Gil Marverde
First appearance "page 0125"
Latest appearance "page 2402"
Full name
Other names
Age 19
Gender Male
Sexuality Gay
Demon Nevy Nervine
Sin Envy
Symbols and themes Water
Affiliations Nevy Nervine

   Gil Marverde is the inhabitant of a nearby planet, where he has been training to become a doctor in TITAN's army. His demon is Nevy Nervine. He speaks in blue text. Gil appears to be a different race or species than the other characters. He first appears on page 0125.

His first name is likely a connection to the gills of a fish, as he is highly associated with the element of water. The term "mar" in his name helps the connection between him and water, since it means "sea" in Portuguese and Spanish. The "verde" part of his last name is a reference to the term "green with envy" as "verde" means "green" in Portuguese and Spanish, and his demon is associated with envy. Alternately, his whole full name, "Marverde", means "Green sea".


Gil is 19 years old, tall, with short white hair, and blue skin. He has dark freckles under his eyes, and his ears are slightly pointed. He has light blue eyes with white, diamond-shaped pupils.


Gil is very kind and caring towards others. He is also very educated, having been raised in a TITAN private school. His kind nature tends to make him very naive and credulous, rarely expecting others to have ulterior motives, as seen in his interactions with Maggie Lacivi.

Gil decided to become a doctor, so that he can help others, the followers and TITAN's cause for saving him when he was a child.

Due to the fact that Gil was saved by TITAN soldiers when he was a young boy, during the destruction of his planet by the scavengers, and being raised in a TITAN school, Gil is incredibly faithful to TITAN. He hardly questions the harm that's befallen Maggie Lacivi and Ava Ire under TITAN rule. For example, when Maggie explained to Gil that TITAN separated her, Ava Ire, and all the other children from their families, Gil immediately looks for a justification. He assumes that Ava and Maggie's parents are safe, elsewhere. When others question the reality of TITAN, or his Paradise, Gil believes in every aspect of TITAN and shown to act angry and defensive towards those who mention it. Gil may also harbor doubts about TITAN himself, but refuses to show it.

Gil's pupil shape is a diamond or a rhombus, which is similar to Odin Arrow's square. This could be because they see the same things but interpret them in different ways.


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Gil Marverde as a child

As a child, Gil used to live beside "a marvelous ocean" with his parents on an unknown planet. One day, at about the age of four, Gil was swimming around alone in the ocean when Silent Scavengers came to strip his planet of its resources. After the craft fell into the water, the ocean began to boil "like acid" and all the fish were immediately killed. He tried to reach the shore, but was killed by the water when he was near the coast. He was watching himself dying on the shore when someone from TITAN's army (who bears resemblance to Strategos Six) appeared and saved him. He only remembers pitch black and then waking up. TITAN doctors revived and treated him, and he feels like he owes them his life. After waking up, Gil became unknowingly attached with Nevy Nervine. The doctors sent him to a special TITAN boarding school and gave him another chance to live. Once in school, he made friends.


Gil sees Nevy for the first time

One day, when he was with three of his friends, he saw a "strange woman", who looked sad. He talked to her while his friends stared at him, disturbed. After talking to her, he turned to them and asked for help, and they thought Gil was messing with them, for they could not see Nevy. She didn't speak to Gil, and many times his friends caught him "talking to himself" as he tried to communicate with her. While taking his exam to become a follower of TITAN, he discovered that he didn't know many of the questions on the test, even after rigorous studying. He tries to ask Prudith Loone for help. After she harshly denies it, Nevy reappears, upsetting Gil. He pleads for her to leave because she "wasn't real". However, Nevy spied on the other test answers and helped Gil pass his entrance exam. At night, before sleeping, he thanks Nevy. He was almost held back from becoming a medical expert because his friends had reported him as being a lone wolf who talked to himself often, which he dismissed as praying loudly. Nevertheless, he convinced Principal Via to allow him to begin training, and as he reached his home to be used while he studied, Nevy spoke to him for the first time, hoping that he can help her find her home. Overall, Gil studied TITAN's medical program for eight years, while working. During this time, he accumulated enough money for him to live a decent life.


Gil talking to Nevy before noticing Ava is awake

When a ship crashes on his planet near his home. Nevy convinces him to investigate outside, where he finds the unconscious body of a girl and is determined to care for her. Nevy becomes concerned, and tries to tell him to stay there so he won't get hurt by whatever else is on the ship. However, he feels as if it is his duty to search the ship and take care of whatever he finds, regardless of the potential danger. Later, Gil talks with Nevy for a while before finding Ava Ire awake.

He checks on her to see how she is and even points her to the bathroom when she starts to throw up lava. He then notices Maggie's hair is on fire and after he puts it out, he wonders if he's cut out to be a doctor. A newly awakened Maggie tells him that "he looks cut out for a lot of things at this angle". He makes tea for himself and Maggie and he explains to her what TITAN is, oblivious to the fact that she has a crush on him.

