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Raven Arrow and Crow Arrow, two important members of the family
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The Arrow family is a powerful clan that have a database of information about the universe and access to some of the advanced technology that exists in the Ava's Demon Universe. The family has a strict hierarchy that needs to be followed by the members. While they don't support TITAN, they do not show any open hostility to the followers.


The origins of the Arrow family are unknown. It isn't clear if they follow a bloodline or if they work as a mafia, allowing members from other blood families to join the clan. The family existed since, at least, the fall of Pedri and Wrathia's Empire, refusing to bow down to TITAN after the followers took over the universe. The family lives on a hidden planet not yet under TITAN control. It is also known that the Arrows hold a royal ancestry as well as the current family members posses noble titles.

The family has a lot of knowledge of the universe, seeming to have knowledge of planets the Silent Scavengers will attack. How they acquire this information is still unknown, although the Arrow Family's ships and weapons resemble that of the Silent Scavengers.


The Arrow family appears to be an unknown entity to most people, despite refusing to follow TITAN. They aren't seen allying with other groups and other groups aren't seen talking about them, showing their independence.


Some members of the Arrow family are yet to make physical appearances. However, these are the members revealed/alluded to:


  • The Arrow Family shows a lot of connections with the norse mythology, being the biggest the fact that "Odin" is guided by a "Raven" and a "Crow".


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