"Wrathia's Pact"
Book one, Chapter three
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Page "0222"
Story by
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Storyboard by Michelle Czajkowski
Directed by Michelle Czajkowski
Songs "The Pact (Music Box)"
Wrathia's Pact

Wrathia's Pact

"Wrathia's Pact" is the second animation featured in the webcomic. It appears on page 0222, and is set to music by Ashleigh-Rose Hoffman. It signals the end of chapter three, and the formation of Wrathia and Ava's pact.


Ava, whose soul was disintegrating, appears whole once more. She and Wrathia join hands, the former appearing nervous and afraid and the latter appearing very eager. Their spirits merge completely whilst aztec-like patterns and drawings appear over their bodies. Once the two have merged, Ava's soul drifts down into her body and her eyes open abruptly, revealing irises similar to Wrathia's.


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