one we saw today." She goes on to says that she "thinks it was Ava, but at the same time not Ava" and that it was like she had been possessed by some kind of "Primordial Chaos". When Gil asks why, she buries her face in her hands and replies that she had stopped asking a long time ago and that Ava was a "10,000 degree enigma cloaked in mysteries". Gil then asks if she is the same, to which she pauses and looks at him for a second in silence. She then looks at him in suspicion and cracks her knuckles menacingly, asking him what he means by that. He asks her if she is also possessed by a "Primordial Chaos" like Ava. Before she can answer, cargo vessels appear out of nowhere in the air. Maggie asks if they are taking off and if they could manage to get on one. She then runs off and tells him that they should go west to the dock and for him to catch up in an attempt to distract him from the question about her "Primordial Chaos". 


Maggie attempting to close the door and keep Odin out, while slamming her fist on the control pad

Maggie is then shown running with Gil behind her and calling "Wait!" to the cargo vessels before going into one with Gil. They both pause for a minute, panting, but notice that nobody is there. They then hear Odin calling for them to wait and both turn to look, Maggie with a furious and annoyed expression on her face. She then yells "Close the door! Close the door!" while slamming her fist onto the control pad in an attempt to keep Odin out. Odin manages to get in despite her efforts, and she shows disbelief at seeing Ava and asks Odin why he's here. She claims that he and Ava are probably trying to hide their tracks after decimating TITAN HQ, which Odin rebuts. She asks him why he had to come on their ship and when told that was the reason his ship crashed, she claims that if he hadn't brought her on board in the first place she wouldn't have crashed it. Gil then interrupts, asking her what she meant by that, as she had told him Odin was a criminal and had crashed the ship madly.  

Maggie admitting that she may have crashed Odin's ship

When Odin attempts to explain what happened, she yells at him to shut up and calls hims a stalker, saying "You're so full of it!!!". When Odin asks her to tell Gil about how she tried to choke him with her plant arms, she says she won't until he explains why he only rescued her and is obsessed with her. Gil then interrupts again, saying he recognises Maggie's leaves since they were all over his yard and how he had to untangle Odin from her branches which had the same leaves. She then admits that she may have crashed his ship. She explains on how she restrained him and smashed the controls, claiming it was all in self-defense. When Gil asks her what else she lied about, she swears she hasn't been lying about anything else. She is then confronted by him about her tree arms, which she refutes by telling him she kept it a secret from everyone. Maggie apologizes to Gil for lying to him. 


Maggie apologizing to Gil

She proceeds to explain that she didn't want to lie to him, thinking that if she had told him the truth that he would have been scared of her. She asks Gil if he believes her. He says it was a mistake to bring strangers to HQ, and that when they land, they'll be going their seperate ways, to Maggie's dismay. As Gil becomes redlisted, Maggie is confused, stating that she and Gill hadn't done anything. When the alert goes out and Gil's card is voided, she attempts to comfort him saying that shes sure its some sort of mistake. While Odin and Gil continue to argue Maggie notices Ava begin to stir, and becomes nervous and uneasy. Maggie now squatting is solely focused Ava with a grimace on her face, flinching away when Ava moves. Maggie tries to get Gil's attention by tugging on his shirt but is unable to. While the boys are still arguing Maggie is in the background looking at Ava trying to get the guys attention.


Maggie after Ava tells her she still has feelings for her

Once Ava is concious, she yells at her for her atrocities, wondering what's "behind that weak facade." Ava tells Maggie that so much has changed, and confesses that she asked Odin to bring her to Maggie because Ava didn't want to lose her. Maggie recognises this as "still not being over her", and calls Ava pathetic. Ava is surprised by this and tries to explain but Maggie refuses to listen, putting her hands over her ears and repeatedly yelling "I'M NOT LISTENING". Ava eventually tells her that she knows Maggie is also haunted, and that she also knows her demon's name. Ava tries to explain herself to Gil, but Maggie tells him not to listen and that she's crazy. While Ava begins to explain Wrathia's plan, Maggie looks on in shock as Gil asks if Maggie knows what she's talking about. Ava states that Maggie knows what a "pact" means, while looking her in the eyes. Maggie denies this and says its just an excuse Ava made for herself, and that she does it all the time. As Ava talkes to Nevy, Odin and Maggie stand on the sidelines, asking what's going on. Later, Maggie is seen possessed by Tuls and tells Ava to knock it off already. Once Nevy regains her memories, the cargo vessel's lights begin to flicker on and off, and Maggie states she thinks the ship is confused.