Maggie asks Gil if she could come with him and become a follower and after a few moments of consideration and questioning he agrees. He then gives Maggie TITAN booze to celebrate and goes over to the bathroom and tells Ava that she needed to come out and counts to three, only to find her gone.

He than appears again finding Ava and Odin together, and tells them that they need to go with him on his spaceship so that he can get his medical license. He and Odin appear to not get along well as Odin refuses to shake Gil's hand and insults TITAN and his followers, which causes Girl to become offended. Ava, however, happily agrees to come with him after she thinks they're going to TITAN's headquarters. Odin eventually decides to come with them too. Gil and Ava talk for a while and Gil kindly calls Ava and Odin "troubled" children and leaves the two on the ship so he can retrieve something he had forgotten.


Gil, staring at Nevy

After a while, Gil comes back on ship having not found his missing book. While he flies the ship to TITAN HQ Ava asks if that was where TITAN lived to which Gil replies that TITAN lives in a place called Paradise, and after Ava questions if anyone has ever left Paradise Gil responds telling her that no one would want to leave and that she asked a stupid question. Ava then states that if no ones returned from Paradise than it might not even exist. This causes Gil to become angry, even more so when Odin backs Ava up and adds to the conversation as well. Ava mentions that Gil must "really like TITAN" and Gil angrily questions if he's being interrogated. Ava is about to say something about TITAN, but stops due to being shy. Odin then says that Paradise might not even exist and that TITAN could use the tale to bait people into working for him. Nevy, who is laying on Odin's shoulder, wonders if TITAN baits people like baiting fish. She then makes a fish bubble between her hands and goes to Gil and says "tiny... little... fish" and then pops the bubble. Gil stares at her, but he doesn't look her in the eye. Confused, Gil tells Ava and Odin that after all his hard work he will go to Paradise and once he does, he's going to send them "photographic evidence".

After roughly landing, Gil asks everybody to wake up and apologizes because of the knock. Gil asks Odin and Ava to wait outside because he wants to talk with Maggie alone. After questioning if Maggie is okay, she asks where they are. After explaining to her about their situation, he asks if she still wants to become a follower. When she agrees, he then explains about how they will leave Odin and Ava in the refugee center. Gil points out where the closet is when Maggie inquired about a mirror.

When leaving the ship, Gil exclaims how wonderful the planet is, but he is suddenly stopped by Maggie running up to him and returning his lost book. After thanking her, they are addressed by a guard, asking what they are doing on the planet and asking for Gil's follower identification. After showing his identification card and explaining the situation, Gil is ordered to go directly to the refugee center. At the planet, Maggie again says to him how thankful she is and Gil says that there is no problem and that she will be a great follower.


Gil meets Gev again after 8 years

Later in the comic, Gil is shown to be waiting with Maggie sleeping at the Enlistment Center Room G so he can enlist as a doctor and turn Maggie into a follower. He is called with the number 124 by his old friend Gev. He is happy to see him again, but Gev does not recognize Gil at all and neither does Fira, who was another one of his classmates. When Gev asks Gil for his ID and tries to search for Gil's files for him to apply as a doctor, Gev has a hard time finding Gil's files. When he does he prepares to enlist Gil as a medical janitor. Gev asks for the enlistment fee and Gil grabs the money required before being interrupted by a wounded follower asking if any soldiers were nearby. Gil backs away from him when he asks for help. Right then an explosion caused by Ava makes the walls and ceiling collapse, and Gil is knocked down. He looks up and sees Maggie holding up some rubble that was about to fall on them with her tree arms. She asks him if he was okay, to which he replies "I think so". Gil, looking at the destruction, states his disbelief at how this could happen and how TITAN was supposed to be a safe haven. Maggie snaps him out of his thoughts telling him not to worry and that everything will be all right.


Later, through the help of Maggie's tree arms, they manage to push some more rubble out of the way and see Ava, who is now a Vengess. Gil yells out her name and asks her "What have you done!?". He asks what happened and why she is like this, stating he doesn't understand while Maggie pulls at him saying they have to leave. Gil expresses his surprise when Strategos Six appears. After Ava's battle with Strategos Six, Gil is seen walking with Maggie and looking for the ship. He asks Maggie if it was really Ava who did this. After Maggie answers, he wonders how she did it and why in TITAN HQ of all places. He then claims that he's going to be sick. He asks Maggie if she is the same as Ava, because of her tree arms. When space crafts appear in the air, he recognises them as cargo vessels and wonders if there is a dock to the west.

