Ava Ire



First appearance "Page 0001"
Latest appearance
Full name
Other names Firefly
Age 15
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Species Human (Apperance Altered By Wrathia's Potion)
Demon Wrathia Bellarmina
Sin Wrath
Symbols and themes Lava
Weapons Ava's battle-axe
Affiliations Wrathia Bellarmina

   Ava Ire is a 15 year old girl and the protagonist of the story, currently pacted with the demon Wrathia Bellarmina. She speaks with dark red text and an orange speech bubble. Her first appearance is on page 0001.

The name "Ava" can have the meaning bird, desired, and life, all of which seem to relate to Ava's aspirations for herself as shown when making the pact. Michelle Czajkowski has also stated that she liked the name Ava "...because it sounded vaguely like Alice and was hoping to give the feel of a standard young heroine." Her last name "Ire" means "intense anger or wrath" , which is another association with her demon. Ava Ire also has a resemblance to "Lava Fire", but without the first letters.


At the beginning of the comic, Ava has dirty blonde hair, fair skin, dark red eyes, red circles for pupils, and white sclera. She wears a red dress and scarf, white stockings, and black shoes. Her appearance changes when Wrathia takes control of her; her eyes become burgundy with yellow sclerae, and her skin reddens. After making a pact with Wrathia, her entire coloration becomes more red shaded. Her brown hair becomes ruddier, and her skin appears slightly feverish when she is calm, but begins to glow red looking more like Wrathia's former appearance when angry or very emotional. When she is angry, her sclerae turns red and her pupils become yellow, like Wrathia's. Her skin becomes livid orange and yellow spots appear on her face and extremities, giving the appearance of magma. This is likely because when she is manifesting her demon's associated sin, she takes on the qualities of her demon. When she becomes upset or nervous, her sclera appears yellow. Right after she forms a pact with Wrathia, her robe/dress is tattered and torn, she no longer wears the stockings/leggings, her scarf is gone, the sleeves are burned off, and her chest drawer is exposed.

Ava looks young for a 15-year-old. According to Odin, she looks twelve.

It is hinted that all hosts share traits of their demon, e.g. Maggie's green hair and her plant-related abilities. Thus, Ava has acquired a red and orange glow on her skin and red eyes, because her demon's powers are related to fire and heat.

It is also suggested that when a demon attaches to a host, their eyes seem to glow.

She currently has dark, brown-red eyes and bright red, circular pupils.

On her arms, Ava has scars that go over her shoulder. These were acquired during Wrathia's attempts to kill her.

In more recent appearences Ava, after drinking the vial she was given by Wrathia, becomes a Vengess. Ava's features change to red-orange skin, red hair, pointed ears, fangs, claws, and clawed feet. She also has more prominent red eyes with orange pupils. During her transformation into a Vengess, her original clothing burned off, and new clothing formed from dripping lava. She now wears a pink tattered-looking dress with wrappings around her arms and legs.  


Ava has a lot of difficulty associating herself with those around her. This mainly has to do with Wrathia scaring away everyone that ever cared about her or everyone she ever cared about. She has a very hard time in crowded areas and tight spaces as well. Despite her social anxiety, however, she shows bravery when doing things she feels passionate about, such as going after Odin after he abducted Maggie during her unconscious state, as well as threatening Wrathia for tricking her.

While Ava is a generally kind character, her kindness is not something that should be taken lightly. Ava can be quite harsh to those who have wronged her or hurt her in the past, including Wrathia and Odin. Even in her rage, however, she can sometimes catch herself in her words when she hurts someone else's feelings, often later claiming she was 'just mad'. Wrathia is an exception, though, as Ava hasn't seemed to feel any remorse for insults towards Wrathia, rather understandably so.

She also enjoys daydreaming, stargazing, rainy days, and sleeping. Her favourite animals are rabbits and she is quite fond of classical music. Her favorite movie genre is Fantasy and she also enjoys reading scary stories.

Ava's associated shape is a circle, representing her ability to roll with the punches and malleability. The circle is also interpreted as a closed shape, similar to how Ava is closed off from others.


