Maggie's rose
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First appearance ""Maggie's Garden""
Latest appearance "page 0996"
Origin Tuls Tenebrose
Owner Maggie Lacivi
Type Flower
Associations Maggie Lacivi
Maggie's Rose is the enchanted flower Maggie intends to give Gil in order for him to discover his feelings for her. It is created using Tuls' magic, and first appears in the "Maggie's Garden" animation. 

It is the sixth flower Tuls has created for Maggie. The reasons for the others failing has yet to be revealed, although is referenced when Odin comments on how she has been rejected multiple times in the past. 


The petals of Maggie's rose takes on the blue color Gil's book, because it was the "cherished item" Maggie and Tuls used for the spell, while the stem, roots, leaves, and thorns of the flower are green.

Uses and effects

Maggie's Rose is the enchanted flower Maggie intends to give Gil in order for him to discover his feelings for her. 


Tuls and Maggie walk down a stairwell discussing their pact and their relationship. Tuls then pulls out a flower seedling, telling her it is a rose and that it is his second to last one. After restating the rules of his magic, they commence the ceremony using Gil's book to produce a blue rose. Maggie places the flower in her cupboard, kisses Tuls, and exits. Later before leaving Gil's ship, Maggie questions if the ship has a mirror. After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it.


  • It is the second to last of Tuls' seeds. Once the last seed is used, Tuls will no longer be capable of using magic.
  • Blue is the color commonly associated with lust; it is also Maggie's favorite color, and the one associated with Gil.
  • In real life, blue roses are unable to exist naturally due to biological limitations, and therefore all blue roses are simply dyed from white. This could allude to the artificial nature of the spell and the love that would result from it.
  • It is assumed that the rose might not entirely work due to Michelle confirming that Gil is gay, meaning that it might create an artificial love, half-work, or perhaps have no effect at all.


Maggie's Garden

Maggie's Garden

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