He then chases after Maggie to the dock to catch a cargo vessel and escape, not noticing that they are being watched by Ava. Later he is running with Maggie as they go inside a cargo vessel only to realise it's empty. He notes that it is probably and automated vessel and worries about the security cameras. They then hear Odin calling for them to wait. Gil has a tired and annoyed expression and says "Titan, help us". Gil watches as Maggie slams her fist multiple times on the control pad to close the doors and keep Odin out. When Odin manages to get in, Gil sees Ava and calls him insane. He (and Maggie) ask why they're here, with him supposing that they've come to kill him and Maggie in revenge for trying to put them into the refugee center. In the middle of Maggie and Odin's argument, he notices that she talked about crashing Odin's ship and asks her what she means by that, as she had told him earlier about Odin being a "fugitive" and madly crashing the ship.


Gil, arguing with Maggie about being a follower, and not noticing Nevy

When Odin mentions Maggie's tree arms and branches, Gil affirms that he does recognize her leaves since his yard was littered with them and that he had to pry Odin out of some branches woven tightly around him covered with the same leaves. Maggie admits that she might have actually crashed Odin's ship herself. She explains on how she restrained Odin and broke the controls, and he looks and sounds betrayed for being lied to. When she claims it was self-defense, he asks her what else she lied about and confronts her for not telling him about her tree arms, affirming that she probably wasn't going to tell anyone unless she was planning on choking them. He then comments on how Maggie's branches were wound too tight on Odin to be self-defense. When told to ask Ava about it, he shows shock and calls her a "deadly and unpredictable creature". After that he tries to simplify everything and asks Maggie if all that was in self-defense. When she affirms that maybe not all of it was self-defense, he looks disbelieving as he says: "Another lie! Unbelievable!". He then asks her if she lied about wanting to be a follower, which she rebukes. In the midst of all this, he doesn't notice Nevy sitting next to them and looking on with a slightly annoyed expression.


Gil announcing he is going to part ways with Maggie, Ava, and Odin.

Maggie apologize to Gil for lying to him, she asks him if he believes her he says that he doesn't know what to believe anymore. He says that bringing strangers to HQ was a mistake, and cuts himself off before saying he should have listened to Nevy. Talking to himself aloud he says that he doesn't know what he was thinking when he took such a risk and that perhaps he wasn't thinking at all. He decides that when they land, they'll be going their separate ways, much to Maggie's dismay. He says that for the rest of their short time together, he will be praying for TITAN to spare their misguided souls on their day of judgement. As Gil becomes redlisted, Maggie states that she and Gill hadn't done anything wrong, while Gil is in denial about it. When the alert goes out Gil panics and exclaims that it isn't real and that it couldn't be happening. He crawls over to his bag and pulls out his ID, which becomes void. At the same time Nevy turns bioluminescent, causing her appearance to be drastically altered. He begs TITAN to help him, saying that he's a failure and a criminal, once again asking how this is happening. Gil begins to hyperventilate and questions what he's going to do. Odin brushes it off and says that panicking won't help his situation. Gil exclaims that his life is over, ruined, and that everything he's worked for is gone.


Gil arguing with Odin.

He laments that years of dedication and service have been wiped from the record and that attaining paradise has been reduced to a wild fantasy. He says worst of all he's committed crimes against his fellow followers, and that he's become the biggest threat to TITAN's noble society. He goes on to say that the Titanauts will hunt him down like an animal. Odin seeming uninterested, agrees. Gil argues with Odin, stating maybe if he wasn't such a degenerate he might understand the gravity of his situation. Odin stands up and nonchalantly states it's a big world and that Gil will just have to find a new cult. He tells Gill life as a traitor won't be so bad once he travels far enough. Odin tries to reassure Gil that the edge of nothing has a few planets that need doctors, with Gil questions if this is all this is just a joke to him. Gil believes that it was really nice for Odin growing up and accuses him of having so few responsibilities that he could act so carelessly and suffer no consequences or regrets. Gil confidently states that he was to become more than just a doctor, that he would have been a part of the most important work the universe had ever seen. He would have been working in the name of TITAN. Gil states that he had belonged to an elite group of being saving the universe, that he was a messenger for a cause greater than all of them and questions what he is now as Ava wakes up.  


Gil's sleeve catches on fire and Ava puts it out and apologizes, realizing not all of what she had done was a dream. Ava tries to explain that she knows Maggie is also haunted, but is unable to get through to her. She then tries to explain herself to Gil, saying that what she did at the HQ wasn't the best course of action. Gil sarcastically comments that it is good she knows that she murdered innocent people. Ava tries to explain that she was forced on stage and into the paradise machine, and that Strategos had it out for her. Gil then fearfully asks Ava if she had murdered them, while Ava states after a moment that she did what it took to escape. Gil, upset, turns away from Ava as she yells to wait and that she'll show him, and she rips of the front of her dress. She then pulls out her drawer and Wrathia's plan, as Gil looks on in confusion. He asks Maggie what Ava's talking about. Ava states that Maggie knows what a "pact" means.


