Chattermina Telephone
First appearance "page 0576"
Latest appearance "page 1339"
Origin Wrathia Bellarmina
Owner Ava Ire
Type Phone
Associations Ava Ire
Wrathia Bellarmina
The Chattermina Telephone is used by Ava Ire so she may communicate with Wrathia Bellarmina. The telephone first appears in page 0576. Ava had broken the phone's cord at one point to use as a makeshift necklace for Wrathia's heart key; but the phone has been shown to still work through the receiver end.


Like many of the other objects shown in Ava's mind; The Chattermina Telephone is a mixture of Ava's childlike dreams and Wrathia's sinister color theme. It has the look of an old toy rotary phone with a face similar to Wrathias on the front.

Uses and effects

The Chattermina Telephone is the only way for Ava and Wrathia to communicate after entering into a pact. Even after Ava breaks of the cord connecting the body and the phone itself it still seems to work.


Ava Ire cannot understand the symbols in Wrathia's plan book and becomes exasperated. Wrathia then calls her on a small phone that appears in Ava Ire's chest drawer. She explains that the drawings are images of her best warriors and that Ava Ire must use the specs hidden in the book to see spirits and ask them where TITAN lives, so they can kill him. When Ava Ire learns that Wrathia does not even know where TITAN lives, she despairs and her old insecurities return. She believes it is crazy and impossible for her to convince undead warriors to ally with her when she does not even believe in herself. Wrathia encourages her gently, instead of getting angry.

When on the TITAN HQ planet with Odin, Ava stands close to Pedri who is in demon form. Ava receives a call from Wrathia asking where "he" is. Wrathia smells him from inside Ava's mind and gets ready to see him, wearing new clothes and applying makeup. Ava says that she doesn't know what Wrathia is talking about and asks for help, as she explains that she is at TITAN HQ, trapped in the machine. Wrathia gets angry, claiming that she has already provided Ava with help, and presents her one of her vials.


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