Chapter Twenty-Three: Missing Suns And Daughters
First page "2104"
Last page "2203"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Twenty Two"
"Chapter Twenty Four"

 Chapter Twenty-Three: Missing Suns And Daughters is the twenty-third chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Ava and Odin learning more about each other. The chapter has 99 pages and has no animation. Ava and Odin are featured on the cover.


Odin finds and collects Wrathia's Plan from where Gil threw it. Meanwhile, Ava is alone in a corner of the ship, thinking about how she ruined so many things. She proceeds to pick off each of her fingernails; which look like claws. Blood runs down her hands from where her fingernails used to be, and Odin appears around the corner while carrying boxes of TITAN brand food. He asks if she is alright, but then mentions how she has blood on her hands, to which she responds "Oh yeah?! Well who doesn't?!", before realizing Odin meant literary. Odin says he'll leave her alone, but she quickly yells for him to wait, saying she doesn't want to be alone. Ava flops her head to the ground and lifts it up when Odin comes back and places the pile he was holding in front of her. She quickly notices her book and thanks him for getting it. Ava takes note of the damage Gil had done to it, and wonders why he just had to go and destroy her book, with Odin replying that she technically messed up Gil's life. He mentions that they are wanted on the TITAN Criminal Watch, which causes her to cry as she remembers how she did so many awful things that day. Odin tries to make her feel better, mentioning he found snacks and pulls out a box of orange and pink candies and saying the colours match with her. Ava begins to eats several snacks, but Odin says that he doesn't feel hungry when he looks at the food, wondering what they're made of. Ava responds that she likes them, but they taste mostly like sugar. She recalls a time when Maggie and her used to steal snacks from local TITAN shops, saying that they aren't too bad compared to the food they ate on the reeducation planet. Odin wishes he could eat the crops his planet used to grow, and Ava asks why he was even on the reeducation planet in the first place. Pedri laughs, saying "She got you there halfwit.", while Odin says there isn't much civilization on his home planet. He admits that he isn't a classmate of hers and that he even had to lie about his age to get in. Odin says he is three and three-fifths seasons old, which means he is 17 years old and moving on to be 18 very soon, but Ava wonders what a season is, but she pronounces it as "see-zon". He explains that it is the weather patterns of a planet, depending on the position of the sun, but Ava says her schooling planet didn't have sun and had light towers instead. Ava asks what it is like to have seasons and a sun, so he attempts to explain, but she doesn't understand. He grabs a box of floating heart-shaped candies, and another with star-shaped ones, using them in a demonstration of the cycles of seasons on his planet, called Aedinfell. When Odin was about two seasons old, he woke up on a cold morning, looking out the window to see the sun gone, just a void left. The planet became dim and cold, causing many to die. Ava feels bad for Odin, and wishes she had something uplifting to say. Odin says TITAN should be sorry for not helping his people escape or receive supplies, mentioning he thinks TITAN is responsible for their sun, which makes Ava feel angry about TITAN. Odin's brother, Olai, is said to lock himself away in his room for most of the time, and that Odin thinks Olai would kick him out and never kick his sisters out. He says that his third sister vanished one day, her name being Magdalai but nicknamed "Magpie". Odin thinks that Olai knows something about Magpie's disappearance, but he won't tell him. He thanks Ava for listening to him, saying it's helpful.

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