Chapter Twenty: Paradise Lost
First page "1800"
Last page "1899"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Nineteen"
"Chapter Twenty One"

  Chapter Twenty: Paradise Lost is the twentieth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows the hosts reactions to the announcement of being wanted criminals. The chapter contains 99 pages, and has no animation. Gil is featured on the cover.



Crow explains to her that both she and Raven are stranded at TITAN's HQ. Merita tells them that Olai is hunting with the council and that she is about to prepare lunch with their mother also that he should be back soon. Crow asks Merita to pass along a message to Olai, to dispatch a drone for them the fly home. Before ending the transmission, crow asks Merita if she would still want to go explore abandoned houses together, and that they could bring rocks to break windows. Merita, looking excited, tells crow that she has been looking forward to it. Crow looks away blushing, holding her face and whispers cute. Raven, being grossed out, pushes Crow out of the way and asks Merita to make sure Olai actually send a ship.

Strategos Six opens up the visitor log, clicking on Ava's picture to see who she came with. Seeing that Gil brought her to HQ, they remark that they find it interesting, but very disappointing, and chooses to alert the system. Raven and Crow begin to push each other to try and be in front of the transmission. Raven tells Merita that she really has to nag Olai for him to do anything, with Crow telling Raven to get off her already. Merita tells them she will do her best, being cut short by a criminal alert being broadcasted on the girl's transmission.


On the cargo ship, Odin sits beside a window silently listening to Maggie apologize to Gil for lying to him. She explains that she didn't want to lie to him, thinking that if she had told him the truth that he would have been scared of her. She asks Gil if he believes her. He says that he doesn't know what to believe anymore and that the day had been a disaster. Saying that bringing strangers to HQ was a mistake and that it was his fault. Talking to himself aloud he says that he doesn't know what he was thinking when he took such a risk and that perhaps he wasn't thinking. That it's clear to him now that there is something dangerously wrong with them. And decides that when they land, they'll be going their separate ways, to Maggie's dismay.

Gil apologizes for it having to be this way, and that he's not equipped to aid such troubled individuals. Odin scoffs at this, while Gil says that their destinies are in the decisive hands of TITAN. And that for the rest of their short time together, that he will be praying for Him to spare their misguided souls.


As the criminal alert is sent out by Strategos Six, Maggie confusingly states that she and Gill hadn't done anything, while Gil is in denial saying that it cant really be happening. When the alert goes out Gil panics and exclaims that it isn't real and that it couldn't be happening. He crawls over to his bag and pulls out his ID, becoming void. Nevy sits by in the background, looking on with a blank expression as she turns bioluminescent, changing her appearance drastically. Gil repeatedly says that its real, and that has been redlisted. Begging TITAN to help him, and that he's a failure and a criminal using how this is happening.

Gil begins to hyperventilate and questions what he's going to do, while Maggie attempts to comfort him saying that shes sure its some sort of mistake.  Odin brushes it off as no big deal, and that panicking won't help his situation. Gil becomes angry at being accused of overacting, and that Odin has the nerve to accuse him of that. Gil exclaims that his life is over, ruined, everything he's worked for gone. Saying that years of dedication and service wiped from the record and that attaining paradise has been reduced to a wild fantasy. That worst of all he's committed crimes against his fellow followers, and that he's become the biggest threat to TITAN's noble society. Going on to say that the Titanauts will hunt him down like an animal. Odin seeming uninterested states that yea, that suck.


Gil argues with Odin, stating maybe if he wasn't such a degenerate he might understand the gravity of his situation. Odin begins standing and calmly says that that was totally unnecessary and that he is not a "degenerate." While Gil and Odin argue, Ava dreams of Wrathia hovering over her, Wrathia complements Ava on her display of glorious power, asking how she liked it. 

Odin giving his second point in the argument and nonchalantly states its a big world and that Gil will just have to find a new cult. Gil asks Odin if he had called the Followers a "cult" again going back to an earlier argument. Back in the dream, Ava gushes about the power she felt under the vial to Wrathia, stating that she was alpha and the omega, a domineering and invulnerable force of will.


While Odin and Gil continue to argue Maggie notices Ava begin to stir, and becomes nervous and uneasy. Ava now closer and holding hands with Wrathia continues to talk about the vials affects. lethargically going on about being momentarily liberated from the woes of her flesh, her soul transformed into molten ferocity. With Wrathia calling it a wild family, and Ava agreeing to it being a fantasy. Odin now feeling uncomfortable, tries to backtrack and says life as a traitor won't be so bad once you travel far enough. Gil offended that Odin would even suggest such a thing, to live on the fringes of society and embrace the role of a depraved pariah. Odin tries to reassure Gil that the edge of nothing has a few planets that need doctors, with Gil questioning this it all this is just a joke to him.

Ava now embracing a devilishly looking Wrathia states that she is sad that the vial was so small, that she will miss the feeling of being in control. Though she didn't blame her for giving her such as small dose, in wariness that she may have done more reckless things. Now knowing what it feels like Ava is ok with not riding that high forever. Wrathia laughing accuses Ava of still being a simple human, while blood drips out of Ava's mouth.


Gil believing it was really nice for Odin growing up accusing him of having so few responsibilities that he could act so careless and suffer no consequences or regrets. Maggie now squatting is solely focused Ava with a grimace on her face, flinching away when Ava moves. Gil confidently states that he was to become more than just a doctor, that he would have been a part of the most important work the universe had ever seen. He would have been working in the name of TITAN. Maggie tries to get Gil's attention by tugging on his shirt but is unable to. Wrathia asks Ava if she did not listen to what she had said. She revealed to Ava that the vial wasn't a potion, but a curse that would last a thousand lifetimes, while her mouth fills with poppies and Wrathia appears as a snake in a split broken tree.

Gil tells Odin that he had belonged to an elite group of being saving the universe, that he was a messenger for a cause greater than all of them. While in the background Maggie looks at Ava trying to get the guys attention. Ava then wakes up, screaming "YOU! LYING! SNAKE!", hands filled with fire. She relaxes quickly and her eyes return to what they looked like pre-vial, saying that it was only a dream with a nervous laugh.

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