Chapter Five: Rise and Shine
Book one
New chapter5
First page "0313"
Last page "0403"
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Illustrated by Michelle Czajkowski
Animation "The Plan"
"Chapter Four"
"Chapter Six"

  Chapter Five: Rise and Shine is the fifth chapter of Ava's Demon, looking over some of Gil's past.

The chapter has 90 pages, and features the animation "The Plan". Gil Marverde is featured on the cover.



Nevy smiling at Gil, the first page of the chapter

The chapter begins with Nevy looking down at Odin and blushing, exclaiming that she thinks she's remembered something from her past. Gil asks if she's sure, but then notices Ava sitting awake and listening to him, her face bright red. He tells her he's glad she's awake, and that he hopes she wasn't listening to him "talk to himself" for too long. He gets her a glass of water and some sort of pills, introducing himself and asking if she can even understand him. Ava asks him why he's being so nice, and asking where they are.

Gil explains that it's his last day living in that house and their ship crashed in his front yard. He said he'd doubted he'd find survivors from a crash like that, and that Ava had had a wicked fever. Upon feeling her forehead, he notices that she's still burning up. Gil then asks her name. Ava tells him, but lava comes pouring out of her mouth as soon as she opens it.

She rushes to the bathroom, her whole body heating up, and she accidentally steps on Maggie's hair, who is asleep on the floor. After Ava gets into the bathroom, Gil exclaims that it smells like a forest fire, before looking down at Maggie's now burning hair, and putting her hair out in a panic. While questioning whether he is qualified to be a doctor, Maggie wakes up and, enamored with Gil, introduces herself. The focus then switches to Ava. After she finishes coughing up the last of the lava, she looks in the mirror and expresses her disgust at her own reflection.


Ava, discovering the key

She then notices a heart shaped key sticking out of her chest. She tears away the bandages, revealing a drawer located in the middle of her chest, and a red book with Wrathia's face on the cover inside the drawer. As she opens the book the perspective changes to show each individual page of the book. Some significant objects are revealed for the first time; the Limbo Lenses along with a diagram of their usage, and the seven vials of potion. Several pages of the plan are shown, containing pictures of Wrathia's warriors; there is particular emphasis on certain warriors, including PedriTuls and Nevy, and finally a photo of TITAN with symbolic black splatters of ink.

The perspective then shifts back to Maggie and Gil, who discuss Gil's home and life. Gil explains that he is 19, and that he is currently training to be a Doctor in TITAN's army. Maggie is confused as to why TITAN would have an army, as she thought TITAN was just a corporation that bought out "at least half of this corner of the universe," to which Gil replies that TITAN is a way of life. He gives Maggie a book explaining TITAN's greatness. The book dictates that TITAN created the beginning of everything.


Gil speaking to Maggie of TITAN's greatness

That he crafted space and time with a knife, life was created from the palm of his hands, and that when you look down his throat you can see the entire universe. Gil then expresses more praise for TITAN as Maggie awkwardly agrees with him. Gil then says that it's not exactly a job, but rather volunteer work. Maggie doesn't know why he would bother working for TITAN, to which Gil replies that he owes them his life. The scene then turns to a flashback where Gil recollects his childhood, and how when he was 4 years old, Silent Scavengers invaded his home planet, turning the ocean to acid. He states that he watched himself die, only to be rescued by TITAN's army, who brought him back to life.

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