Florem Mortem
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First appearance "Smoked Page 157
Flower Page 568"
Latest appearance "Smoked page 2243"
Origin Naturally grown on Vengess empire planet
Type Flower
Can be smoked
Associations Odin Arrow
Wrathia Bellarmina
Florem Mortem, or "Flower of Death" in Latin, is a plant associated with Pedri Nanezgani. It was favored by his wife, Wrathia, and it grew on the planet she chose to build her empire


Florem Mortem is a dark purple flower with multiple bundled petals. It has dark green stems and leaves. The flower’s head is similar to that of a crysanthemum.

Uses and effects

Its leaves can be smoked, a habit possessed by Wrathia and Odin. When smoked by the Vengess, it acts as a relaxant, but when smoked by Odin it makes Pedri disappear completely unable to be seen or heard.


  • Odin smoked Florem Mortem, due to the effect it had on Pedri, which made Pedri unable to speak to him; the reason may be because it had a resemblance to how Wrathia smoked it when the couple was alive.
  • It is both Wrathia and Odin's favorite flower (source needed.)
  • It is grown on the world that Wrathia built her palace.
  • Odin keeps petals of the flower in a hole carved into his book.
  • The extent of the effects on Pedri are dubious: Pedri manifested and spoke to Odin mere minutes after Odin had smoked (on the TITAN supply ship), leaving its effects as a preventative measure in doubt.