Limbo Lenses
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First appearance ""The Plan""
Latest appearance "Page 2050"
Origin Wrathia's Plan
Owner Ava Ire
Type Glasses
Associations Ava Ire
Wrathia Bellarmina
The Limbo Lenses are a pair of glasses believed to have been created by Wrathia, which were given to Ava Ire

The glasses first make an appearance in "The Plan" when Ava is looking through the pages of the book.  


The lenses look and are shaped similarly to Wrathia's eyes, with the "sclera" of the glasses being red along with the slit "pupils" while The outside rims and the "iris" of the glasses looking like they are made of gold.

Uses and effects

The Limbo Lenses allow Ava to see creatures whose souls have been stuck in Limbo but not hear them, and creatures like Wrathia's warriors who are attached to hosts while in limbo.

When a pact is made, Ava will then see the host in the form of the soul with which the pact was made through the Limbo Lenses. For example when Ava sees Maggie Lacivi, while wearing the lenses, the body of Tuls is seen in her place.

The lenses also allow Ava to see the smaller souls of insects or creatures, which have gotten lost in the limbo between life and death.



Ava after putting on the Limbo Lenses

After making a pact with Wrathia, Ava finds a drawer embedded into her chest. Inside the drawer are the Limbo Lenses. Wrathia then calls her on the small phone in Ava's chest drawer. She explains that Ava must use the specs hidden in the book to see spirits and ask them where TITAN lives, so they can kill him. Ava tries on the Limbo Lenses and sees the world between living and dead.

Gil begins knocking on the door and tells Ava that he will knock it down if she doesn't open it. Ava escapes through the window and puts the specs on again, looking for the warriors as depicted in the book. Gil after finding Ava invites her and Odin to accompany him to TITAN's headquarters. Seeing an opportunity to find out where TITAN resides, Ava quickly agrees. Ava sees Maggie asleep and puts on her Limbo Lenses, discovering that Maggie is actually pacted with a plant-like demon named Tuls Tenebrose, one of the warriors in Wrathia's book. The sign of Maggie and Tuls' pact is a door on her stomach covered in plant themes, the same way Ava's chest drawer is designed with what is presumably Wrathia's smiling face and flames. 0769 Ava realizing Maggie has made a pact with a demon Ava says that Tuls seems less frightening than both Wrathia and Maggie, although she is worries of how she's supposed to convince Maggie to join her in trying to kill TITAN when Maggie so obviously dislikes her. Odin suddenly comes in and notices Ava looking up Maggie's shirt. Ava tells him that it's "not what it looks like", but he continues teasing her, asking if the glasses were x-ray glasses for seeing up peoples shirt.


Pedri appears at Ava's back

Later at TITAN's HQ Odin then nervously asks if he really does smell bad, to which Ava replies that he smells like smoke and pine trees and actually smells good, which leaves them both flustered and embarrassed, so Odin suggests that they leave immediately. Ava, who slipped on her Limbo Lenses to cover her embarrassment, notices glowing red runes leading to and imprinted on Odin, who remains oblivious to what Ava is looking at and keeps explaining his plan to run. Eventually he notices that Ava isn't listening to him and calls her a pervert. Pedri, Odin's demon, appears behind Ava and catches a lock of her hair as she stalks forward angrily, saying that she is not a pervert and placing her Lenses back in her chest drawer.


Later in a cargo vessel Gil claims that he is going to turn Ava, Odin and Maggie in as soon as they leave, and a pair of disembodied hands appear to rest on his left shoulder. Ava puts her limbo lenses on seeing Nevy. Shocked, she begins to talk to Nevy, asking her about herself. Ava remembers that Nevy cannot hear her, as the glasses don't transmit audio. After realizing this, she goes to the pages in Wrathia's book that have the pictures of Nevy, and shows her. Nevy looks at the page with a hopeful gaze, surprised that Ava can see her and that the book has her image in it. As Nevy moves to touch the page, Ava remarks that the book did her little justice, and questions whether her and Wrathia were good friends. once Nevy touched the page her appearance changed to the way she did when she was still alive. Nevy then sees Ava as Wrathia, similar to how Ava sees pacted hosts and says her name. Once Nevy regains her memories she throws her head back and screams as Ava looks on with a shocked and worried expression. Once Nevy transforms into a single form she addresses Ava as Wrathia Bellarmina and peers into her mind as Ava yells at her to stop.

After Nevy dissolves, Gil rips apart Wrathia's book, and in response, Ava threatens to kill him. Gil slaps Ava, causing the lenses to fall off of her face and one of the lenses to crack. Odin picks them up before going to comfort Ava. When Ava mentions them Odin tries them on, causing some of the space dust from the cracked lens to fall into his eye. Afterwards, Odin sees Wrathia (who just so happened to be wearing a skimpy bathing suit) instead of Ava. Shortly after, he rubs the space dust out of his eye and can see normally.


  • The space dust seen when Ava first puts the Lenses was put there by Wrathia to condition her eyes to see the dead.
  • Odin has nicknamed the limbo lenses "pervert goggles," alluding to his teasing of her use of them on Maggie in Chapter Ten.
  • The Limbo Lenses only work with Ava.
  • The Limbo Lenses are not indestructible.
  • The Limbo Lenses bear a strong resemblance to the eyes of the species Vengess; as Wrathia was a vengess, and she made the glasses, this was most likely intentional.


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