Gil through the Limbo Lenses.

Maggie denies this and says its just an excuse Ava made for herself. Ava tries to explain further, then Gil interrupts and claims she is distracting them with "conspiratorial ramblings". ​​​​​Ava calls Gil stupid for not listening, and he yells at Ava that he is not scared of her. Ava yells that she's trying to be honest, and that by Gil's standards, TITAN's entire empire was most likely built on hurting others. Gil begins to panic, and is possessed briefly by Nevy. He claims that Ava "must have it all figured out", and that she can spare him her honesty. He then claims he is going to turn her in as soon as they leave. Ava fanitly notices Nevy's hands on Gil's shoulder and puts her limbo lenses on, confirming Gil is also haunted. She begins talking to Nevy, but Gil mistakenly believes she is talking to him, saying that "of course I can see you". Shocked, she goes to the pages in Wrathia's Plan that have the pictures of Nevy, and shows her. Once Nevy touches the page, her appearance changes to the way she looked when she was still alive. Nevy then changes into multiple different forms, including one from her flashbacks, as Ava and Gil look on in awe.

Gil slapping Ava.

After Nevy berates Ava, she reverts to her original ghost appearance and falls, foaming at the mouth. Gil becomes worried and says her name repeatedly and asks her to say something. Once Nevy melts into sea foam Ava asks if she's OK or is she usually melts into sea water. Gil, angered at Ava, tells her "no...she usually doesn't melt! But I know exactly why she did," and proceeds to tear pages out of Wrathia's Plan and throws it onto a shelf. Ava yells and says she gives up and that she was only trying to help and that if she could go back she would kill him like she did Strategos. Gil proceeds to slap her.  


Ava Ire

Ava Ire and Gil, despite interacting very little, seem to have a friendly relationship. She's grateful that he did his best to bandage her wounds, amazed that a total stranger would be willing to care for her. Nevertheless, she's skeptical of Gil's strong faith in Titan. Although annoyed at her skepticism, he seems very genuine in wanting to help her and Odin. However, after witnessing the carnage caused by Ava Ire during her potion-induced rage, Gil grows to fear Ava Ire and begins questioning how a seemingly innocent girl could cause so much damage. It is implied he also feels somewhat at fault for the massacre, since he was the one who brought her to Titan HQ.

Odin Arrow

Gil and Odin, despite not having much interaction, appear to not get along very well. Odin is skeptical of Gil's faith, going as far as refusing to shake his hand, and seems to overall consider Gil to be effectively brainwashed.

Maggie Lacivi

Maggie has a huge crush on Gil, which he is completely oblivious to. However, he has treated her with kindness for most of the comic, helping her to become a follower (until he discovered how she lied to him).

Nevy Nervine

Gil first started seeing Nevy when he was four and revived from life by TITAN's army, upset through his grade school years that only he could see her. His discomfort turned to gratitude when she helped him pass the test, and he promised to her that he would help her find out who she was. They are each others best friends.


  • A single closeup of a fish on panel 0386 shows that the fish has the same eye as young Gil does. The same species of fish was shown on panel 0168 where Wrathia is making her plan, so it can be inferred that the fish is representative of Gil and Nevy.
  • Gil's last name, "Marverde", means "Green Sea" in Portuguese and Spanish, which may be a reference to the saying, "Green with envy.", since his respective sin is Envy.
  • On two of Gil's flashback panels, Nevy's silhouette can be seen. Such as the last panel showing Gil on TITAN's hospital and in the next in the class room.
  • Michelle stated that Gil, along with Ava, would hide like babies in a laser tag game.
  • In one of his flashback panels, he is sitting on a rock in the sea resembling the bronze statue in Langelinie by Edvard Eriksen, which is titled "Den lille havfrue" (The Little Mermaid).
  • Michelle stated on her formspring that he, like Odin, is not entirely one species.
  • The author has stated that, if Gil were human, he would be Indian.
  • Michelle stated on the formspring that out of all the hosts, Gil is the best with children.
  • Michelle has confirmed Gil is gay at the Ava's Demon KatsuCon panel.
  • Gil was never actually going to become a doctor, the reason why he was sent away to "train" on a different planet is unknown.
  • Gil is the only host that loves mornings.
  • Gil became an official follower at age 11, which can be derived from the date he became a follower on his id card, his age, and the current year in the story.
  • In a high school AU Gil would fill his room with awards.
  • In a 21st century AU Gil would be into fashion.
  • If Gil were a mythical creature he would be a naiad.
  • Gil identifies as male using He/Him pronouns until he can solely identify as an elite follower and presumably uses They/Them.
  • Nevy is more important to Gil than TITAN.
  • In a modern AU Gil leave his date in the dark.
  • Gil is into comic books.
  • Gil is ticklish.
  • Gil is best with children.


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