Arrow family ring
Odin's Ring
First appearance "page 542"
Latest appearance "page 2328"
Owner Odin Arrow
Type Jewelry
Associations Arrow family
The Arrow family ring is a small ring carried by Odin Arrow. after waking from the crash into a TITAN Training planet, Odin searches for his things in the ruins of his ship. While he worries about his missing ring, Odin's little sisters, Crow and Raven Arrow switch out the red gem in his ring with a tracking device and they throw it to Odin, who believes it is his ring.


 The Arrow family ring is a small silver ring with arrows carved into the band a red gem in the center and is carried by Odin Arrow on a silver chain. 

Uses and effects

The tracker in the ring is use by Crow and Raven Arrow to track Odin Arrow


Crow and Ravven seeing that Odins ship has crashed and he's been knocked unconscious, they steal his ring and hide in the trees. After awaking from the crash of his ship,Odin awakens, Gil tells him the unfortunate fate of his spaceship. Distraught and a bit angry, Odin searches for his things in the ruins. While he worries about his missing ring, Odin's little sister, Crow works the red gem out with one of her knives, Raven mentions that she had suggested another plan and that if Crow and Olai just listened to her, they "wouldn't be here right now". When Crow finally pries out the gem and replaces it with the tracker, Raven asks her who gave her the tracking gem. After Crow implies Olai gave it to her, Raven complains that Olai "never trusts [her] with these missions", and goes on a tangent about how Olai thinks she's the "dumber" sister. While Once Crow flings the ring down to where Odin can find it, the two take off.Odin, who believes it is really his ring. He also manages to find his coat and book.


  • Some have theorized that the ring belonged to Magpie seeing as it is fitted for a woman, and that Magpie birds are known to be attracted to, and prone to stealing, small, shiny objects, like jewelry.
  • The ring also appears during a flashback in which Pedri disguises himself as an as-yet unknown female, calling for Odin's help. In this flashback, Pedri's illusion is wearing the ring, suggesting that the person who Pedri has disguised himself as is the original owner of the ring, possibly Odin's unknown mother.