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Ava as a child with Wrathia

Little is known about Ava's childhood before the events of the story. When Wrathia died, her soul attached to Ava due to the cursed wine and they have been together since. However, Ava did not understand Wrathia's initial request to make a "pact" as a young child, so the demon took to tormenting her in an attempt to isolate and depress her. On more than one occasion, Wrathia attempted to make Ava commit suicide. Due to the presence of her demon, Ava often appeared crazy to others and it is likely that Maggie Lacivi was one of her only friends when they were younger. This is in addition to an unnamed girl, seen in a photograph in possession of Maggie.


First Appearance of Ava in the story

On 1/3/3031, Ava shouts out in class due to Wrathia's harassment. She is sent to the principal's office, and while she is being reprimanded, Wrathia temporarily takes control of Ava's body and makes her give the principal the middle finger and call him a "paper pushing moron". She is expelled immediately and prepared to be sent to a Galactic Child Containment Planet for special needs children. Before she can be sent away, Maggie and Odin Arrow arrive in the office over a stalking accusation. During the commotion in the office, scavengers break through the wall. Odin picks up and carries away an unconscious Maggie. Ava follows as Wrathia attempts to discourage her. After a close encounter with the scavengers she manages to sneak onto Odin's spaceship - and as the ship takes off, she witnesses the destruction of her planet.

Ava being hit by the TITAN statue sword

Still undetected by Odin, Wrathia guides Ava to pick up a wrench and attempt to knock him out while he hovers over Maggie. He notices her, however, and ends up tying her up next to Maggie. He tells her that he is going to drop her off at the next planet, to which she protests. Maggie awakens next to her. After quickly surveying her surroundings she gestures for Ava to be silent, and using her vine-like arm extensions, takes Odin by surprise. She ties him up using the vines, demanding that he gives an explanation and turns the ship around. After Odin refuses and insults her, she destroys the controls of the ship in a fit of rage, leaving Ava and Odin to die. She claims that she knows the crash won't kill her. The ship crashes in a forested area, sending the passengers and parts of the ship flying. Ava is impaled through the torso by a statue of TITAN wielding a sword and dies upon impact.


Ava making a pact with Wrathia

As a ghost, she converses with Wrathia, explaining that she has been waiting to die with dignity instead of by the demon's suicide attempts. This triggers the origin story and intentions of the Wrathia, formerly "one of the most powerful beings in the universe." To save her dying empire from TITAN, she brewed a cursed wine for her and all her best warriors. It would attach their souls to the next newest life form in the hopes of becoming a more powerful being- powerful enough to defeat TITAN. She poisoned her and her husband Pedri Nanegazi's share and drank. She ended up with Ava. Wrathia then explains the meaning of the "pact" she had been trying to tell Ava about for nearly her entire life. The two would both need to have strong desires that they work together to fulfill. Right before she is about to disappear, Ava admits that she wants a new life and a second chance. She agrees to make a pact with Wrathia in order to get her wish.The two shake hands and their souls combine, giving Ava's physical body all of Wrathia's previous powers and abilities.

After awakening, Ava melts the sword that has killed her with her bare hands and falls to the ground, unconscious, where her body is later discovered by Gil Marverde. Wrathia and Ava share a mind, which appears as giant cabinet drawers and children's toys. After meeting with Wrathia, she reveals that Ava's part of the pact is complete, giving her a "new life" and a "second chance" rather than an entirely "different life." The area starts to flood with lava as Ava, enraged, rips off a nearby cabinet handle and points it at Wrathia's neck. She threatens to ruin the pact if Wrathia does not fulfill her true desire. She eventually gives in with a deal - she'd give Ava her different new life after they kill TITAN, and cannot leave until Ava gets her new life. As per Ava's request, she gives a piece of her soul to Ava in the form of a key. Ava wakes up after taking Wrathia's heart key as collateral.

