Chapter Two: Impact
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
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  Chapter Two: Impact[1] is the second chapter of Ava's Demon. This chapter follows the interactions of Ava, her demon, Odin and Maggie in the spaceship after the destruction of Ava's School Planet.

The chapter has 80 pages and, unlike its predecessor and successor, there is no animation. Maggie Lacivi is featured on the cover.



Ava crying

Following the destruction of Ava's School Planet[2], the girl cries as the demon teases her, saying that the planet was terrible anyway and she should be happy it was destroyed. Suddenly, the gravity is turned on, and Ava falls to the ground. The demon notices a door and goes through it, leaving Ava to follow. While walking down the corridor, she sees a wrench and picks it up. Finally finding the demon, she is frightened by seeing the mysterious boy analyzing Maggie Lacivi.

Ava comes to the decision to knock the boy out with the wrench. However, he realizes the girl's presence and her intentions, pointing his gun at her in his defense. He tries to warn Ava to put her weapon down, but he is unable to say "wrench." When Ava tries to help him with the word, he thinks she is mocking him, and again tries to intimidate her. Ava puts the wrench down, but is possessed by the demon, who insults the boy.

This leads Ava to be tied up. The stranger explains to Ava that he plans to abandon her at the next planet. Ava tries to argue about it and the boy tapes her mouth shut. When he leaves the room, Maggie finally wakes up with a headache. she notices Ava tied up at her side.


Being captured by the Maggie

As the boy comes back, Maggie pretends to sleep. However, as the boy is distracted, talking about how the next planet has an ecosystem, Maggie uses her strange abilities to turn her arm into vines and traps the boy. Maggie successfully captures the "creep" and starts to interrogate him, ordering him to take her back to the school planet. The boy then explains that there's nothing to come back because Silent Scavengers destroyed their planet. He knew this ahead of time because his brother warned him, and he saved her because he really liked her.

Maggie asks his name. The stranger reveals that his name is Odin. Angered, Maggie throws him at the spaceship and mocks him, saying he is not her type. As Maggie tries to intimidate him, Odin says that he isn't an idiot and he knows she won't kill the pilot. However, he calls her a true monster, to which Maggie destroys the control panel.

Odin argues that she should release him and let him land the ship, but Maggie assures him that she knows for a fact that she will survive. The ship is sent crashing into a planet full of green-eyed monsters and butterflies. At the planet, at the bottom of a TITAN statue, Nevy asks a boy named Gil what he is praying for this time. He answers that he is asking for good luck in the test he will take the next day. He wishes to be a doctor in TITAN's army and must pass to make that happen.

The blue-haired demon asks the boy about TITAN and starts to talk about her plans to go to Paradise. She reminds Gil to ask TITAN about her past, and Gil promises her they will ask everything. After they depart, the spaceship finally crashes into the planet's soil. Ava is thrown out of the ship and impaled by the statue's sword. The demon watches gleefully, asking if she'll finally die and wishing her good riddance.[3]

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