Chapter Seven: Birds of a Feather
Book two
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Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
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  Chapter Seven: Birds of a Feather is the seventh chapter of Ava's Demon, and the first chapter of Book Two. The chapter shows Odin waking up, introduces Crow and Raven, and shows Ava talking with Wrathia.

The chapter has 91 pages, and has no animation. Crow and Raven Arrow are featured on the cover.



Gil talking to Maggie about her enlistment

Maggie and Gil continue their discussion about Maggie's past, and who Ava and Odin are. When asked by Gil, Maggie states that Ava is crazy and that Odin may be a fugitive. Gil and Maggie discuss what to do with the others while Odin comes to. Maggie asks if she can join Gil, stating that she doesn't want to go back to school and that she wants to help Gil. He accepts Maggie's offer, and decides to celebrate him becoming a doctor and Maggie enlisting, to which a fully awake Odin reacts with alarm.

Gil shares some TITAN alcohol with Maggie, not consuming any himself. Odin then slaps one of Maggie's leaves on the table beside her, making her jump. Gil mentions how Odin had been found in a branch which had saved his life in the crash. Odin suddenly realizes that his ship has crashed, and he rushes out to check on it. He screams in frustration, climbing through the wreck while muttering to himself.


Crow removing the gem as Raven watches

When he finds his coat, he is shocked that he has lost the ring from his necklace. Crow and Raven have stolen it, and Crow is in the process of replacing the red gem with a fake tracer gem. Raven whines about never getting assigned to important missions, and Crow flings the ring down next to Odin, then the sisters climb away. Odin opens his journal, pulling his pipe and lighter out of his pocket. Ava holds Wrathia's plan, and complains about not understanding it.

Ava sarcastically planning how to recruit the other hosts

Suddenly, her chest drawer starts ringing, and she opens it to find the Chattermina telephone. Wrathia's voice reaches her through the receiver. Ava asks her about the plan's drawings, and Wrathia mentions the Limbo Lenses. As Ava puts them on, Wrathia elaborates, talking about finding the ghosts of her warriors, and asking them to join the cause. She also asks Ava to recruit the hosts of her warriors in order to make pacts with them and regain their former powers.

Ava objects, reminding Wrathia of how hard it is for her to even talk to herself. The Vengess doesn't quite understand how hard it would be, and so Ava asks her how she can make others believe in her when she doesn't even believe in herself.

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