Chapter Twenty-Two: Boiling Point
First page "2000"
Last page "2103"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Twenty One"
"Chapter Twenty Three"

Chapter Twenty-Two: Boiling Point is the twenty-second chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter contains 104 pages and has no animation. Gil and Odin are featured on the cover.


The chapter starts in Ava's mind, where Wrathia is disgusted by a fish falling on her foot. She asks Ava how her mind is so filthy before seeing Nevy's "third eye," accompanied by a giant hand made of water and containing other types of fish. She immediately recognizes it as Nevy's doing, and seems content that Ava found her. She remarks on how she hopes Nevy doesn't waste psychic magic "brainwashing" Ava, and is instantly overtaken by a wave of water.

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Nevy is still inside Ava's mind, prompting her to cry out to Gil for help. However, Gil is in shock over the fact that Ava can see Nevy, and that he isn't crazy. All the while, Nevy is declaring how she will make sure that Wrathia is served justice. When she finishes her declaration, her third eye closes and she falls backward, frothing at the mouth and turning a whitish color. Gil cries out her name and cradles her head while Maggie and Odin watch along in confusion. Pedri claims that he doesn't want to play a part in what Nevy plans, and Odin seems to start putting together what's happening with Gil.

Gil pleads to Nevy to say something, but she dissolves into sparkling brine in his hands. Ava is still confused about what happened. She asks if Nevy will be okay, and if she usually melts into brine like that. Gil grows angry, saying that she doesn't usually melt and taking Wrathia's Plan from her hands. He proceeds to rip out the pages and toss it over one of the walls. Ava grows angry at Gil and rants about how all of the followers are "brain-dead." Eventually, it escalates to her saying that the followers at TITAN HQ deserved to die, and that Ava wants to put Gil where she put Strategos Six: "six feet into a brimstone grave." Gil then slaps her, knocking the Limbo Lenses off her face and cracking them. Ava is immediately snapped out of her rage and she starts crying, saying that "I deserved that." She goes to hide in another part of the ship.

Both Odin and Maggie go to address Gil, with Odin berating him for what he did, and Maggie comforting Gil by saying that Ava was both a crybaby and had it coming. Gil regrets what he did, saying he didn't know what came over him, and Odin goes to inspect the Limbo Lenses on the floor before tucking them into his shirt. Maggie persuades Gil to relax, and Odin checks the itinerary for the flight, informing the other passengers that they have another twelve hours on the ship. He also informs them of the cargo, which is mostly food and entertainment equipment. Maggie is exasperated and starts thinking out loud about how surreal the day seemed, although she stops when Gil expresses discomfort.

Odin finds a crate full of food, which Maggie doesn't hesitate taking from. Gil is disgusted that they're stealing, but Maggie doesn't listen. Odin attempts to offer Gil one of the beverages in the crate, but he refuses, lamenting about his future as a failure. He says that he doesn't want to turn in Ava, Maggie and Odin, but he knows that he'll turn himself in. Odin offers the food again, as well as help running from the followers, but Gil still adamantly refuses. Odin gives up trying to convince him to run and leaves the food in front of Gil, wishing him good luck.

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