Gil's Home planet
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Type Planet
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Silent Scavengers

Gil's Planet is the home planet of Gil Marverde, it was destroyed by Silent Scavengers roughly 15 years before the story's beginning. Its name and relative location are unknown.


From what we're shown in Gil's flashback, the planet is made of a marvelous blue ocean and beaches, in the background moutains are able to be seen. the sky is a dark orange and yellow sky another planet or moon is located very close to the planet. under the ocean are many rocks with shells, and coral on them, the aquatic life apear to have the same diamond shaped iris as Gil.


As a child, Gil used to live beside "a marvelous ocean" with his parents on an unknown planet. One day, at about the age of four, Gil was swimming around alone in the ocean when Silent Scavengers came to strip his planet of its resources. After the craft fell into the water, the ocean began to boil "like acid" and all the fish were immediately killed. He tried to reach the shore, but was killed by the water when he was near the coast. He was watching himself dying on the shore when someone from TITAN's army appeared and saved him. He only remembers pitch black and then waking up.


  • When Gil shows his follower identification to the guards in Titan headquarters, his race is listed as "unknown." Assuming his race was native to his home planet, it is possible it has something to do with why it was targeted by scavengers, and why Titan's army appeared as quickly as they did.
  • The idea of this environment was that it mirrored the complete freedom of Gil's childhood.
  • Gil is saved from this paradise only to be raised to work towards living in one he has never seen.


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