Chapter Sixteen: Hellfire
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First page "1397"
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Fifteen"
"Chapter Seventeen"

 Chapter Sixteen: Hellfire is the sixteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows the destruction Ava causes to TITAN HQ.

The chapter has 99 pages, and has but no animation. Maggie and Gil are featured on the cover.



Gil is shown to be waiting with Maggie sleeping at the Enlistment Center Room G so he can enlist as a doctor and turn Maggie into a follower. He is called with the number 124 by his old friend Gev and he gets happy when he sees him again, but Gev does not recognize Gil at all and neither does Fira, who was another one of his classmates. When Gev asks Gil for his ID and tries to search for Gil's files for him to apply as a doctor. Gev has a hard time finding Gil's files but when he does he prepares to enlist Gil as a medical janitor. Gev asks for the enlistment fee, and is again pestered by a in a wedding dress attempting to gain his attention.

Gil grabs the money required before being interrupted by a boy soaked in blood, who asks for a soldier. How he obtained his injuries is entirely unknown to Maggie and Gil. Gil backs away from him when he asks for help. After incapacitating Strategos Six, Ava says that she will show her appreciation of TITAN through a theatrical production of her own design; Ava then throws Six off the stage and pulls a battle-axe resembling her key out of her drawer. Ava starts to move on to the next 'scene'; while lifting her axe, Ava tells the audience members that are still alive to do her a favor and scream.


Six was eventually freed, and knocked clear by a shockwave generated by Ava to slaughter all present. Ava swings her and causes an explosion, killing everyone in the main stage area and damaging the surrounding rooms. Right then an explosion caused by Ava makes the walls and ceiling collapse, and Gil is knocked down. Maggie uses her tree arms to hold up a large portion of the rubble that was about to fall on them, revealing her plant powers to Gil. He looks up and sees Maggie holding up some rubble that was about to fall on them with her tree arms.

She asks him if he was okay, to which he replies "I think so". Odin then demands that Crow and Raven return home and tell Olai that not only is Odin going to complete his mission, he is going to bring back twice what he was sent for. The twins refuse to take seriously, but after an explosion causes the room they are in to erupt with lava.

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