Gil, who was talking to his own demon, notices that Ava is awake and gives her water after apologizing for "talking to himself." He remarks that she had a high fever and touches her forehead, which is burning up. He introduces himself and Ava tells him her name, accidentally vomiting lava in the process. She runs to the bathroom, setting a sleeping Maggie's hair on fire along the way.


Ava after putting on the Limbo Lenses

In the bathroom, she tells her reflection in the mirror that she hates her. Ava then notices the key sticking out of the wrappings on her chest. Upon removing the bandages, she sees a drawer embedded into her chest with the key in a keyhole. Inside the drawer is a book, Wrathia's Plan, filled with "bad drawings," as Ava describes them. Ava cannot understand the symbols and becomes exasperated. Wrathia then calls her on a small phone that appears in Ava's chest drawer. She explains that the drawings are images of her best warriors and that Ava must use the specs hidden in the book to see spirits and ask them where TITAN lives, so they can kill him. When Ava learns that Wrathia does not even know where TITAN lives, she despairs and her old insecurities return. She believes it is crazy and impossible for her to convince undead warriors to ally with her when she does not even believe in herself.

Wrathia encourages her gently, instead of getting angry. Ava tries on the Limbo Lenses and sees the world between living and dead. Gil then begins knocking at the door and telling Ava that he will knock it down if she doesn't open it. Ava escapes through the window and puts the specs on again, looking for the warriors as depicted in the book. She then trips on Odin, who notices the key and lock on her chest and remarks that it must be painful. He picks her up and she angrily tells her to release her, calling herself a "dangerous alien." Odin then hangs her on a tree branch and tries to take a picture of the drawer, but Ava kicks his camera out of his hands. She then attacks him, angry that he kidnapped and saved only Maggie and that he was planning to desert her on a barren moon to die. Odin defends himself while Ava kicks her legs around, causing the branch to break and fall with her. Odin removes the branch from her dress and gives her his coat to cover the drawer in her chest- Ava sees this as a friendly gesture and stays. She then notices Odin's ring nearby and tries it on. When he asks for it back she returns it sheepishly and apologizes.


Ava suspecting Maggie might have a demon

His friendly demeanor is gone, and he sarcastically comments that she "had business to take care of," to which Ava retorts that she was "mentally preparing herself." He remarks that she looks twelve instead of fifteen, and she angrily walks away to find a shipyard to leave the planet. Odin tells her that there are miles of dense forest between any possible ports and that even a "dangerous alien" like her would not survive. Ava becomes angry and says that she is more than just a dangerous alien, stating haughtily that she is Ava and then says that she cannot die. He believes her, saying that it is plain on her face, which is glowing red, and her eyes, which have glowing yellow irises like Wrathia. She calms down after this and her eyes return to normal, though her skin remains feverish. He asks her if she knew of Maggie's powers, to which Ava replies she didn't. Gil arrives and invites Ava and Odin to accompany him to TITAN's headquarters. Seeing an opportunity to find out where TITAN resides, Ava quickly agrees. She may or may not have taken a liking to Gil, and accepts his invitation. Gil leaves the two at the ship to retrieve a book from his house. Ava sees Maggie asleep and puts on her Limbo Lenses, discovering that Maggie is actually pacted with a plant-like demon named Tuls Tenebrose, one of the warriors in Wrathia's book. The sign of Maggie and Tuls' pact is a door on her stomach covered in plant themes, the same way Ava's chest drawer is designed with what is presumably Wrathia's smiling face and flames.

