Gate to Paradise
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First appearance "Page 1183"
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Associations Strategos Six
The Gate to Paradise is a machine revealed during the Bi-annual Showcasing of TITAN Achievements of 3031. Strategos Six, after looking for a volunteer to try out the machine "for free", chose Ava Ire after she attempted to leave the arena, however, when Ava was put inside the machine, the assistant of Strategos Six was put inside as well. The assistant tried to call for help, but wasn't heard by anyone.


The Gate's color scheme is black and multiple shades of blue, and resemble that of a mouse trap. The interior is sleek much like the outside and once activated needles and layers lower from above.

Uses and effects

Not much is known about the machine, other than that it "immortalizes TITAN followers' righteous souls" and modifies their bodies to give them immortality and give a follower forever to reach Paradise


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Ava's hand being analyzed

Strategos Six says that The Gate is able to remove any physical or mental illness. However, in the process, the body and mind of the user are drastically changed. One of the mental effects that the machine is supposed to do is remove all doubt about TITAN, turning the person into a "perfect follower". The Gate to Paradise also turns the user into a sexless being. Before entering, the future elite followers need to let their face be scanned and their fingers are pricked for analysis of faceplate and blood. Ava did it as well, and showed being hurt by the prick.

Strategos editing the scan of Ava

After Ava entered The Gate to Paradise, trapped with Prudith Loone, Strategos Six edited the scan of Ava's face before activating the machine, deciding how they want to make Ava look like, letting clear that this is the true use of The Gate to Paradise. Inside the machine there is a circular room lined with blue panels. The center floor and ceiling of the room are, in fact, closed chutes or panels. The ceiling of the room contains machinery important for the function of the machine, and below the floor there is possibly some mechanism used for waste disposal. On the side of the room opposite the door, there is a large screen displaying the order "CHOOSE YOUR EXPERIENCE" and eight different scenes.

Each scene appears to be a landscape, such as forests and mountains, or objects, such as flowers or a piano. Below the screen is a panel with eight different buttons. As Prudith berates Ava for getting her trapped inside the machine, Ava leans up against the panel and unknowingly presses the button for the piano scene. Once one of the buttons is pressed, the machine activates and works on Prudith, who is standing in the middle of the room. In the case of the piano scene, classical piano music begins to play in the background as the chute or panel on the ceiling opens up.


A robotic arm holding a large syringe full of blue fluid descends into the room, along with several arms tipped with lasers. The blue fluid is injected into Prudith's brain, and shortly afterwards, lasers are used to cut through and remove her skin, bone, and muscle, leaving only her eyes, brain, and nervous system. Afterwards, the floor opens up and what appears to be a portal or a black hole sucks up all of the removed parts. A new device descends from the ceiling, wrapping Prudith's exposed nervous system with calcium strands from the head down, forming a new skeleton. Once it reaches her feet and completes the skeleton, the device ascends upwards, wrapping blue, synthetic muscles over Prudith's new skeleton.


The device descends once more, this time enveloping her in white, semi translucent skin. As the skin is applied, more robotic arms insert and apply the ears and blue contact lenses many high-ranking followers are seen with, and two claws grab and stretch the sides of Prudith's mouth to expose her teeth. The skin on Prudith's skull tears some as it's pulled downward over her, implying that the skin and new body are custom fit for the body of the person scanned before entering machine, i.e Ava, possibly causing the new body to fit or function oddly if applied to the wrong person. As all of this happens, the large screen on one end of the room displays parts of words and phrases such as "SERENITY" or "SERENE", "YOUR NEW LIFE," and "YOUR NEW ETERNITY". Ava wasn't affected by The Gate to Paradise because of Prudith's interference, proving that is possible to avoid the changes made by the machine, also showing that two people can be at the thing at the same time without collateral effects, with the machine acting normally, but just acting with one person.


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