Chapter Seventeen: Ashes to Ashes
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First page "1497"
Last page "1598"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
Animation "Moribund Malediction"
"Chapter Sixteen"
"Chapter Eighteen"

 Chapter Seventeen: Ashes to Ashes is the seventeenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows the battle between Ava and Strategos Six.

The chapter has 101 pages, and features the animation "Moribund Malediction".



Crow and Raven try to escape the burning facility, leaving Odin to complete his mission (though also leaving him for dead). Odin is left in the lava room alone with Pedri. Odin, faced that near-certain death, hopes that the destruction was only the Scavengers doing, while Pedri hopes that Odin dies before he can find his answer. Gil, looking at the destruction, states his disbelief at how this could happen and how TITAN was supposed to be a safe haven when Maggie snaps him out of his thoughts telling him not to worry and that everything will be all right. She pushes some more rubble out of the way and they both see Ava.

Maggie shows absolute disbelief at how it could be Ava. Ava then talks, dramatically, about a "spectacular performance" and the "star of today's grand finale"- noticing Gil and Maggie yelling at her and recognizing her as Ava, replying with an upbeat "Bingo!" Gil yells out her name and asks her "What have you done!?". Six still alive, hiding behind a piece of nearby rubble.When Gil starts asking on what is going on stating he doesn't understand, Maggie pulls at him and tells him that something's wrong and that they have to leave. After pulling a long, white sword out of the orb on their chest, they reveal themselves.


Gil expresses his surprise when Strategos Six appears aggressively charging at Ava with their weapon. "You're just in time to see the sun shine," she remarks as she readies her own axe and jumps towards Six. She and Six then engage in battle, though it soon become obvious that Six is no match for Ava's newfound power. She easily overpowers Six, performing intricate incantations and summoning bodies of fire to drag Six into the lava, presumably killing them. After her triumph, Titan HQ colds to ashes and Ava climbs the Titan statue to rest.

When Odin wakes up after Ava's rampage, he finds his handcuffs unlocked and goes looking around, passing by Ava's footprints and Strategos Six's sword sticking into the ground. He sees the cargo vessels flying off above him and looks around some more. After Ava's battle with Strategos Six, Maggie is shown walking with Gil and asks him where the ship was docked. She holds a hand to her forehead and tells him that she can't take any more of what is going on and that she might be wilting, with some leaves falling out of her hair.When Gil asks her if it was really Ava who did all this, she twirls a finger through her hair and says: "First of all, Ava isn't really capable of anything good, and second of all, I don't think she could have created a nightmare as vile as the one we saw today.


She goes on to says that she "thinks it was Ava, but at the same time not Ava" and that it was like she had been possessed by some kind of "Primordial Chaos".When Gil asks why, she buries her face in her hands and replies that she had stopped asking a long time ago and that Ava was a "10,000 degree enigma cloaked in mysteries". Gil then asks if she is the same, to which she pauses and looks at him for a second in silence. She then looks at him in suspicion and cracks her knuckles menacingly, asking him what he means by that. He asks her if she is also possessed by a "Primordial Chaos" like Ava. Before she can answer, cargo vessels appear out of nowhere in the air. Maggie asks if they are taking off and if they could manage to get on one. She then runs off and tells him that they should go west to the dock and for him to catch up in an attempt to distract him from the question about her "Primordial Chaos".

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