Ava realizing Maggie has made a pact with a demon

Ava says that Tuls seems less frightening than both Wrathia and Maggie, although she is worries of how she's supposed to convince Maggie to join her in trying to kill TITAN when Maggie so obviously dislikes her. Odin suddenly comes in and notices Ava looking up Maggie's shirt. Ava tells him that it's "not what it looks like", but he continues teasing her, asking if the glasses were x-ray glasses for seeing up peoples shirt. This causes Ava to nearly vomit up lava again, but she is able to swallow it back down after Gil comes in and asks if everyone's ready to go. While the ship starts heading for TITAN HQ Ava asks Gil where TITAN exactly lives, in which Gil responds telling her that TITAN lives in Paradise. Ava then questions if anyone comes back from Paradise and Gil says no, and that Ava's question was stupid. Ava then states that no one actually knows if Paradise exists, which offends Gil. Odin backs Ava up by asking him how he could know if it exists if no one has ever come back to provide proof- inciting him more. Ava mentions that he must really like TITAN after Gil angrily proclaims he feels he was being interrogated. She starts to try to suggest that her opinion upon TITAN, but worriedly stops and tells him that she lost her train of thought. She then listens to Odin as he tells Gil that Paradise is probably not even real and that TITAN uses that tale to lure lifeforms into work for him.


Gil tells Ava and Odin that when he reaches Paradise after all his hard work, he will send them lots of "photographic evidence". After glancing at Odin and then to Gil, Ava, possibly feeling rather down, begins to hold Maggie's hand, but then stops, and somberly watches Maggie while she sleeps, knowing that she also has a demon.


Ava showing off Tuls page

Later, Ava eventually falls asleep and once again meets Wrathia in her mind for the second time. Ava tells Wrathia about finding Tuls, but Wrathia is dissatisfied, telling Ava that Tuls is only powerful when he is in a good mood, and that rarely happens. She suggests Ava find a better warrior, such as Nevy Nervine or Pedri Nanezgani. When Ava notices a yellow flower growing behind one of the drawers she comments bitterly of Wrathia has taken up gardening, to which Wrathia says that gardening is for servants. She then goes over to study the flower and finds herself in a hallway like area leading down to a green clearing filled with trees and flowers. She comments that the place is far to pretty to be her mind. As she looks around she finds Maggie, who angrily asks what she was doing there and if she was another of Tuls' twisted creations, and proceeds to hit her and tell her to get out. When Ava questions Maggie about getting out of her 'own mind', Maggie chokes her, talking about Tuls wasting his magic on illusions. Underneath them a large crack opens up into a gorge filled with lava. The two of them take on the appearances of their childhood selves. Ava Ire tries to convince Maggie that she's real and that she also has a demon with a pact that needs completing and that they could help each other complete them. Maggie spitefully asks what Ava knew about helping her and drops her into the gorge. Ava wakes up on the floor of the ship, the landing abruptly waking her. 


Pedri appears at Ava's back

Gil tells her and Odin to wait by the guards. The guards at TITAN HQ take note of her, Maggie's and Odin's faces. Odin tells Ava that they should escape on Gil's ship but she runs after Gil instead, who follows as well. Gil leads them to a refugee center before leaving with Maggie. Ava resigns herself to her fate, but Odin pries open the doors and runs away, dragging her along with him until they come to a stop behind the refugee center. Ava calls him crazy and argues with him loudly, mostly insulting him. Once they stop, he tells her that she would have been cycled back into the system and asks that she come with him to his home planet. Ava refuses at first and he walks away, but changes her mind when she sees bottles of injections and syringes on the crate she is sitting on. She runs after Odin. She tells Odin that she will come with him, on the condition that he helps her persuade Maggie to come along as well. Odin is skeptical, saying that Maggie deserves whatever she has coming to her, but Ava defends her friend and starts glowing orange, ultimately convincing Odin to agree. However, if Maggie attracts too much attention, Odin says that they leave without her. He additionally warns her to stop glowing or the guards might get suspicious. He then nervously asks if he really does smell bad, to which Ava replies that he smells like smoke and pine trees and actually smells good, which leaves them both flustered and embarrassed, so Odin suggests that they leave immediately. Ava, who slipped on her Limbo Lenses to cover her embarrassment, notices glowing red runes leading to and imprinted on Odin, who remains oblivious to what Ava is looking at and keeps explaining his plan to run. Eventually he notices that Ava isn't listening to him and calls her a pervert.


