Chapter Six: Memoir
Book one
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
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  Chapter Six: Memoir is the sixth chapter of Ava's Demon, and final chapter of Book One. The chapter consists of the remainder of Gil's flashback and a discussion about Maggie's origin.

The chapter has 99 pages, and unlike its predecessor and successor, has no animation. Nevy Nervine is featured on the cover.



Gil being saved

The chapter begins where the previous left off, with Gil being saved by TITAN's army. He is shown on a hospital bed, surrounded by a handful TITAN's enhanced doctors. They have saved his life and he is enlisted in one of TITAN's elite boarding schools, where he begins to learn and make friends. It is revealed that he met Nevy for the first time in one of the courtyards of the school. She is crying and he asks her if she needs help, turning to his friends and telling them she needs a doctor.

Of course, his friends cannot see Nevy and give Gil strange looks. He then begins to ignore her, similar to how Ava ignored Wrathia. Later on, when Gil is taking the follower entry exam he is completely lost, not knowing any of the material. Nevy then spies on the other children and looks at their answers, and gives them to Gil. He passes with a perfect score and his relationship with Nevy begins to blossom. The moment where Gil chooses to become a doctor is also featured.


Gil with Nevy in front of his new home

Principal Via is skeptical of him being able to handle the job, and even comments about how he seems to talk to himself. But, Gil is able to convince them that he is completely dedicated. The focus then turns to Gil talking to Nevy at his new planet, where he promises to help Nevy get her memories back. The flashback stops as Maggie tries to regain his attention. Gil finishes his answer as to why he is volunteering.

Maggie then asks about TITAN and the question Gil will ask when he gets to paradise. The conversation turns to where Maggie and the others came from, and Maggie learns of Ava's survival in the crash. Maggie describes the events leading to the ship crash, and how she came to live on her planet, mentioning how awful the school was. At the end of the chapter, Maggie mentions how she was separated from the other people from her planet when she went to the school planet, to which Gil assures that TITAN has likely taken good care of them.

Main Characters

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