After Nevy reverts to her ghost form and Gil yells out Nevy's name, Maggie asks him if he's feeling okay. When Odin asks Maggie if she's seeing things she says "of course I'm not." Then as Gil's ripping up Wrathia's Plan she appears shocked at Gil's anger and happily surprised when he then throws it onto a shelf.


Ava Ire

Magnolia and Ava were very good friends when they were younger. However, something in their past happened that led to a severe falling out. Ever since then, Maggie became much more reckless and hostile, utterly despising her former friend. Ava blames herself for the change in Maggie's personality and greatly regrets what she did. Ava also still has a crush on Maggie, which Maggie is aware of though the feeling is not reciprocated.

Interestingly, inside Maggie's cabinet is a small photograph of her younger self and a young Ava lying in the grass. This may hint that Maggie still subconsciously cares about Ava deep down, despite the hatred she aims at her. After Ava's potion-induced revenge, Maggie comments on how, even though she hates Ava and sees her as nothing but a negative effect on her life, Maggie does not believe Ava is pure evil, and says that she is certain Ava would not do something like commit mass homicide out of her own free will.

Odin Arrow

Odin rescued Maggie when Scavengers destroyed her schooling planet. In the beginning, Maggie called him a "stalker" and even went to the principal because she thought he would kidnap her. Maggie strongly dislikes Odin, uncaring even of whether or not he'd die during the crash of his ship.

Gil Marverde

Maggie has a huge crush on Gil, which he is completely oblivious to.

Tuls Tenebrose

Tuls is Maggie's demon. Maggie seems to be rather harsh towards Tuls and, according to the fairies in Maggie's mind, he is afraid of her because she yells at him.

The two of them have made a pact. Maggie's task is to help Tuls return to his home world to confess his feelings to Ranunculae. In return, he will help her fall in love with someone.


  • Like Ava, Maggie is physically affected by her powers when she feels strong emotions. For example, her hair sprouts heart-shaped leaves and her skin takes on the appearance of green tree bark when flirting with Gil.
  • Maggie's full first name is Magnolia, furthering her tie to plants and nature.
  • Tuls is the only character to call her by her full name.
  • Interestingly, Maggie's green color scheme ties into Gil's sin of "green with envy". Gil's blue color scheme is associated with lust, Maggie's sin.
  • Maggie likes singing, loud parties, running, sunbathing, and swimming.
  • Maggie's necklace she wears in her dream form is confirmed to have great significance. Speculation theorizes that it represents a noose she used in an attempt to take her own life.
  • Maggie's story has been noted to share a few similarities with the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", though Michelle has stated this was generally unintentional.
  • According to Michelle, Maggie's race in our universe would be African-Latina.
  • Currently, Maggie's pupils are a light greenish-white, but as a child she had black pupils. The change is likely a result of her pact with Tuls, but the official cause of the alteration is unknown.
  • In response to Maggie being called a bitch, Michelle has come to her defense and has stated "She's not a bitch, she's just troubled. Troubled people are angry and sad and you should have empathy for them."
  • Maggie's childhood picture with Ava disappears from her stomach cabinet after she gains the blue rose, possibly signifying that her lust for Gil has replaced any remaining friendship towards Ava.
  • At a convention panel for the comic, Michelle confirmed that Maggie is heterosexual.
  • Maggie's favorite movie genre is romantic comedy.
  • Out of all the lifeforms, Maggie pulls the best pranks.
  • Of the Hosts, Maggie is the most likely to have an anime body pillow.
  • In a high school AU Maggies would fill her room with pictures cut out from magazines.
  • In a 21st century AU Maggie would be into fashion.
  • If Maggie were a mythical creature she would be a dryad.
  • Maggie's special talent is being good at games.
  • The booze Gil had was toxic and would have killed Gil had he have drank it, but Maggie just passed out since she can't die.
  • In a modern AU Maggie would prefer to be walked back home.


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