A representation of Ava's anxiety disorder

Pedri, Odin's demon, appears behind Ava and catches a lock of her hair as she stalks forward angrily, saying that she is not a pervert and placing her Lenses back in her chest drawer. Odin says that she reminds him of his sisters after she sticks her tongue out at him. When Ava asks Odin about his sisters he starts to change the subject. When the two enter into the building where Maggie is, Ava is revealed to dislike crowds and starts to panic. Odin tries to calm her down. He explains that the building just has one door, which would be their only entrance or exit. He gives his hand to Ava, saying that with it she won't be lost in the crowd, Ava initially refuses, so Odin takes her hand without caring about what she says. A spiritual form of Ava starts to form at her back; a representative of her social anxiety disorder. Ava sees Gil and Maggie, and asks Odin to stop. When they try to go after the two children, Ava stumbles into a guard, who asks what they are trying to do. Odin tries to justify them, saying that they are trying to leave the building. The guard says them that the two can't leave because Strategos Six is about to speak. Ava starts to cry. The two head back to the crowd and Odin says to Ava that they maybe will find Maggie close to the stage. Unfortunately Raven and Crow "steal" Odin from Ava. When she draws close to the stage, she notices that Odin is missing,. Strategos Six is announced, as Ava tries to ask if there's a way to get out. A follower orders her to stay silent, and Six comes to the stage. As Ava watches Six talk, she becomes nervous when The Gate to Paradise is shown.


Ava is pushed to The Gate to Paradise

She begs a guard to let her go, but Six takes notice and calls her up to use the machine. While she tries to escape, a guard forces Ava to the stage. After mentioning that she is new there, Six replies that The Gate will be able to fix her, and that she will be a follower in no time. Ava refuses once again, claiming she likes how she looks, and arguing that everybody has sad thoughts. Six harshly begins an attempt to convince Ava that she needs to change, but Ava refuses to yield. Six gets tired of it and orders Prudith Loone to "prep" Ava, and so the follower grabs Ava's arm, orders her to look at a monitor, and puts her hand on a screen. Prudith then orders Ava to enter The Gate to Paradise. However, Ava continues to resist. Prudith calls her ungrateful, and Ava tries to convince her to pick someone else. Prudith says that the procedure isn't optional and pushes Ava into the machine, but in the process, ends up inside with her. Prudith orders Ava to stay inside the gate and calls Ava a "Stupid brat"; she then tries to escape the machine. However, the door is closed and Prudith is trapped. She tries shouting at the door, but Six cannot hear her and begins designing Ava's new appearance. After realizing that nobody can hear her, Prudith becomes angry and turns back to Ava, saying that she must be very proud of herself for ruining the presentation. Ava becomes even more frightened as Prudith continues her tirade, complaining that she is sick of stupid followers like Ava; she talks about how she worked hard for TITAN, attempting to get into the Paradise. She states that when they get out of there, Ava will continue living her mediocre life, which will end in "hell" or "heaven". Prudith then asks Ava if she knows where Prudith will be; Ava gingerly replies that Prudith will be in Paradise, and the follower mockingly congratulates Ava for giving the right answer, saying that she will be looking at all failures (like Ava) from Paradise.However, the machine proves to have terrifying affects for Prudith. Her body is rapidly cracked into pieces, and the machine only keeps her brain, eyes, and nervous system. Ava watches in horror at how Prudith's body is discarded in the process.


Ava after drinking the Red Bottle

The machine then creates a new body around what remains of Prudith, complete with bones, muscle tissue, and skin. Ava begins to panic at Prudith's new body, which looks like another Ava, and calls to Wrathia for help. Ava receives a call from Wrathia asking where "he" is. Ava says that she doesn't know what Wrathia is talking about and asks for help, as she explains that she is at TITAN HQ, trapped in the machine. Wrathia is pleased, and completely unworried that Ava is in danger. After Ava begs for help, Wrathia says that she already has the help she needs, and sends Ava one of her bottles from the book. Upon drinking the red bottle, Ava starts to cough lava from her mouth, growing fangs and horns, assuming an appearance similar to Wrathia. Otherworldly clothing begins to mold unto her body. She starts to speak maniacally, and objects around her are set alight. Before long, Ava destroys the door of The Gate to Paradise and throws Prudith Loone's burning body out of it. She proceeds to decapitate all the guards in the room with some sort of energy stream, and gleefully assaults Strategos Six as they try to call for backup. Six is incapacitated as she slams them to the ground, having cut their communications. She demands that Six be silent, stating that she has the stage now.


