Chapter Four: Heartbreak
Book one
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First page "0223"
Last page "0312"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
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"Chapter Five"

  Chapter Four: Heartbreak is the fourth chapter of Ava's Demon, exploring the relationship between Gil and Nevy, as well as showing Ava's pacted mind.

The chapter has 89 pages, and unlike its predecessor and successor, has no animation. Ava Ire is featured on the cover.



Newly-pacted Ava

Ava, in her newly pacted state, begins by super-heating her hands and melting the sword off the TITAN statue to free herself. The focus then switches to Gil and Nevy discussing the sound of the crashing ship, and what they thought it was. They then discover Odin's ship and the melted TITAN statue. Gil stumbles upon Ava, who appears to be knocked out or sleeping. When he wishes to help the strangers, Nevy discourages it, telling him that he's going to get hurt.

After some convincing, Gil manages to get Nevy to look for survivors. Meanwhile, Ava is walking through a strange corridor lined with drawers and blocks, enveloped in a dim atmosphere. Atop a pile of drawers, Wrathia asks Ava if she can't recognize her own mind. Ava climbs up to her, finding her brain-mate lounging in an open drawer full of blankets, surrounded by plush toys and candles. She asks if this is a nightmare, to which Wrathia responds that her mind is their new meeting place while Ava is sleeping.

Ava asks about any side-effects of a shared mind, and Wrathia says it's only a bad thing if the pact is not completed. After some prompting, Wrathia reveals that an unfinished pact merges the pacted souls, and they become a monster of failure. Blowing smoke in Ava's face, she says half of the pact is complete, and asks how Ava likes her new life.

Half of the pact is complete

Ava asks what her demon meant, and Wrathia briefly explains how Ava had asked for a new life, not a different one. Ava then grows furious that she was tricked, her face turning blood red.

She yanks the handle off of the drawer that Wrathia was lounging in, and threatens her with failing the pact, stating that she has nothing to lose. Wrathia reluctantly agrees, and Ava asks for a piece of her soul as collateral. Wrathia decides to give Ava her heart, which transforms into the key to the Drawer of Wrath. The colors start washing out as Ava awakens, and Wrathia tells her not to lose the key, and to talk to her again after reading over her plans. Ava tries to ask Wrathia what she meant, but awakens mid-sentence.

Ava sits up in bed, hearing Gil talking to Nevy, but unaware of the demon's presence. Gil says to Nevy how miraculous it was that everyone was so intact after the crash, to which Nevy replies sweetly but sarcastically how non-suspicious it is. She adds in how much she wished that their patients would wake up before they leave, and Gil says that if not, they'll just bring them along. Nevy expresses how bad of an idea that would be, saying that they would slow them down from meeting TITAN. Gil then explains that it will be years before they'll get to see TITAN, which saddens Nevy. She says that she's sick of being a burden to Gil, but he manages to convince her otherwise. He promises her that they'll find answers, and find out who they are in their universe, together.

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