Clark Powell
Nickname(s) Plazmataz
Full name
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Role Musician
Website Bandcamp

Clark Powell is a composer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of Their songs, "Maggie's Garden", has been used in Ava's Demon. Another one of their songs, "A Heaven Broad and Ochre" was used in the Book One Kickstarter video.

Professional history

In April 2011, Clark composed the album "Medium" for the webcomic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. In August 2012, Clark released their second album for Homestuck, "Symphony Impossible to Play". They also composed various other songs[1], available to listen to on the Homestuck Bandcamp.

Later that year, in October, Clark released the album "We Are All Satellites", followed by "Namesake" in 2013, and "Labyrinth's Heart" in 2015.

Clark composed the song for Kristin Kemper's animated short, High Tide.

They wrote and designed the sound for Siege Games' Crea. They also composed the music for Chelsea Saunders' mobile game Kintsukuroi, and Airship Syndicate's Battle Chasers: Nightwar. They also composed a song for Baldrick's Tomb.

They created music for the mixed-media fantasy novel Those Without Shadows and wrote a song for the webcomic ShootAround by Suspu.


  • They play the cello
  • They listed Kenji Yamamoto as a constant source of inspiration


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