Ava's reaction to Gil and Maggie recognising her

After incapacitating Strategos Six, Ava says that she will show her appreciation of TITAN through a theatrical production of her own design; Ava then throws Six off the stage and pulls a battle-axe resembling her key out of her drawer. Ava starts to move on to the next 'scene'; while lifting her axe, Ava tells the audience members that are still alive to do her a favor and scream. Ava swings her axe and causes an explosion, killing everyone in the main stage area and damaging the surrounding rooms.

Ava passes out

She then talks, dramatically, about a "spectacular performance" and the "star of today's grand finale"- noticing Gil and Maggie yelling at her and recognizing her as Ava, replying with an upbeat "Bingo!". Six is still alive, hiding behind a piece of nearby rubble. After pulling a long, white sword out of the orb on their chest, they reveal themselves, aggressively charging at Ava with their weapon. "You're just in time to see the sun shine," she remarks as she readies her own axe and jumps towards Six. She and Six then engage in battle, though it soon become obvious that Six is no match for Ava's newfound power. She easily overpowers Six, performing intricate incantations and summoning bodies of fire to drag Six into the lava, presumably killing them. After her triumph, Titan HQ cools to ashes and Ava climbs the Titan statue to rest.

She notices Odin walking in her direction, and immediately berates Odin passive aggressively for leaving her behind. She ignores Odin's confusion and continues toying with him, noting that she still feels something fierce left in her. With the last bit of her power, Ava sets the Titan statue ablaze and promptly passes out, leaving Odin to take care of her. After finding one of Maggie's leaves, Odin picks up Ava and decides to find Maggie, hoping there will be a way to escape from Titan HQ.When Maggie and Gil get inside a cargo vessel, Odin is shown running to the cargo vessel while holding an unconscious Ava in his arms. Maggie attempts to keep them out, but Odin leaps (with Ava still in his arms) in front of the door. Ava lays unconscious throughout Odin, Maggie, and Gil's argument, only being mentioned once or twice through it.


Ava waking up

She dreams of Wrathia, gushing about the power she felt under the vial to her, and says that she didn't blame her for giving her such as small dose, in wariness that she may have done more reckless things. When it is revealed to her that the vial wasn't a potion, but a curse that would last a thousand lifetimes, her mouth fills with poppies and Wrathia appears as a snake (in dream). She wakes up, screaming "YOU! LYING! SNAKE!", hands filled with fire. She relaxes quickly and her eyes return to what they looked like pre-vial, saying that it was only a dream with a nervous laugh.   

Ava crying, upset that no one at Titan HQ would help her.

She asked if they had arrived at HQ yet, thinking that all of what happened from arrival to the HQ planet onwards was a dream. Maggie yells that HQ was just annihilated, and Gil's sleeve catches on fire. Ava puts it out and apologizes, realizing not all of it was a dream. Maggie blows up at her for decimating HQ and her life, and tells her that it was Odin that brought her here. Ava responds by telling her that a lot has changed since they got to HQ, and she wanted Odin to take her to Maggie, because she didn't want to lose her. Maggie recognizes this as "still not being over her", and calls Ava pathetic. Ava is surprised by this and tries to explain that she knows Maggie is also haunted, and also knows her demons name. She then tries to explain herself to Gil, saying that what she did at the HQ wasn't the best course of action. Ava tries to explain that she was forced on stage at gunpoint, and was shoved into the paradise machine. Ava states that the Strategos had it out for her, believing that they wanted to humiliate her. Gil then fearfully asks Ava if she had murdered them, while Ava states after a moment that she did what it took to escape. Gil turns away from Ava as she yells to wait and that she'll show him, and she rips of the front of her dress. She then pulls out her drawer and Wrathia's plan, explaining Wrathia's past and what she hast to do complete her pact. She states that Maggie knows what a "pact" means. Maggie denies this and says its just an excuse Ava made for herself, and that she does it all the time. Ava denies this, Gil interrupts and claims she is distracting them with "conspiratorial ramblings". 


