This is the Contributions page of the Ava's Demon Wiki. This page will list ways to contribute to the wiki based on what is currently needed. This page often has things taken off of it and new things put on, so remember to check back often.

Everyone who edits the wiki should be familiarised with the Manual of Style page, as well as the Code of Conduct page before contributing.


First and foremost, article stubs are always a priority. Stubs are articles that have little information, and need to be expanded upon. To view the list of articles that require expanding, visit the stubs page.

Messy articles by category

Messy articles are articles that are not structured properly and require cleanup and adding to. This is a list of minimum things that should be added to every article in a category. Currently, very few articles follow the preferred structure.

For article requirements by category, visit the Manual of Style page.

Messy articles by individual task

This category addresses each thing that should be done that has not been covered in the above section. Think of it as a wiki-wide to-do list.

Articles to create

Note that this list may not necessarily update often, and you always should check to see if the page already exists.

  • Titan's Army page
  • Nicole Sands (co-colorist since 2017)
  • Titanauts
  • Vanilly Cake (co-colorist since 2017)
  • Nava (co-colorist since 2018)
  • Arsha (co-colorist since 2018)
  • Linh (co-colorist since 2018)

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