Maggie's doorknob
First appearance "Page #0768"
Latest appearance "page 1001"
Origin Pact
Owner Maggie Lacivi
Type Doorknob
Associations Tuls Tenebrose

Maggie possesses an ornate silver doorknob which acts as a key to her Door of Lust. When not in use, she keeps it hidden behind her ponytail where its plant-like roots ensure it stays in place, acting as a sort of hair clip.  The doorknob first makes an appearance on page 768.


Maggie's silver doorknob has a flower on the front, and brass accents.

Uses and effects

The doorknob acts as a key to her Door of Lust, and hair tie when its not connected to her door. Its unknown if the knob is abblle to turn into a weapon like Avas battle-axe.


Before leaving Gil's utility closet, Maggie questions if the ship has a mirror. After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it.