Ava looking at the limbo lenses.

Ava then calls Gil stupid for not listening, and he yells at Ava that he is not scared of her. Ava angrily yells that she is not trying to scare him, that she is trying to be honest. She claims that by Gil's standards, TITAN's entire empire was most likely built on hurting others. Gil begins to panic, as his eyes resembling Ava's when Wrathia would possess her. He claims that Ava "must have it all figured out", and that she can spare him her honesty. He then claims he is going to turn her in as soon as they leave, and a pair of disembodied hands appear to rest on his left shoulder. Ava puts her limbo lenses on seeing Nevy. Shocked, she begins to talk to Nevy, asking her about herself. Ava remembers that Nevy cannot hear her, as the glasses don't transmit audio. After realizing this, she goes to the pages in Wrathia's book that have the pictures of Nevy, and shows her. Nevy looks at the page with a hopeful gaze, surprised that Ava can see her and that the book has her image in it. As Nevy moves to touch the page, Ava remarks that the book did her little justice, and questions whether her and Wrathia were good friends. once Nevy touched the page her appearance changed to the way she did when she was still alive. Nevy then sees Ava as Wrathia, similar to how Ava sees pacted hosts and says her name. Once Nevy regains her memories she throws her head back and screams as Ava looks on with a shocked and worried expression. Once Nevy transforms into a single form she addresses Ava as Wrathia Bellarmina and peers into her mind as Ava yells at her to stop.  


Gil throwing the now destroyed Wrathia's Plan book away from Ava.

After Nevy finishes berating Ava she reverts to her original ghost appearance and falls, she then begins foaming at the mouth. Gil becomes worried and says her name repeatedly and asks her to say something. Once Nevy melts into sea foam Ava states that shes still a little dizzy and asks if Nevy is OK or if she usually melts into sea water. Gil angered at Ava, tells her "no...she usually doesn't melt! But I know exactly why she did," and proceeds to tear pages out of Wrathia's Plan and throws it onto a shelf. Ava becomes incredibly enraged by this, telling Gil that he and the other followers are "brain-dead". Spurred by her rage, Ava yells at Gil that all the followers deserved to die, and that if she could go back, she would kill Gil the same way she did Strategos: Six feet into a brimstone grave. Gil then proceeds to slap her. At this point, Ava's anger is replaced with regret, saying that "I deserved that." She leaves the room sobbing to go hide in a corner, in which she has a panic attack.  


Maggie Lacivi

Magnolia and Ava were very good friends when they were younger. However, something happened that led to a severe falling out, most likely due to Wrathia's influence. Ever since then, Maggie became much more reckless and hostile, utterly despising her former friend. Ava blames herself for the change in Maggie's personality and greatly regrets what she did, and still cares deeply about Maggie's well-being. She seems to still have romantic feelings for Maggie, which Maggie is aware of, though the feeling is not reciprocated [1].

Interestingly, inside Maggie's cabinet is a small photograph of her younger self and a young Ava lying in the grass. This may hint that Maggie still subconsciously cares about Ava deep down, despite the hatred she aims at her. After Ava’s potion-induced revenge, Maggie comments on how, even though she hates Ava and sees her as nothing but a negative effect on her life, Maggie does not believe Ava is pure evil, and says that she is certain Ava would not do something like commit mass homicide out of her own free will.

Wrathia Bellarmina

Due to Wrathia constantly possessing her body as a young child in order to try and convince her to form a pact, Ava always viewed the demoness with hatred and fear. As Ava grew older, she was told that Wrathia was only a figment of her imagination[2]. Consequently, she resisted the demoness to such a degree that Wrathia could no longer control her. Losing hope to form a pact, Wrathia did her best to coerce Ava into killing herself[3].

