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Nevy Nervine as a living Covetess
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Leader Wrathia Bellarmina (former queen of empire)
Known characters Nevy Nervine
The Covetess are a semi-aquatic species of humanoids. The Covetess were ruled by Wrathia Bellarmina, but it is unkown if Nevy Nervine was put in the position to look over it for them.Iit is unknown if the The Covetess were taken over by TITAN and the Followers as their home planet is unknown along with houw many of them there are. Other than this not much is known about them as of yet.

Known Covetess


  • The name Covetess appears to be derived from the words "cove" and "covet", connecting to Nevy's aquatic theme and her associated sin, envy.
  • It is likely that Nevy was a high-ranking Covetess, quite possibly their leader.