Chapter Ten: Thorns
Book two
First page "0807"
Last page "0901"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
Animation "Maggie's Garden"
"Chapter Nine"
"Chapter Eleven"

 Chapter Ten: Thorns is the tenth chapter of Ava's Demon, and fourth chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Maggie and Tuls in her mind.

The chapter has 94 pages, and features the animation "Maggie's Garden".



Maggie in her mind

While Maggie's asleep, she enters her mind which is revealed to be a large forest.

She is confronted by several talking flowers, all of which compliment her or praise her presence. Maggie addresses them with annoyance. Upon questioning, the flowers decline to reveal the location of Tuls, saying that he is sad--a fairy lands on her palm and says that the demon is scared of her. Maggie crushes the sprite in her hand, wipes the remains on her dress, and goes to find Tuls regardless, stepping on the flowers. Eventually, Maggie locates the door to Tuls after hearing him groan and walks down a well-decorated hallway, knocking down a painting of Ranunculae. She finds Tuls painting and complains to him about the tangle of flora in the room, then proceeds to tell him about Gil, incorrectly stating that he is her new boyfriend.


Maggie then tries to convince Tuls to work his magic for her. He is initially resistant, saying that she has already abused his powers, that he is becoming weak, and that he wishes to find Ranunculae soon. However, he agrees to help despite Gil being the sixth boy she has tried to court. The pair walk down a stairwell discussing their pact and their relationship. Tuls then pulls out a flower seedling, telling her it is a rose and that it is his second to last one. After restating the rules of his magic, they commence the ceremony using Gil's book to produce a blue rose. Maggie places the flower in her cupboard, kisses Tuls, and exits. 

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