Once they finally form a pact, Wrathia isn't quite so hostile to Ava. Bound to sharing one mind, the two act more like allies, however grudgingly. Even so, Ava still harbors great anger towards Wrathia for all the misery she put her through throughout her entire life.

Odin Arrow

Although the two haven't known each other for long, Ava doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Odin. However, when they find themselves stuck in Titan's Headquarters, she becomes more trusting of him when he offers to help her escape. Odin seems to care at least a little for Ava, since he appears to be genuinely sorry for leaving her alone in the crowd. This is also linked to Michelle C's introduction of a future amorous relationship.

Gil Marverde

Ava and Gil, despite interacting very little, seem to have a friendly relationship. She's grateful that he did his best to bandage her wounds, amazed that a total stranger would be willing to care for her. Nevertheless, she's skeptical of Gil's strong faith in Titan. Although annoyed at her skepticism, he seems very genuine in wanting to help her and Odin. However, after witnessing the carnage caused by Ava during her potion-induced rage, Gil grows to fear Ava and begins questioning how a seemingly innocent girl could cause so much damage. It is implied he also feels somewhat at fault for the massacre, since he was the one who brought her to Titan HQ.

Strategos Six

Strategos Six singled out Ava in front of a massive crowd, pinpointing her insecurities before sending her into the Paradise Machine. Ava despises Strategos Six for causing her to be trapped inside the Paradise machine, hurting them extensively in a firey battle after taking her vial. Once she awakens on the ship, she says that she wishes that she could burst out of the machine again to "grind them into a fine cobalt mist."

Nevy Nervine

Ava thinks that Nevy is very pretty and seems to think well of her, but it's unknown as the two haven't interacted much.


  • Ava's surname, Ire, means anger[4]. It may also be a reference to the French word ire, which means wrath.
  • Ava's limbo lenses were coated with space dust by Wrathia to condition her eyes to see the dead. The Limbo Lenses therefore only work with Ava [citation needed].
  • Michelle Czajkowski has said that if Ava were to wear a Halloween costume it would be a rabbit [citation needed]. *Rabbits are her favorite animal.
  • Out of all the hosts so far, Ava is confirmed to be the second worst dancer, with Odin being the first.
  • It has been stated by the author that Ava enjoys singing and is quite good at it. If she were to have a canon singing voice, it would probably sound something like Ingrid Michaelson's [citation needed].
  • The Chest Drawers in Ava's mind essentially hold her thoughts, feelings, and memories [citation needed].
  • Ava's favorite color is red[5].
  • Ava's pastimes consist of reading scary stories, listening to classical music, planning her escape from school, folding paper animals, and collecting flowers from the boarding school garden[6].
  • Ava likes stargazing, rainy days, cold weather, sleeping, and peace and quiet[7].
  • She dislikes crowds, loud noises, and socializing[8].
  • Michelle stated in the formspring that Ava's favorite movie genre is fantasy.
  • Her birthday is May 31st, 3016[9].
  • Ava's character and her story makes many allusions to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland:
    • The scene where she chases Odin and Maggie is meant to be evocative of Alice chasing the white rabbit (though in the official Ava in Wonderland AU, Odin is given the role of the March Hare). [citation needed]
    • The small potion bottles Wrathia gives Ava are also a reference to the "drink me" bottles that made Alice grow and shrink [citation needed].
    • The flowers in Maggie's mind is a reference to the talking flowers [citation needed].
    • It was confirmed that there will continue to be references to both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass throughout the story [citation needed].
  • Michelle has stated that Ava is bisexual [citation needed].
  • Ava is the type of person to keep a jar of paper stars with things written on them that makes her happy.
  • In a high school AU ava would fill her room with stuffed rabbits and flowers.
  • If Ava were a mythical creature she would be a phoenix.
  • Ava's special talent is being good at trying really really hard at everything and not succeeding like she wants to.
  • Ava is ticklish.


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