Crow Arrow
Crow 1
First appearance "page 0542"
Latest appearance "page 1821"
Full name Crowlie Arrow
Other names Crow
Age 12
Gender Female
Sexuality Lesbian
Species Human
Symbols and themes
Weapons Knife
Affiliations Arrow Family

    Crowlie Arrow, also known as "Crow" is the younger sister of Olai and Odin, and a triplet of Raven and Magpie. She speaks in dark blue text on a grey-blue bubble. She is first seen on page 0542.


Crow seems to be more focused and serious than her triplet sister, Raven.

She looks upon her older brother Odin with disdain and claims that he is the stupidest Arrow sibling.

Despite her apparent maturity in contrast to Raven, she acts quite childishly at times: she becomes flustered when Raven mentions the girl she likes and when Odin protests that she's still too young to date, she defends herself with scornful childlike mockery.


Crow and Raven first appear after Odin wakes up after his ship crashes. They are hidden in a nearby tree as Odin searches his damaged ship. Crow removes a red stone from Odin's ring, replacing it with a tracking device, before dropping it where Odin can find it.

Later, she and Raven follow their brother to Titan's Headquarters. Raven soon seizes an opportunity to direct him away from the crowd with the help of a gun, forcing him to put on handcuffs. Crow gleefully takes a picture of her subdued brother in order to get a reward for tracking him, but becomes flustered when her sister mentions her upcoming date with a girl named Merita. When a shocked Odin tells Crow she is still too young to date, an embarrassed Crow taunts Odin by calling him a "18-year-old virgin nerd lord" who is afraid that she'll lure all the ladies away from him.

They struggle to drag Odin with them to head back to their home planet, but he refuses to cooperate, determined to continue his mission. They insist that he's failed his mission, but a sudden fiery explosion prompts the sisters to abandon their brother and scram.

Later, both Raven and Crow emerge from a trapdoor in TITAN HQ, having survived Wrava's wrath. Crow immediately tries to contact Olai and arrange for a ride back to their home planet. However, when the message is transmitted, Olai is nowhere to be seen. Lucky, Merita , who happens to work for the Arrows as a maid, walks by at this time of the video transmission. Crow and Raven are able to catch Merita's attention. Crow explains to her that both she and Raven are stranded at TITAN's HQ.

Merita tells them that Olai is hunting with the council and that he should be back soon. Crow asks Merita to pass along a message to Olai, to dispatch a drone for them the fly home. Before ending the transmission, crow asks merita if she would still want to go on their date. Merita, looking excited, tells crow that she has been looking forward to it. Crow looks away blushing, holding her face and whispers cute. Raven, being grossed out, pushes Crow out of the way and asks Merita to make sure Olai actually send a ship.

The begin to push each other, Raven telling Merita that she really has to nag him for him to do anything with Crow telling Raven to get off her. Merita tells them she will do her best, being cut short by a criminal alert being broadcasted on the girl's transmission.


Odin Arrow

Crow is Odin's younger sister. She and Raven outrank Odin despite their younger age because their brother Olai, the current patriarch, appears to value them more than Odin. Perhaps because of Olai's influence, the girls are disdainful of Odin and are eager to complete their mission to drag him back to Olai.

Olai Arrow

Crow and Raven respect and fear their older brother Olai. They know not to cross him and carry out his orders to the best of their abilities, even when it means kidnapping their other brother against his will.

Raven Arrow

Crow is hardly ever seen apart from Raven, her favorite sibling.


  • The author has confirmed that Crow is a lesbian-- specifically, that she's interested in a girl named Merita, who is their maid back at home. One of the dates they planned on was breaking into old abandoned houses.
  • Michelle has stated that Crow favors knives as her weapon of choice, but we have yet to actually see her using them offensively.
  • Michelle has also stated that Crow prefers gore more while Raven is more for shootouts.
  • Crow and Raven Arrow are loosely based off of Michelle and her sister, respectively.
  • Crow and Raven are triplets with the "Magpie" Odin mentions on page 1445, as it keeps up with the bird-relevant names.
  • Crow sucks her thumb while sleeping.



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