Chapter Three: Promises
Book one
New chapter3
First page "0142"
Last page "0222"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
Animation "Wrathia's Pact"
"Chapter Two"
"Chapter Four"

  Chapter Three: Promises[1] is the third chapter of Ava's Demon, showing the past of Ava Ire and Wrathia Bellarmina.

The chapter has 81 pages and ends with the animation "Wrathia's Pact". Wrathia Bellarmina is featured on the cover.



Ava in Limbo

After being impaled by TITAN's statue, Ava Ire enters limbo. Surprised by her state, she asks if she is really dead, and her demon answers that she has minutes until she bleeds out. Noticing that she is still able to see the demon, Ava questions how it is possible, and the demon states that she is dead as well, noting that if Ava had listened to her Ava would have known. The only difference between them is that she will be reborn while Ava will become stardust. Ava expresses relief for "not dying in that way," which angers her demon.


Wrathia brewing the cursed wine

Ava responds by saying that at least with an accident, someone will feel sorry for her. The demon states that she has unfinished business and Ava's suicide was a last resort to escape. Confused, Ava asks who her demon is, prompting the demon to reveal her name, Wrathia Bellarmina. Wrathia then tells Ava her origin, stating that she used to be the queen of an empire, with her husband, Pedri, and an unhatched heir. One day, Wrathia received a demand to willingly join a creature named TITAN, who with a massive army had taken all of her empire hostage in one night.

Under this threat, and knowing surrender wouldn't guarantee survival, Wrathia concocts a plan to achieve victory; Wrathia brews a cursed wine that allows the drinker's soul to be attached to the next being to immediately come to life, allowing Wrathia and her warriors to come back and defeat TITAN. As TITAN grew impatient, Wrathia supplies a poisoned vial of the wine to Pedri and herself, and drank her share. When Wrathia awakes, she is attached to a newborn Ava, feeling weak and small. When Wrathia's attempts to make a pact proved futile, Wrathia tried to coerce Ava into killing herself to escape.

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