• Trainaaut


    January 24, 2019 by Trainaaut

    hi names autumn and i love ava's demon since i first seen it on  its the best video ever thats all

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  • Unchary


    December 26, 2018 by Unchary

    Hey! (as my title indicates) Just wanted to make a post to say hello + I'm excited to be on the wiki! I've been super into the comic since I was 11 or 12 and it means a lot to me. It's cool to see other people caring about it, too. See you around!

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  • RYCBAndRemember

    So we know now that Odin's character is being written with heavy references to Norse mythology. I wonder if all of the hosts are going to eventually be revealed to have roots in different mythological/fairy tale systems as Michelle slowly reveals more and more background info?

    Maggie's pacted form is similar to that of Greek dryads, so maybe we'll get some heavy Greco-Roman references in her backstory.

    Gil grew up on an aquatic/amphibious planet, so it'd be interesting to see if he gets more of a Western Mediterranean story (e.g. Portuguese/Spanish) or a Pacific Islander background (fish hooks, so maybe even a vague Maui refernce eventually?).

    Ava is...interesting. We know almost nothing about her family, except that the TITAN planet is prett…

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  • Electricmere

    I just started using Amino a couple days ago, and I think it has amazing potential for fandoms.

    Rather than having to find specific people to follow, you can join specific communites that revolve around an interest. Within each community, you can:

    • make posts
    • like or comment on others’ posts
    • have a feed for users you follow
    • make or take polls & quizzes
    • customize your profile and bio
    • comment on others’ walls
    • message users
    • join a group chat

    There’s also a catalogue for each community, which usually serves as a wiki. It often has guidelines for the community and custom content like peoples’ OCs!

    I'm going to make a post about this wiki on the app as well, so hopefully more people will contribute to this wiki!

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  • Unfirevel

    Recent Stuff

    April 23, 2017 by Unfirevel

    Hey, has anyone noticed how nobody seems to update recently anymore? All the recent updates on the webcomic and yet no one updates on the characters and what happened to them. It's like not many people care that much anymore. Maybe we should have some people who care as admins or something. I tried but I don't have the requirements (something about knowledge in web design.. I'M ONLY 14 GODDAMMIT) I mean, the founder of the wiki himself is inactive, and recently editing's at a near-zero... So I'm thinking maybe we should have someone who updates whenever something happens as an admin... WHO AGREES!?!

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  • Hallowedtwilight

    It's the end of the chapter and the 3-4 month hiatus and pretty happy about it. We get to see more thing such as what the vials was made for. More of Odin and Pedri. Pedri's backstory expands on both his and Wrathia's lore. But the best thing was Wrava (Wrath + Ava). She is everything Ava isn't, expressive, arrogant and sassy. We also know that subconsciously, Ava cares about Odin because she protected him and broke his chains during her rampage.  It's also sad so see certain characters go such as Strategos Six. Who is a very interesting and mysterious character who was killed too early. There are many questions we could ask like 'If there is a Six, can there be a Five, Four, Three, Two and One ?". So many unanswered questions, like how lo…

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  • Gilsdemon

    This wiki is too inactive

    November 3, 2016 by Gilsdemon

    Honestly, not much happens on this wiki. Perhaps if we had some more admins and dedicated contrubitors, we could flourish and get everything just how we want it. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of few contributors who come around here at all. If I had administrator access, I could change our cover page to make it more inviting and updated, and try to keep the wiki looking new and fresh. Even though I'd like this very much, I do have a largely busy schedule and cannot come around every week. But maybe it would be good for the wiki to have another admin to keep it smooth. Who knows?

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  • Gilsdemon

    I've been working steadily, trying to make edits where I can. But I'm just so confused with infoboxes! I've tried to add them in the two articles I created (Covetess and Chapter Four) but I'm really having trouble. So, if someone here knows how they work and is willing to help, I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

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  • Avasjanitor

    One Year Anniversary

    December 10, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Woah! It's been a whole year since I joined the wiki. I'm honestly a tad sentimental about this.

    Since it's december, I'm gonna set up some new years resolutions for this wiki! Here we go:

    • Infoboxes !!!!! (really important) - I need to create infoboxes for a variety of pages
    • Crew pages - while this does not need to be done by me, I still want to see this happen
    • Complete all book one chapter articles - again, I want to see this happen rather than necessarily do it myself
    • Welcome at least one more admin - this is something I'm a bit desperate for, honestly. This year marks my last year of high school (I'm studying VCE in Melbourne, Australia) and I will need to devote the majority of my spare time to my studies and art/design folios. I will reall…
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  • Asriel Dreemurr (Goat Boy)

    is there a way to more people know about this awesome comic?

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  • IX. The Alchemist

    Sorry, I couldn't connect me to the internet in the last few days, but I'm back /o/

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  • Avasjanitor


    February 19, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Hi, everyone!

    As you may or may not have noticed, my request for wiki adoption has been approved, and I am now admin and beaurocrat. As such, I'm going to start changing some features around the wiki, such as the background, banner, tab navigation and more.

    I will also be looking for more admins, but I think this will be a multiple week process. I'm looking for someone who is on the wiki every day to edit, has been a member for more than a couple of weeks and presents themselves in a respectful way. The job of admin will mean lots of rule-making and template-making as well as moderation, so whoever wants to be admin must be up for that.

    If anyone is interested, comment or message me!


    The Janitor

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  • Mangabros1o1

    Ok so this wiki has no admins, and so we are defenseless. What if this wiki gets ganked up by trolls? what will we do? Ban them and REDO everything? Is there a way to force-add admins into a wiki? Cause we need them. Also the wiki's current theme looks bad, and we need to change it. The founder of the wiki seems to have abandoned it completely!


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  • Avasjanitor


    February 2, 2015 by Avasjanitor

    Hi! I think this wiki should have admins -there is no moderation on the comments, and that anyone can edit is a little troublesome. In a week, if everyone agrees, I will send a message to wikia in regards to adopting the wiki. 

    That would make me (Avasjanitor) admin. Another person who I believe would make a great admin is IX. The Alchemist, who has contributed a great amount to the wiki and has been doing so before I resolved to, although it would be up to them to agree. I'm also reaching out in a couple other Ava's Demon communities to see if they would be interested, and am awaiting replies. 

    If anyone here would be interested, too, please do say so. I believe admins should be people who have done at least 25 edits at this point (the more…

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  • Pomegranateseed


    September 18, 2014 by Pomegranateseed

    This wiki has been getting pretty messy recently, from irrevevant tags to pages. The layout too is pretty bland. I checked to see if there was one but the last time he logged on was years ago. I think it would be cool if we had a group of adims to help make the wiki a lot nicer. Anyone else up for it?

    EDIT: Ahem, admins.

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  • Wowkachow

    Wiki revamp

    September 15, 2014 by Wowkachow

    Okay so the wiki's attracted a lot of attention of late because of unfortunate reasons but let's use this oppertunity to show it some love! (which I think was the goal of a lot of people already so please do carry on) 

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like there are any admins kicking around still? If anyone can get a hold of one that would be fantastic, since various things like deleting pages and groups requires admin permission, and it'll be tricky to clean things up without them. 

    The main thing we need to focus on is detail, I think. The best wikis are concise but also have wide coverage. If you want to make a page about something (relevant), don't be afraid and just make it. Even if you don't have the time to write a detailed entry right …

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