Chapter Fourteen: "Paradise"
First page "1213"
Last page "1308"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
"Chapter Thirteen"
"Chapter Fifteen"

 Chapter Fourteen: "Paradise" is the fourteenth chapter of Ava's Demon. The chapter shows Ava being put into the gate to paradise.

The chapter has 95 pages, and has the song "Que Sera Sera" and "Tempo di Valse", but no animation.



A follower orders Ava to stay silent, and Six comes to the stage. As Ava watches Six talk, she becomes nervous when The Gate to Paradise is shown. She begs a guard to let her go. Six selects Ava Ire from the crowd as she tries to leave. While she tries to escape, a guard forces Ava to the stage.

After mentioning that she is new there, Six replies that The Gate will be able to fix her and that she will be a follower in no time. Ava refuses once again, claiming she likes how she and arguing that everybody has sad thoughts. Six harshly begins an attempt to convince Ava that she needs to change, but Ava refuses to yield. Six gets tired of it and orders Prudith Loone to "prep" Ava Ire. Prudith took Ava's hand and ordered Ava to follow her.


She then led Ava to a monitor and orders her to look at a monitor and puts her hand on a screen to be analyzed and possibly pricked for a blood sample. Prudith then orders Ava to enter The Gate to Paradise. However, Ava continues to resist. Prudith calls her ungrateful, and Ava tries to convince her to pick someone else. Prudith says that the procedure isn't optional and pushes Ava into the machine, but in the process, ends up inside with her.

Prudith orders Ava to stay inside the gate and calls Ava Ire a "Stupid brat"; she then tries to escape the machine. However, the door is closed and Prudith is trapped. She tries shouting at the door, but Six cannot hear her and begins designing Ava's new appearance and activates the machine. After realizing that nobody can hear her, Prudith becomes angry and turns back to Ava, saying that she must be very proud of herself for ruining the presentation. Ava becomes even more frightened as Prudith continues her tirade, complaining that she is sick of stupid followers like Ava; she talks about how she worked hard for TITAN, attempting to get into the Paradise.


She states that when they get out of there, Ava will continue living her mediocre life, which will end in "hell" or "heaven".Prudith then asks Ava if she knows where Prudith will be. Ava Ire gingerly replies that Prudith will be in Paradise, and the follower mockingly congratulates Ava for giving the right answer, saying that she will be looking at all failures (like Ava) from Paradise. The machine was then powered and the machine transformed her instead of Ava to become a full follower. However, the machine proves to have terrifying for Prudith. A syringe jabbed the back of her neck, injecting a blue liquid while lasers ripped apart her body keeping only her brain, eyes, and nervous system. Ava watches in horror at how Prudith's body is discarded in the process. Then a rounded machine creates a new body around what remains of Prudith, complete with bones, muscle tissue, and skin. 

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