Door of Lust
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First appearance "Page #0768"
Latest appearance "page 0998"
Origin Pact
Owner Maggie Lacivi
Type Door
Associations Tuls Tenebrose
The Door of Lust was given to Maggie Lacivi some time after her pact with Tuls Tenebrose. It requires Maggie's Doorknob to open. The Door of Lust first appears on page 0768 where Ava Ire pulls up a sleeping Maggie's shirt to reveal the door, only to be mocked by Odin Arrow



The sign of Maggie and Tuls' pact is a door on her stomach covered in plant themes in the shape of Tuls' face, with the doorknob as his nose.

Uses and effects

Maggie's door serves as a means of transporting objects between Maggie's mind, where Tuls resides, and the physical world. Maggie also uses the Door of Lust to bring Gil's TITAN handbook into her mind for Tuls to use. After obtaining the blue rose from Tuls and waking up, Maggie re-opens the Door with the rose and handbook in the real world. The blue rose currently resides inside the Door of Lust. Additionally, there was a photograph of Maggie and Ava as children nailed to the door, which may suggest Maggie still cares about Ava subconsciously.


 Ava sees Maggie asleep and puts on her Limbo Lenses, discovering that Maggie is actually pacted with a plant-like demon named Tuls Tenebrose, one of the warriors in Wrathia's book. The sign of Maggie and Tuls' pact is a door on her stomach covered in plant themes, the same way Ava Ire's chest drawer is designed with Wrathia's smiling face. After Tuls restates the rules of his magic, Maggie and him commence the ceremony using Gil's book to produce a blue rose. Maggie places the flower in her cupboard, kisses Tuls, and exits.  After Gil talks about one at the utility closer and recommends her to be quick, Maggie goes inside and checks the flower. She removes the book from it, also removing the knob of the door at her stomach and tying her hair with it. 


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