Chapter Twelve: Into The Cave of a Thousand Rats
Book two
First page "1011"
Last page "1108"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Eleven"
"Chapter Thirteen"

 Chapter Twelve: Into The Cave of a Thousand Rats is the twelfth chapter of Ava's Demon. It is the sixth and final chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Ava, Odin, Maggie, and Gil entering into TITAN HQ.

The chapter has 97 pages, and has no animation. Ava is featured on the cover.



Leaving the ship, Gil exclaims how wonderful the planet is, Odin starts telling Ava that they could sneak back on board and possibly override the ship's programming. Odin is then cut off when Maggie shoves them aside to go talk to Gil. He is suddenly stopped by Maggie running to him, She says that she "found" his book, when she actually stole  and asks if he dropped it on the floor of the ship.  After Gil thanks her, After thanking her, Gil notices that the book has dirt on it and Maggie says that it is odd. A guard suddenly shouts to them, asking what they are doing on the planet and asking for the follower identification of Gil.

Maggie becomes scared and hides behind Gil. After showing his identification card and explaining the situation, Maggie brushes it off and is analyzed by the guard. Gil is ordered to directly go to the refugee center, without side-tracking. At the planet, Maggie again says to him how thankful she is and Gil says that there is no problem and that she will be a great follower. Maggie asks again if he is sure.


After their faces are cataloged by a TITAN soldier Odin tells Ava the plan to escape. She proceeds to follow Gil and Maggie to the refugee center leaving Odin behind, Odin reluctantly follows her anyway. Maggie continues walking with Gil as he guides Ava and Odin to the refugee center, but she is disgusted by being with Ava and Odin. Gil leads them to a refugee center, after they are pushed into the refugee center by Gil, Maggie sticks her tongue out at them. When Gil forcefully shoves the two of them into the refugee center, Ava resigns herself to her fate, sadly commenting that she does need some new clothes and that she was starving to which he responds saying she wasn't.


Odin pries open the doors and runs away, dragging her along with him until they come to a stop behind the refugee center. Ava calls him crazy and argues with him loudly, mostly insulting him. Once they stop, he angrily tells her that this planet is not a resort and that followers don't care about their needs and that they would put Ava back in the system and send her to the planet for troubled children and have her work in a factory-where if she didn't cooperate they would forcefully subdue her, and asks that she come with him to his home planet. Ava sits down on a bio hazardous waste dump and questions why Maggie didn't get detained, he sits beside her and answers saying she agreed to join TITAN as a follower and thinks she has ulterior motives for it. When Ava asks how Odin knew all those things, he says his parents taught him those things when he was younger and proceeds to ask Ava to come with him to his planet.

Although she said she didn't even know him. Odin leaves Ava, saying she could find her way on her own and he starts to smoke. She tells Odin that she will come with him, on the condition that he helps her persuade Maggie to come along as well. He says that they were the most least likely people to convince her and that she deserves what's coming to her because of how awful she acts. Ava defends her friend and starts glowing orange, ultimately convincing Odin to agree.

He agrees to at least try to get her to come along as long as she doesn't attract too much attention, and stated that the same goes for Ava, who he nicknames 'firefly', as long as she didn't continuously turn to a glowing star and to get it under control. Odin, remembering Ava's comment about him smelling bad, asks if that was true to which she apologies for saying that and says he actually smells good, like smoke and pine trees. This causes him to blush and urges them to keep moving. As he looks around, he finds the streets to be almost clear and tries to recall where the enlistment center is.


Ava, who slipped on her Limbo Lenses to cover her embarrassment, find him covered in red rune-like designs where there was a bright glowing line on his side, who remains oblivious to what Ava is looking at and keeps explaining his plan to run. When he finds the coast clear, he tells Ava to get ready but finds her staring at him with the lenses asking if she was even paying attention and tells her to get rid of the lenses, calling the lenses pervert goggles. Pedri, Odin's demon, appears behind Ava and catches a lock of her hair as she stalks forward angrily, saying that she is not a pervert and placing her Lenses back in her chest drawer.

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