Chapter One: Ava
Book one
First page "0001"
Last page "0061"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
Animation "End of Chapter One"
"Chapter Two"

  Chapter One: Ava[1] is the first chapter of Ava's Demon. Introducing the story, it focuses on how Ava's School Planet is obliterated by Silent Scavengers, leaving her no option but to escape along with Maggie and a strange student.

The chapter is 61 pages long and ends with an animation titled, "End of Chapter One." The chapter is noticeably shorter than the others in Book One. The drawings have a different, arguably less-developed art style, which indicates it was possibly made when Ava's Demon was still a project.



First page of the chapter

The comic starts with Ava Ire writing on her notebook. There is no background, but just a desk and a chair which she sits. Then, a demon appears, manipulating Ava's mind to write antagonising phrases at her notebook. Ava shouts, trying to expel the demon, but is scolded by her teacher. When Ava tries to explain, the teacher affirms that she actually doesn't care about it, and instead sends her straight to the principal's office.

At this time, Maggie Lacivi is importuned by a mysterious boy. When Maggie dares him to touch her again, he does without hesitation. The next scene starts in the principal's office, with the principal warning Ava about the chances of her being expelled. Listening to the conversation, the demon again takes control of Ava and tells the principal to expel her already. The principal does so, to Ava's anguish.

While looking at the paper of the Child Containment Center, Ava is surprised by Maggie, who has entered the waiting room. She is convinced that the boy is trying to kidnap her, and is trying to tell someone. The demon takes control of Ava once more and forces her to offend Maggie. After this, Maggie and Ava begin to fight and the boy, who Maggie claims is stalking her, appears at the door. He tries to convince Maggie to leave the planet.


Ava, with the demon, following Maggie and the boy

However, while Maggie rejects him, the wall is suddenly destroyed by a large, robotic hand. Giant robots are destroying the planet and its buildings. In the process, Maggie is knocked unconscious and the boy carries Maggie away. He ignores Ava, but she begins to follow them to find safety. All along, the demon tries to convince Ava to accept death.

Outside, Ava watches the planet as it is destroyed by Silent Scavengers. One of them notices Ava and attempts to kill her, but she is able to avoid the attack. She sees that the boy is carrying Maggie into a spaceship, and slips inside of the vessel without anyone noticing. When the spaceship lifts off, Ava luckily finds an oxygen mask, keeping her from suffocating. Safe, Ava and the demon watch from a window as her old school planet explodes.[2]

Main Characters


  • Ava chasing Odin and Maggie is parallel to Alice chasing The White Rabbit. Ava in her own way falls down the rabbit hole and starts her adventure.
  • According to the display board in the principal's office, the date is currently 1/3/3031[3]


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